Green Hell: How to Craft a Bamboo Blowpipe (Blowgun)

What is the Bamboo Blowpipe, and what’s it used for?

A clever weapon utilizing the wielder’s own breath to fire a tiny poisoned dart out of a hollow bamboo tube. Used throughout the Amazon by indigenous people to hunt, the Bamboo Blowpipe (or blowgun) in Green Hell offers an additional use for its darts’ paralyzing toxin: capturing animals alive. Just be careful handling the dart frogs.

This guide will walk you through how to craft a Bamboo Blowpipe and offer some tips on how it can best be used.

How to craft a Bamboo Blowpipe in Green Hell

With a remarkably simple design, players will only need a couple of easily accessible materials to craft their own blowgun.

To craft a Bamboo Blowpipe, you’ll first need to gather the following materials:

  • 1 Long Bamboo Stick
  • 2 Rope

Long Bamboo Sticks can be collected after cutting down bamboo thickets with a tool such as an Axe or Rusty Machete. Rope can be collected by gathering Liana vines off of large trees.

Once you’ve collected the proper resources, craft the Bamboo Blowpipe by:

  1. Opening the radial menu (by holding the C key)
  2. Select crafting from the options
  3. Drag the long bamboo stick and ropes to the crafting rock from the backpack or environment
  4. Press the craft button above the crafting rock

Note: The crafting menu can also be opened from the inventory sidebar or by holding the alt-select button (default RMB) over one of the ingredients and pressing craft.

How to equip the Bamboo Blowpipe

Equipping the Bamboo Blowpipe from the Inventory Screen in Green Hell
Equipping the Bamboo Blowpipe from the Inventory Screen

The Bamboo Blowpipe can be found in the tools tab of the inventory and occupies one of the four standard tool slots (numbered 1-4). It can be equipped at any time by pressing the number key corresponding to the slot this tool occupies.

Tips and tricks for using the Bamboo Blowpipe

Hunting Capybara with the Bamboo Blowpipe in Green Hell
Hunting Capybara with the Bamboo Blowpipe

The main purpose of the Bamboo Blowpipe is to allow players an additional way to capture animals alive for use in Animal Husbandry. Currently, the only other way for players to do this is through the use of a Snare Trap.

Remember that only certain animals, such as the Capybara, Peccary, and Tapir, will be paralyzed by the effects of a blowgun’s poison dart. Any other animals struck by a poison dart will slowly take damage based on the player’s Blowgun skill.

As a result of their rituals and regular exposure to the poison, hostile tribesmen are entirely immune to poison darts, though they can still be staggered by one if they are hit.

Though bearing a similar UI interface to the Bow, the blowgun must be aimed (default RMB) rather than drawn before it can be fired. The player need not hold down the aim button; firing is triggered by clicking the attack button (default LMB) rather than releasing it.

This weapon is the only member of the blowgun class and, thus, the only tool that relies on the player’s Blowgun skill for determining damage, stamina cost, and aiming time.

Though not as bad as a bow, the Bamboo Blowpipe still suffers from severe aiming sway. This can be mitigated by holding the sprint key (default Left Shift) to steady your aim. However, be warned that aiming this way will rapidly drain your stamina.

Due to its low damage upfront and its inability to affect natives, the Bamboo Blowpipe is a poor choice for open combat and is best kept for hunting.

What ammunition can it use?

The Bamboo Blowpipe can only use one kind of ammunition: poison darts.

Poison darts are crafted in two stages. First, players must craft a bundle of unfinished darts that can be poisoned later.

To do this, combine the following materials in the crafting menu:

  • 1 Bamboo Stick
  • 1 Fiber

Bamboo Sticks can be obtained by cutting down bamboo thickets or harvesting long bamboo sticks. Fiber can be found on the ground after cutting down palm trees or harvested from the leaves of herbs such as Molineria.

Once the player has a set of unfinished darts, they can be poisoned by applying them to a live Poison Dart Frog that is suspended in a Frog Stretcher. Unfinished darts cannot be fired on their own. The blueprint for the frog stretcher can be added to the notebook by crafting a Bamboo Blowpipe or a set of unfinished darts.

Final thoughts on the Bamboo Blowpipe

It was a bit of a wait before Creepy Jar added this weapon to the game, but we think it was worth it. Our many trials on what to do with the prolific poison dart frogs of the Amazon have finally yielded some helpful results. Now players have a legitimate reason to intentionally poison themselves with frog mucus: To poison other creatures with paralytic frog toxins!

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