Enshrouded: 10 Tips for Getting Started

Between hunting for treasure, squirreling your way through the mountains, and building up an unnecessarily large fortress, who has time to worry about the evil stink cloud plaguing the lowlands? Regardless of how you spend your time in Enshrouded, there are some challenges the game will throw at you that are best addressed early, and not all of them are covered in mushrooms.

The mechanical elements of this RPG-survival mix can be a lot to handle when you’re first starting. So, to help new players get acquainted with Embervale and their role as Flameborn, we’ve collected 10 Tips for Getting Started in Enshrouded to help newer players get their bearings and adventure fearlessly.

1. Build storage immediately (right now)

A stack of storage chests

What’s more terrifying than a 10-foot-tall axe-wielding fungus monster hiding in the nightmare realms underground? Running out of space to put loot. When you start in Embervale, you have nothing but your underwear to call your own. However, as you start to explore, you will quickly accumulate lots of stuff. Resources are many and varied, and they only stack so high before they take up even MORE slots in your bag. All of this can lead to a frustrating loop of deleting items that may be useful later.

The solution is rather simple, but we didn’t jump on it before it became a problem. As soon as your Flame Alter is placed, plop down a workbench and craft some Tiny Chests. Each one won’t hold much, but you can upgrade later. Stacking a few of these in a corner somewhere gives you a place to dump stuff you aren’t using yet and gives you some extra space to move things around when transferring between larger chests later on.

2. Stick to the roads

Following the road to an abandoned tower

There’s nothing wrong with wandering off the beaten path. In fact, there’s lots to be found exploring the untamed wilds of Embervale. However, the landscape is a bit…vertical. This makes gliding from place to place a breeze, but once you’re on the lower end of the hill, it can be difficult to get back up. This is where the road will become your best friend. Roads will almost always take you through the safest route up and downhill (at least when fall damage is the concern.)

Traveling by road also includes a couple of other valuable benefits. When standing on a road, players will receive the “On the Road” buff, which decreases the stamina required to sprint, allowing for faster overland travel. Additionally, roads generally lead to or pass by important quest locations and points of interest that can be rewarding to investigate.

3. Grappling Hook and Glider

Diving into the Shroud with a glider

With the regions of Embervale being so mountainous, it can be difficult to get where you want to go without tumbling to your death. Worse yet, some areas may be completely inaccessible without the tools to scale walls. The solutions to these two problems can be found early and should be crafted as soon as you’ve awoken The Blacksmith to make your life easier.

The Grappling Hook is a fantastic piece of engineering that allows players to latch onto hooks placed around the map and zip to or swing from them. With this, you can quickly climb enemy towers to take out archers, get a better vantage point, swing across destroyed bridges, and even cross into areas previously inaccessible. The Glider is a medieval wingsuit that lets players soar through the air and completely negates fall damage, even if you use it to dive headfirst down a mountain. Plus, diving into the shroud like a squirrel-themed superhero is way cooler than taking the stairs.

4. Keep food on you

Cooking supper at a forgotten campsite in Enshrouded

Players will note that even if they never eat, they won’t starve to death in Enshrouded. Instead, food increases the player’s maximum health, stamina, and mana or boosts another base stat such as Strength or Dexterity. Player health starts pretty low, so it’s especially important early on for players to keep themselves fed so they aren’t wiped out if they step into a trap or are attacked by a wolf.

Most early-game foods don’t last for an especially long time, so keeping food with you to replenish the timer when it gets low can help you keep your bonuses. Since there isn’t a popup or other clear indicator for when a bonus has expired, it’s important to check your food slots regularly to see what will run out soon so you don’t accidentally go into combat hungry.

5. Use your secondary toolbar

Filling out the primary and secondary action bars

Let’s see: Sword, Bow, Wand, Staff, Bandages, Health Potion, Mana Potion, Pickaxe, Felling Axe, Hammer, Torch, Spare Weapon. There are a lot of items players will be carrying in their tool kit when exploring the world of Enshrouded. So many items, in fact, that they may not have space for all of them in their toolbar. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that.

Not only do players have access to a primary toolbar where they can quickly swap between equipped items, but they also have a second toolbar available to them that they can toggle. The secondary toolbar is visible from the inventory screen, but players can quickly switch toolbars by pressing the associated hotkey (Default ALT on PC). This not only allows players to use additional items without opening their inventory but also lets them set up an entirely different loadout they can switch to on the fly if they so please.

