Green Hell: How to Craft a Stone Spear

What is the Stone Spear, and what is it used for?

In Green Hell, much of your survivability will rely on your ability to hunt and defend yourself from enemies and predators. A simple sharp stick might keep you safe for a day or two, but for the long haul, you’re going to want something sturdy, deadly, and a bit more sophisticated. For that role, we recommend the Stone Spear.

This guide will walk you through how to craft a Stone Spear in Green Hell and offer tips on how it can best be used.

How to craft a Stone Spear in Green Hell

This spear features a bit more engineering than simply sharpening a big stick. You’ll need a sturdy piece of wood for the shaft and a sharpened stone to tie to the end.

First, you’ll need the following components to craft a Stone Spear:

  • 1 Long Stick
  • 1 Rope
  • 1 Stone Blade

Long Sticks can be collected by cutting down trees or splitting logs with a tool such as an Axe or Stone Blade. Rope can be gathered by collecting Liana vines hanging from large trees. Stone Blades can be crafted by combining two stones.

Once you’ve collected the proper resources, craft the Stone Spear by:

  1. Opening the radial menu (by holding the C key)
  2. Select crafting from the options
  3. Drag the long stick, rope, and stone blade to the crafting rock from the backpack
  4. Press the craft button above the crafting rock

Note: The crafting menu can also be opened from the inventory sidebar or by holding the alt-select button (default RMB) over one of the ingredients and pressing craft.

How to equip the Stone Spear

Equipping the Stone Spear from the Inventory in Green Hell
Equipping from the Inventory

The Stone Spear can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies.

Tips and tricks for using the Stone Spear

Retrieving a Spear from an Armadillo in Green Hell
Retrieving a Stone Spear from an Armadillo

The Stone Spear is an effective all-around weapon that remains viable for most of the game. While much more deadly than a Weak Spear, it is still outclassed in terms of damage by spears made of bone, obsidian, or metal.

Every spear in the game has a unique attack range based on its construction. The Stone Spear offers the longest reach for basic attacks in the game, making it highly effective at keeping foes at a distance and striking without taking damage in return.

This weapon’s high reach makes it very useful for hunting and fishing, as it allows players to attack many animals at a distance they don’t consider threatening.

Thrown spears that strike a target in the head will often kill them outright. Throwing spears still relies on the Spears skill rather than the Throwing skill.

Spears can be used to perform a power attack by holding down the attack button before releasing. The longer an attack is charged, the more damage it will deal.

Final thoughts on the Stone Spear

A solid all-around weapon useful for combat, hunting, and fishing that only requires basic resources to craft? Sign us up! The variety of different spears Creepy Jar includes allows players not only to use what resources they have available but also to pick a spear that best fits their playstyle. The Stone spear is for you if you like keeping your enemies at a distance.

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