Green Hell: How to Find a Tribal Axe

What is the Tribal Axe, and what is it used for?

If you’ve been wondering how the Waruha tribe in Green Hell makes their axes as opposed to our protagonist, this should give you a good idea. While we can’t craft our own, the Tribal Axe makes for an excellent two-handed weapon and a woodcutting axe that is both useful and very satisfying.

This guide will walk you through how to find a Tribal Axe and offer some tips on how it can best be used.

Where to find a Tribal Axe in Green Hell

Fighting a Waruha Thug in Green Hell
Fighting a Waruha Thug

Tribal Axes cannot be crafted and instead must be looted from Waruha camps or taken from the bodies of defeated Waruha Thugs. The ability to claim them from defeated enemies makes them technically renewable, though not easily.

The best option for locating this tool is to hunt down a Waruha Thug. These enemies are huge, mean, and very sturdy, so taking one down won’t be an easy task. Thugs wear an absurdly large stone tiki on their heads and wield two of these heavy weapons as one-handed implements. The longer you have survived and the higher the difficulty setting of your world, the more likely these enemies are to spawn.

If their sheer size didn’t give you the impression, these enemies are extremely dangerous in close combat and are capable of sending players flying with a devastating charge attack. Additionally, their stone helmet makes them immune to the instant kill of headshots and forces players to whittle down their health.

We highly recommend players wear a decent set of Armor before planning to hunt down these enemies, as 1-2 hits from their powerful axes will kill an unarmored player outright.

Recovering from Enemies Corpses in Green Hell
Recovering from Enemies Corpses

When facing down these opponents, we strongly suggest attacking from a distance, aiming for their chest with ranged weapons such as a Bow or a spear. Crafting several Weak Spears for use as disposable throwing weapons is also a valid strategy.

If you must engage these enemies in melee, we insist on using a spear, preferably one with a decent reach, such as the Stone Spear, Bone Spear, or Metal Spear. This will help you keep out of range of the giant’s immense axes while allowing you to strike for their center of mass.

These enemies’ relatively slow movement speed also makes it easy to lure them into damaging traps such as the Spike Trap or Bow Trap. However, remember that their extremely high damage value makes it easy for them to demolish structures.

How to equip the Tribal Axe

Equipping a Tribal Axe from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping a Tribal Axe from the Inventory Screen

The Tribal Axe can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies.

Tips and tricks for using the Tribal Axe

Chopping Down a Tree with the Tribal Axe in Green Hell
Chopping Down a Tree with the Tribal Axe

This axe functions well as a woodcutting tool and a powerful melee weapon that remains viable throughout the game.

Functioning as an upgraded version of the Heavy Stone Axe, this weapon is more durable and damaging, making it the second-strongest two-handed weapon in the game, outclassed only by the Modern Axe.

Each swing from this massive axe will cost a significant quantity of stamina, easily draining a full meter in 2-3 swings. While increasing your Two-Handed Weapons skill will reduce this drain, it is still questionable whether this tool is better for cutting wood than a one-handed axe, as players may have to wait for their stamina to refill between swings. It is, however, very fun to knock down trees with.

Tribal Axes will normally be found at or near 100% durability, making them much more resilient than early-game axes and other tools.

Though extremely powerful, it is prudent to exercise caution when utilizing a Tribal Axe in combat. A competent wielder can use this weapon to kill most enemies in 1-2 hits but may be left with no stamina afterward. This makes missing your swing a severe drain, and monitoring your stamina is vital to avoid becoming vulnerable, especially when fighting groups of enemies.

This weapon’s additional reach offers it a clear advantage over other, smaller melee weapons. However, this increased reach is balanced by a slower attack speed, so be sure to time your attacks well.

Though this tool can be thrown to attack at a distance, it won’t fly very far or fast, making it a poor choice for a throwing weapon.

Final thoughts on the Tribal Axe

The Tribal Axe is a powerful, sleek-looking weapon that doubles as a durable woodcutter axe. Creepy Jar’s inclusion of this item gives us another two-handed weapon to play with, but it also offers a little insight into the crafting abilities of the Waruha and confirms that they are much better at making axes than we are.

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