6. Get comfortable

Relaxing inside a comfortable home

One of the greatest joys to be found in games like this one is building a cozy base and relaxing by a fire. In this instance, though, there is more to decking out your house than just aesthetics and flexing your commitment to the grind. Most pieces of furniture have an innate “comfort” stat that adds to the room’s overall rating. Players can obtain a unique “rested” bonus (increasing the player’s maximum stamina) by sitting, resting, or sleeping inside a sheltered area.

The duration of the rested buff depends on the comfort level of the space the player is resting in. That means adding higher-quality furniture to your home can offer you notable benefits. We also recommend players be ready to construct a campfire or carry one with them when they travel. Doing so will allow them to set up camp if they find a sheltered location and regain their rested bonus.

7. Break it down now

Smashing a steel cage for scrap metal in Enshrouded

We’re not going to start beatboxing, but players should note that breaking things is a very important part of collecting resources and opening passageways. The majority of objects players can see in the world are destructible, from the barricades blocking a doorway to the ground you’re standing on. You may need the proper tool to damage certain things, like a pickaxe, to mine terrain, but chances are if you can see it, you can smash it.

Breaking what you find isn’t just for clearing space and letting off steam, most items can be smashed to reclaim some of the resources they are made from. Looking for metal? Seek out and mash some steel cages. Need wood? Destroy that old table or shelf in the abandoned house. Crates and barrels, in particular, are important to break open as they can contain any number of valuable items in addition to basic resources.

8. Use your runes

Enhancing a powerful sword with Runes

While smashing, slashing, and burning their way through hordes of enemies, players are bound to rack up all sorts of neat weapons and loot. You may be wondering what to do with all of those extra swords since the merchant profession kind of died in the apocalypse. You may also be wondering about those extra stats you see below your favorite weapon’s damage number. Well, the answer to both of those questions is solved through Runes.

Runes are a sort of currency that can be collected from enemies or treasure chests. Players can use these runes at certain Craftsman to improve their gear, often several times, which unlocks those additional bonuses listed on the item and improves overall power. If you have weapons or gear you don’t use, you can salvage them by right-clicking on them and selecting the “Salvage” option to break them down into the number of runes listed on the button. Note that any equipment crafted by players cannot be salvaged in this manner.

9. Don’t wander in the Shroud

Running from a horde of enemies inside the Shroud

Once again, we aren’t trying to restrict the adventurous nature of explorers. However, players should be particularly cautious when entering the dank fog of the Shroud. Upon entering the Shroud, a timer will appear at the top of the screen and begin to count down towards the player’s death. Players exploring the shroud should be especially cautious, as it’s easy to lose track of time, particularly when grinding resources. 

There are a few easy ways to avoid turning into a mushroom monster without your consent. Firstly, seeking out and staying near hourglasses or flame shrines can keep your timer full without having to leave the area. Following roads is another good strategy, as most will eventually lead out of the shroud. Finally, if all else fails, remember that the shroud hangs low over the land, meaning that high ground will often be clear and safe. When in doubt, head for high ground.

10. No stone unturned

A secret chest hidden beneath a trapdoor

Enshrouded doesn’t have a fully fleshed-out world just yet, but it’s already full of secret treasures for players to uncover. From potions hidden inside barrels to gilded chests behind secret doors, players can seriously benefit from turning over, opening, or smashing whatever they can find to see what pops out.

Dungeons, points of interest, enemy camps, and Ancient structures, in particular, will often have chests hidden away in hard-to-see places. Look for hidden buttons, door-shaped walls, trapdoors, grapple points, and lights from behind rubble or walls that could indicate a chest is hidden there. There may also be puzzles or other routes that must be completed to reach these secrets. Be careful, though, as these puzzles often aren’t required to progress through the structure.

We didn’t start the fire (It was always burning)

Standing atop an Ancient Spire in Enshrouded

Keen Games has given players a fantastic new world to explore with many interesting things to do and see. But if you’re going to be the saviors of this world, you can’t let yourself get tangled in inventory management, eaten by a wolf, turned into a mushroom person, splattered against the ground, or…well, you get the idea.

With some veteran-level skills at your disposal, though, players can face the unknown wilds of Embervale and reclaim the world with the power of the Flame. Or at least they can also acknowledge that getting eaten by wild dogs was completely their own fault.

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