Green Hell: How to Find the Grappling Hook

What is the Grappling Hook, and what’s it used for?

When thinking about what you might need to survive in a jungle, climbing gear probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In Green Hell, however, verticality is a major part of traversal, and the Grappling Hook is both a necessary story item and a much faster way to get around.

This guide will walk you through how to find the Grappling Hook and offer some tips on how it can be used.

How to find the Grappling Hook in Green Hell

The Grappling Hook has two different spawn locations, depending on what game mode you are playing.

Survival Mode

Locating the Grappling Hook in Survival Mode
Locating the Grappling Hook in Survival Mode

In Survival Mode, it spawns at the Overturned Jeep next to the Bidon and several other supplies. The overturned jeep is located at coordinates 44W and 17S and is marked on the map with a tire icon. The jeep can also be located by following the muddy tire tracks towards the elevator cave or the dry riverbed away from the Drug Facility.

Story Mode

Locating the Grappling Hook in Story Mode
Locating the Grappling Hook in Story Mode

In Story Mode, the Grappling Hook is located on a table inside one of the structures of the Illegal Gold Mine. This location can only be reached in story mode and will require the player first to locate the gas can at the overturned jeep and bring it to the Elevator Cave to refuel the generator powering the lift. The elevator cave is located at coordinates 40W and 18S.

Tips and tricks for using the Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook has no practical use outside of allowing the player to ascend and descend climbing points throughout the map. Climbing points are used to climb or safely descend tall cliffs.

Climbing in this way is necessary to advance the story, and the Airstrip cannot be reached without using the hook. However, utilizing climbing points can also save players a lot of time they may normally spend circumnavigating a cliff by simply climbing over it.

Look for the Grappling Hook Icon on the Map
Look for the Icon on the Map

This hook can only be used to climb designated grapple points. To locate these points, look for logs dangling over cliff edges with red ivy hanging from them. Once discovered, a climbing point will be marked on the appropriate map with a Grappling Hook icon.

To use the Grappling Hook, approach a climbing point and look toward the log from either above or below. When the prompt appears, hold down the interact button to climb.

Final thoughts on the Grappling Hook

Creepy Jar designed Green Hell to reward players for exploring but may not have wholly grasped how little direction they gave us when it comes to progressing the story. Hopefully, this guide will save you a little bit of struggle by pointing out where to find one of the game’s first progression items.

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