Green Hell: How to Build and Use Fishing Rod Traps

What are Fishing Rod Traps, and what are they used for?

If you’re tired of sitting around and waiting for a fish to bite in Green Hell, then it’s time to get creative. The Fishing Rod Trap can do the fishing for you and ensure your dinner is out of the water as soon as it bites. Players can use these traps to catch fish in small bodies of water, such as rivers or ponds. The trap consists of a fishing rod with a line and hook attached to it, which can be baited with larvae or maggots and is propped up between sticks when set in place.

This guide will walk you through how to build and utilize Fishing Rod Traps and offer some advice on the best places to set them.

How to build Fishing Rod Traps in Green Hell

Fishing Rod Trap Recipe in the Notebook in Green Hell
Fishing Rod Trap Recipe in the Notebook

Fishing Rod Traps are reliable and effective, provided you have some bait handy. Before you can construct this snare, you’ll need to pick up or craft a Fishing Rod.

Once you have done that, you can build the trap using the following resources:

  • 2 Logs
  • 1 Long Stick
  • 4 Rope
  • 2 Small Sticks

How to use Fishing Rod Traps in Green Hell

Placing a Fishing Rod Trap
Placing a Trap in the Shallows

Water sources in the jungle are almost always as dangerous as they are helpful. Since these traps require a body of water of suitable size, it’s important to consider where you place your traps to ensure you aren’t returning home with as many wounds as you have fish.

Here are three helpful tips when planning where to place your traps:

1. Shallows

While placing Fishing Rod Traps in ankle-deep water is technically possible, it carries much more risk than reward. Wading into the water to pick up your fish exposes you to piranhas, stingrays, leeches, and other aquatic dangers you could otherwise avoid by placing your traps further inland.

2. Schools of Fish

While the Fishing Rod Trap cannot actually capture ambient fish swimming around, the chance of spawning a new fish in the trap is increased by the presence of nearby fish. Even though the trap only captures medium fish, large fish such as Arowana still increase the trap’s capture rate.

3. Clear of Predators

Watering holes are valuable resources in the jungle, especially since they contain fish and prey animals. For this reason, dangerous predators such as jaguars and black caimans will frequent certain bodies of water to drink and hunt. Before setting up your traps, ensure you aren’t encroaching on another apex predator’s hunting ground, or you may become dinner rather than catching it.

What can the Fishing Rod Trap catch?

PiranhaProtein Source, Fish BonesCommon
Peacock BassProtein Source, Fish BonesCommon

Pros and cons of Fishing Rod Traps

Fishing Hanging from the Fishing Rod Trap in Green Hell
A Peacock Bass Caught in the Trap


  • Unlike Stick Fish Traps, Fishing Rod Traps can only capture medium-sized fish
  • They can only catch one fish at a time
  • These traps require a body of water to function


  • Fish caught by this snare will always produce fish bones
  • All fish caught will be worth a decent amount of protein
  • There do not need to be fish in the water to capture

Tips and tricks for using Fishing Rod Traps

A Red-Bellied Piranha Caught in the Trap
A Red-Bellied Piranha Caught in the Trap
  • This trap can be baited with larvae or maggots to increase its capture speed
  • Only the very end of the line needs to be submerged for this trap to work
  • Fishing Rod Traps will not catch fish while you are watching them, so go do something else

Final thoughts on Fishing Rod Traps

Even modern-day anglers make use of tricks like this one to catch fish without having to watch their line. Creepy Jar felt that players deserved the ability to use that same ingenuity to keep their bellies full, so why not set up a few lines to catch a meal while you kick back and relax? Or at least as much as you can relax in a deadly jungle.

Looking for some other pointers to help you stay alive in Green Hell? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or walkthrough of How to Survive your First Day.

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