Green Hell: How to Get and Use Campfire Ash

Learn how to obtain Campfire Ash and what it can be used for

While Campfire Ash in Green Hell may seem, at first, like simple refuse from your burned-out campfires, you may be surprised to learn that this resource has several important uses. Not only can it be used in creating mud bricks, but can also be utilized to prevent wounds from getting infected.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about harvesting Campfire Ash and offer some advice on how it can be used to your advantage

How to get Campfire Ash in Green Hell

There is really only one way to produce Campfire Ash: by burning wood. That being said, not all wood-burning methods are equal, and there is more than one way to gather ash from the resulting materials.

1. Campfires

Using Campfires to Get Campfire Ash in Green Hell
Using Campfires in Green Hell for Ash

The simplest but least effective method for creating Campfire Ash is to light a small fire or campfire and let it burn out. This will produce one unit of Campfire Ash and 2-4 pieces of Charcoal.

While this is the easiest method for producing ash, it is also quite inefficient, as it requires the campfire to burn out completely and produces no additional ash for including more wood.

On the bright side, these fires can be built just about anywhere, allowing Campfire Ash to be created away from your base. They must, however, burn out naturally, so make sure they are sheltered so the rain won’t extinguish them.

2. Charcoal Furnaces

Using Charcoal Furnaces to Get Campfire Ash in Green Hell
Using Charcoal Furnaces in Green Hell for Ash

Mud Charcoal Furnaces are, by far, the most effective method for producing Campfire Ash. Not only do these burners produce 2-4 units of ash each time they are used, but they also produce 15 additional pieces of charcoal, which can be harvested, producing a potential total of 17-19 units of ash for each batch of wood.

The downside of this method is that it requires much more wood, a larger space for constructing the furnace, and, of course, the materials for the furnace itself. It will, however, burn regardless of the weather.

3. Harvesting Charcoal

Harvesting Charcoal in Green Hell
Harvesting Charcoal in Green Hell for Ash

As you may have gathered, charcoal is another great source of Campfire Ash. Not only can this carbonized wood be used to fuel Mud Forges or purify water, but it can also be harvested to produce Campfire Ash. Each piece of charcoal produces one unit of Campfire Ash when harvested.

Using Campfire Ash

The two main functions of Campfire Ash are to serve as a binding agent for river mud to produce mud bricks or as an antiseptic when crafting sterile wound dressings.

1. Mud Bricks

Character Looking at a Mud Mixer
Campfire Ash is a component for creating Mud Bricks

Mud Mixers are big wooden troughs that allow mud to be mixed from two components: river mud and Campfire Ash. For each batch of bricks, a mixer must be filled with two loads of river mud and a single unit of Campfire Ash. The resulting bricks can be used in sturdy, advanced constructions such as Mud Forges and Mud Showers, walls, and floors.

2. Ash Dressings

Campfire Ash is a Component for Creating an Ash Dressing in Green Hell
Campfire Ash is a component for creating an Ash Dressing

The most dangerous part of being wounded in the jungle is the constant threat of Infection. An infected wound will slowly weaken and eventually kill a survivor unless it is treated properly. While a regular Leaf Bandage will stop the bleeding and cover a wound, it still leaves it vulnerable to infection. To prevent this, you can create a sterile Ash Dressing by combining a leaf bandage with a unit of Campfire Ash. Ash dressings stop bleeding and protect a wound from infection.

Final thoughts on Campfire Ash

While certainly not the most vital resource, Campfire Ash is an important part of advanced construction and medical treatment in the Amazon. As in real life, Creepy Jar wanted players to make use of everything at their disposal to survive, even the remnants of your old campfire.

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