Green Hell: How to Craft a Four-Pronged Spear

What is the Four-Pronged Spear, and what is it used for?

Having trouble spearfishing in Green Hell? Why not make a spear specialized just for fishing? The Four-Pronged Spear features a wooden or bamboo haft separated into four sharpened points to allow a wider striking point and has been used by real-spearfishermen for generations.

This guide will walk you through how to craft a Four-Pronged Spear and offer some tips on how it can best be used.

How to craft a Four-Pronged Spear in Green Hell

Four-Pronged Spears are relatively easy to craft and can be constructed early in the game from either wood or bamboo. Finding a Four-Pronged Spear at the Fishing Dock with 100% durability is also possible.

First, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 Long Stick or 1 Long Bamboo Stick
  • 1 Rope
  • 2 Small Sticks

Long Sticks can be produced by cutting down trees or chopping Logs with a tool such as an Axe or Stone Blade. Long Bamboo Sticks can be collected after cutting down bamboo thickets. Small Sticks can be found on the ground throughout the jungle or harvested from Sticks. Rope can be collected by gathering Liana vines off of large trees.

Once you’ve collected the proper materials, craft the Four-Pronged Spear by:

  1. Opening the radial menu (by holding the C key)
  2. Select crafting from the options
  3. Drag the long stick or long bamboo stick, rope, and small sticks cast to the crafting rock from the backpack or environment
  4. Press the craft button above the crafting rock

Note: The crafting menu can also be opened from the inventory sidebar or by holding the alt-select button (default RMB) over one of the ingredients and pressing craft.

How to equip the Four-Pronged Spear

Equipping the Four-Pronged Spear from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping the Four-Pronged Spear from the Inventory Screen

The Four-Pronged Spear can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies.

Tips and tricks for using the Four-Pronged Spear

The Four-Pronged Spear is best used as a spearfishing tool and not as a weapon in Green Hell.

It should be noted that the wider head of the bamboo variant isn’t just cosmetic. This tool’s bamboo variant offers a slightly wider hitbox and a lighter weight than the wood variant.

This spear’s main advantage over others of its class is its wider hitbox. While this isn’t particularly helpful on land, this makes landing a hit on flighty fish much simpler. The size of this hitbox and the speed with which you aim the spear increases with your Spearfishing skill.

Only medium and large-sized fish may be captured with this tool. When facing aggressive fish such as Piranhas and Stingrays, act much the same as you would when facing an enemy on land. Strike quickly when you see an opening and then dodge backward to avoid retaliation. Whether you hit or miss, this will help prevent you from getting a nasty bite or sting on your ankle.

A spear thrown into the water will rise to the surface after striking its target (whether that is the ground or a fish), so you don’t have to worry about diving to retrieve your spear.

This spear is an especially foolish choice for combat, as it deals even less damage than the primitive Weak Spear, making it the weakest in its class. While this may not matter for fish, it can result in long, deadly battles with well-armed enemies or predators.

The only advantage this spear offers in combat is its enhanced hitbox. For this reason, your best bet when fighting with this tool is to keep clear of your enemy and throw it. Striking an enemy in the head with this weapon may still kill them, and the wider hitbox may increase your chances of a headshot.

Final thoughts on the Four-Pronged Spear

An accurate and sophisticated design that continues a tradition as much as it helps keep you from starving. As survival enthusiasts ourselves, we were ecstatic to see this spear in the game, and we thank Creepy Jar for including it.

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