Green Hell: How to Find a Tribal Spear

What is the Tribal Spear, and what’s it used for?

Spears have been a staple of primitive combat for eons, so it only makes sense that the Waruha Tribe, Green Hell’s only human antagonists, would have their own spear style. The Tribal Spear is a slender weapon featuring a polished handle of reddish wood and a few feathery decorations. Expertly crafted, these weapons are an excellent choice for hunting, fishing, or combat.

This guide will walk you through how to find a Tribal Spear and offer tips on how it can best be used.

Where to find a Tribal Spear in Green Hell

Fighting a Waruha Spearman in Green Hell
Fighting a Waruha Spearman

Tribal Spears cannot be crafted and instead must be looted from Waruha camps or taken from the bodies of defeated Waruha Spearmen. The ability to claim them from defeated enemies makes them technically renewable.

The best option for locating this tool is to hunt down a Waruha Spearmen. These enemies are relatively standard among native patrols and can be found in large numbers at Waruha villages.

Waruha Spearmen aren’t especially difficult to kill, but their reach and specialization in mid-range combat can make them dangerous opponents. The main tactic for these warriors is to steadily march toward the player and use a combination of threatening reach and sheer numbers to push you back.

We highly recommend players wear a decent set of Armor before planning to hunt down these enemies, as being hit by a spear can result in deadly wounds without proper protection.

When taking on spearmen, reduce their numbers as quickly as possible and eliminate additional and less predictable threats such as Waruha Hunters and Waruha Warriors. This is best accomplished by utilizing or at least opening combat with a ranged weapon such as a Bow or thrown spear. A lone spearman is much less of a threat than one accompanied by other combatants.

Fighting Off Fighting Multiple Waruha Spearmen in Green Hell
Fighting Off Fighting Multiple Waruha Spearmen

In melee combat, using a spear is a solid strategy, especially if you have a spear with a longer reach. Remember that these enemies are well versed in spear combat and will often dodge out of the way of strikes from reach. When this happens, press your advantage and continue forward to force them farther back. This tactic can corner enemies and prevent them from avoiding your thrusts.

If fighting with a different melee weapon that offers a shorter reach, focus on dodging to the side of enemy thrusts and try to attack from the sides or the rear. This will keep you out of the reach of their spear and help you close the distance.

These enemies’ relatively slow movement speed also makes it easy to lure them into damaging traps such as the Spike Trap or Bow Trap.

How to equip the Tribal Spear

Equipping the Tribal Spear from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping the Tribal Spear from the Inventory Screen

The Tribal Spear can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key that corresponds with the slot this tool is occupying.

Tips and tricks for using the Tribal Spear

The Tribal Spear is useful for mid-game hunting, fishing, and combat. While not the deadliest spear available, it does fare rather well amongst other low-tier weapons of the same class, dealing more damage than Weak Spears and Stone Spears but not quite reaching the level of an Obsidian Spear or Metal Spear.

Every spear in the game has a unique level of reach to its thrust based on its construction. This spear is about as middle-of-the-road as you can get, striking from slightly farther away than the Four-Pronged Spear but not quite as far as the Bone Spear.

In combat, these weapons are best used for stick-and-move combat, encouraging players to strike quickly and retreat before retaliation is possible. While they don’t offer enough range to keep targets at a safe distance, their relatively high damage still makes them excellent weapons for mid-range combat.

Tribal Spears are normally found at or near 100% durability, making them much more resilient than early-game spears and other tools.

Tribal Spears are also common enough that losing them isn’t a huge setback, especially if you fight a lot of natives. For this reason, utilizing a spare Tribal Spear as a throwing weapon is an excellent strategy and can kill most enemies in a single hit if it strikes them in the head.

The additional reach of this spear makes it perfect for spear-fishing and dealing with dangerous animals, such as rattlesnakes, without risking injury.

Holding down the attack button when this weapon is equipped will allow you to charge a power attack. Power attacks deal more damage than standard attacks and increase strength the longer they are charged.

Final thoughts on the Tribal Spear

Realistically, this spear is just a single piece of sharpened wood. Whatever resin the Waruha used to polish these weapons must be seriously effective because the resulting product can more than hold its own in combat. We also appreciate that Creepy Jar designed a unique spear for the Waruha rather than just having them carry around pointy sticks.

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