Green Hell: How to Craft a Torch

What is the torch, and what is it used for?

In Green Hell, getting caught in the jungle at night can be dangerous. However, getting caught out at night without a light source can be deadly. Every good survivor should know how to craft Torches to avoid having to feel your way around in the dark.

This guide will walk you through how to craft Torches in Green Hell and offer tips on how they can be used.

How to craft a Torch in Green Hell

Players can craft two kinds of torches: Weak Torches and standard Torches. Depending on your available resources, relying on the weak variant may be necessary.

A Weak Torch can be crafted with the following:

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Rope

A Torch can be crafted with the following resources:

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Rope
  • 1 Wood Resin 

Sticks can be found on the ground around the rainforest, collected by cutting down trees or harvested from Long Sticks and Logs. Rope can be gathered by collecting Liana vines hanging from large trees. Wood Resin is somewhat rare, only forming on the trunks of withered, dead trees most commonly found near rivers and bodies of water. Once you have these resources, you can craft a Torch by:

  1. Opening the radial menu (by holding the C key)
  2. Select crafting from the options
  3. Drag the stick, rope, and (optionally) the wood resin to the crafting rock from the backpack
  4. Press the craft button above the crafting rock

Note: The crafting menu can also be opened from the inventory sidebar or by holding the alt-select button (default RMB) over one of the ingredients and pressing craft.

How to equip a Torch

Equipping Torches from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping a Torch from the Inventory

Torches can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupy one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). They can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies.

Tips and tricks for using the Torch

Holding a Burning Torch While Inspecting
Holding a Burning Torch Can Protect a Player From Insects

Torches can only be lit from a burning campfire and cannot be ignited with an ember. While the main purpose of both Torch variants is to provide light, there are several other (arguably more important) uses for this unique tool.

Holding a burning Torch protects the player from insects, making approaching anthills, wasp nests, and beehives safe. Not only does this make exploring safer, but this allows players to harvest resources from these normally hazardous features. This makes Torches essential for players interested in beekeeping, as even domestic bees will sting players who approach the hive without a Torch.

For whatever reason, Torches can be used to cut brush and chop down trees. They aren’t especially useful for this purpose, but it can be done if you have nothing else. This can be done regardless of whether the Torch is burning.

Torches held in the rain will be extinguished, similar to campfires. They can also be extinguished by throwing them into water.

Burning Torch Lighting Up a Cave Area
A Burning Torch Being Used to Light a Cave Area

Since Torches are easy to make but require one of your four precious tool slots, we recommend carrying the materials to craft a Torch in an emergency rather than keeping a Torch with you at all times.

Burning Torches can ignite other fires, making them useful as ember carriers.

A standard Torch lasts longer and burns brighter than a weak one; here’s a visual comparison of the two:

However, there are no other functional differences between the two types of torches.

Final thoughts on Torches

Hopefully, you won’t spend too much time wandering around at night in the jungle. Creepy Jar likely designed Torches with caves in mind, but since caves remain lit during the day, you’ll probably only use them at night or to handle insects. It’s always better to have a light source handy than to wander in the dark.

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