Green Hell: How to Find an Obsidian Bone Blade

What is the Obsidian Bone Blade, and what’s it used for?

Native peoples have used obsidian knives for thousands of years. So, it would only make sense that the Waruha Tribe in Green Hell would have their own style of this ancient weapon. The Obsidian Bone Blade uses a leaf-shaped obsidian shard with an animal’s (probably a tapir) jawbone tied to it for a handle. The real question is how well it stacks up against its craftable cousin.

This guide will walk you through how to find an Obsidian Bone Blade and offer some tips on how it can best be used.

Where to find an Obsidian Bone Blade in Green Hell

Wielding the Obsidian Bone Blade in Green Hell
Wielding the Obsidian Bone Blade

Obsidian Bone Blades cannot be crafted but must be looted from Waruha camps or taken from the bodies of defeated Waruha Warriors or Waruha Hunters. The ability to claim them from defeated enemies makes them technically renewable.

The best option for locating this tool is to hunt down Waruha Warriors, as they often use these knives as their primary weapon, increasing your chances of claiming one. It is also possible to loot these weapons from Waruha Hunters, who may carry these blades as a backup weapon for melee combat, though not as commonly. Both types of enemies are relatively standard but somewhat less common than spearmen.

Waruha Warriors specialize in agility and close combat, so they often use small blades as weapons in Green Hell. Though not especially resilient, they can be difficult to hit and deadly in groups. Their main strategy is to charge at the player and perform a flurry of strikes before retreating to run around and confuse their opponents. This makes fighting them with ranged weapons such as Bows very difficult.

We highly recommend players wear a decent set of Armor before planning to hunt down these enemies, as this enemy’s rapid attacks can severely injure or kill an unarmored player.

When facing Waruha Warriors, prioritize eliminating them over other enemies as quickly as possible. A single warrior is difficult enough to keep track of, and several can surround a player and attack them from multiple angles—open combat by picking off a warrior with a well-placed arrow or spear before switching to another weapon.

In melee combat, we recommend utilizing a spear to keep warriors at a distance. The best strategy is to wait until a warrior charges you before striking. This will stagger them, interrupting their attack and allowing the player to press their advantage. While this technique works with other weapons, a spear offers a much more forgiving window for timing the attack since the enemy doesn’t need to be directly in front of you.

Be cautious when blocking attacks from a warrior, as their repeated strikes can quickly drain your stamina. That being said, attacking is the only time a warrior will make no effort to protect themselves, leaving them open to retaliation if you dodge their flurry.

How to equip the Obsidian Bone Blade

Equipping the Obsidian Bone Blade from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping the Obsidian Bone Blade from the Inventory Screen

The Obsidian Bone Blade can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4) or the additional unmarked knife slot at the far right. It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies. Note that items in the knife slot cannot be equipped but may still be used for harvesting animals.

Tips and tricks for using the Obsidian Bone Blade

Visually and conceptually very similar to the craftable Obsidian Blade, this knife shares the exact same statistics as its simpler alternative with one exception: weight. The Obsidian Bone Blade is heavier than the Obsidian Blade, making it technically inferior.

The most obvious uses for the Obsidian Bone Blade are skinning animals, harvesting herbs, cutting down leaves, and close to mid-range combat.

Short blades like this one aren’t the most prudent choice for melee combat due to their short reach. However, this weapon is one of the better choices if you must use a blade for combat.

The Obsidian Bone Blade is a solid, above-average weapon, dealing more damage than a Stone Blade or Bone Knife. Short blades like this one are capable of attacking at high speeds and cost very little stamina to swing.

If you plan to utilize this weapon in combat, focus on dodging to the side of melee attackers to stay within striking range while avoiding damage.

Remember that while this blade is an excellent throwing weapon, it may be difficult to locate if you miss your target due to its small size and dark coloration. That said, it is easier to find than the all-black Obsidian Blade.

Obsidian Bone Blades can cut down trees and split wood if necessary, though they are generally a poor choice for these tasks.

Final thoughts on the Obsidian Bone Blade

In truth, the construction of this weapon isn’t especially sound. In addition to the Waruha’s use of the Stick Blade, we can safely say that they build knives as poorly as our character makes axes. Regardless of its effectiveness, we can’t help but applaud Creepy Jar for the wicked design of this badass blade.

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