Double Bunker Trio Base Design (2019)

Double Bunker Trio RUST Base Design

This RUST base design video, the Double Bunker Trio Base, is brought to you today by our partner xRaw.

Designed for vanilla servers, this RUST base design supports up to a trio group of players.

Base Features

  • Bunker entrance
  • Easy access drop boxes
  • Compact item placements
  • Undrainable trap placements
  • Starter-to-main build
  • 360-degree roof access
  • Intelligent loot spreading

Easy Access Loot Drop Boxes

Loot drop boxes are one of the most underrated features found in RUST base designs. Make sure your base design plans around easy access loot dropboxes, as they can save a RUST team a great deal of time maneuvering through heavily fortified bases.

When properly set up, easy access loot drop boxes allow players to quickly get back to their required resource farming. When teammates are working in the base, they can focus on taking in the bounty and properly processing it, allowing gathers to focus on their individual tasks.

Bunker Entrance

Bunker entrances allow players to create low resource investment bases with a high return when it comes to required raiding resources. Bunkers often take advantage of game flaws and allow players to build them into their overall designs. One major advantage of a bunker entrance is that you can build them without needing to set up conventional doorway systems.

Compact Item Placement

RUST base designs that feature compact item placement will always “do more with less.” This concept allows players to fit more storage and functional items into a confined space, allowing for maximum usage of the space, while potentially keeping a lower profile base footprint.

This concept also allows players to spend more resources on honeycombing and increasing their bases overall defensibility.

Undrainable Trap Placement

For many players, placing a trap on the floor, roof, and walls seems straight forward, but with the current game implementation these types of placements are easily “drainable.” The concept of undrainable trap placement is to hide the traps in such an area that they’re:

  1. Not visible to the raider
  2. Not susceptible to fire or splash damage

Having placed traps in such a fashion can slow down raiders or require them to spend additional resources just to gain access to your trap in a safer manner.

Starter-to-Main Build

This base has the advantage of being easily expanded upon as it’s built. It’s designed to be a “starter to main” build, meaning it can be built-in stages, each of which serves as a functional base.

Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the design to the next step when the resources are available to do so. RUST bases being modular in nature, it’s easy to add any additions to the exterior of the base, as they won’t affect its primary footprint.

360-Degree Roof Access

Many RUST base designs don’t plan for roof access on the initial build, as many players rush into setting up a starter base that they will use until they gather enough resources to expand or relocate with a new build in mind.

However, this is the ideal concept, what often happens is that the starter base turns into a more permanent base and evolves in an unplanned manner. Having set up roof access from the onset allows players to properly build and expand their initial base design to allow for a more complex and effective base.

Setting up roof access on a RUST base design also allows players to build landing pads and automated hangars for air vehicles, like the Minicopter or Hot Air Balloon. It also allows for players to set up SAM sites and provide access to easily maintain their ammo.

Intelligent Loot Spreading

Many RUST base designs focus on a centralized loot room, while this can seem advantageous, it’s important to spread loot out across your base design. Raiders can enter your base design from any angle. Consider things like rocket splash, which can destroy 4 different walls, reducing the raider’s overall raiding cost to access segmented areas of a base.

With intelligent loot spreading, you increase the odds of having the loot to come back to in the event of an off or online raid. This can also enable you to put up a proper defense in the event your base is being raided but you cannot access a segment due to it having been compromised.

Inside the Double Bunker Trio Base Design

Inside this base design, you will find the following items.

  • 1 Campfire
  • 4 Shotgun Traps
  • 25 Barbeques
  • 18 Large Boxes
  • 1 Research Table
  • 25 Small Boxes
  • 2 Sleeping Bags
  • 9 Furnaces
  • 1 Tier Two Work Bench
  • 1 Tool Cupboard

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost more than 1,000+ explosive ammo to raid directly to the tool cupboard and well over 2,424+ explosive ammo to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 7,300
  • Stone: 20,200
  • Wood: 5,400

Upkeep Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 1,457
  • Stone: 3,577
  • Wood: 12

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video, we’re looking at a RUST base design that goes from a starter to a main base. This base is a solo to trio base and contains features such as compact item placement and loot spreading. Just before we get into the video, only 10% of you are subscribed. If you do enjoy the content and want to see more, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.


To start off with, these are all of the items within the base. We have two sleeping bags with room for more, 25 barbecues, 4 shotgun traps, 1 campfire, 25 small boxes and 18 large boxes. As well as 9 furnaces, your workbench, tool cupboard and research table.


Heading over to the base here, we have roof piece to get up. Swap this out for more secure entrance if you prefer similar to what i show here. Once you reach the top, we then have low walls to provide defense and an area large enough to land your mini heli. We also have shotgun traps here as an extra layer of defense.


Through the sheet double door here is the entrance which contains another shotgun trap and two drop boxes for quickly depositing loot. We then have this metal roof piece which acts as a bunker and is immune to incendiary rockets and fire. To remove the bunker, simply f1 kill and spawn in your bag which is in the secondary bunker. From here, you can open both of the bunkers. The half wall does the secondary bunker and the triangle opens the entrance bunker as seen earlier.


Continuing down into the base, we have some undrainable shotgun traps to slow raiders down and the base is then split into two sides. on the first side we have two loot rooms, each of which hold 4 large boxes, 6 barbecues and 6 small boxes, providing the equivalent storage of 9 large boxes per loot room. we then have 3 furnaces, your workbench and a small box in between the loot rooms, but again, swap this out for whatever suits you best.


Heading over to the other side of the base, we have two more loot rooms, each holding 4 large boxes, 6 barbecues and 6 small boxes and again providing the same storage value of 9 large boxes per loot room. We then have five furnaces in the center here as well as a sleeping bag.


To seal the bunker, simply place a twig triangle here and a metal roof on top, following by a twig half wall here and a metal floor piece on top.


The footprint of the base is simple. One square and a triangle for your starter base before expanding out to add one loot room. And then again to add two more loot rooms and finally to add the honeycomb.


To break down the raid costs, this is the cost to raid directly to the TC. And this is the cost for all of the loot.


This base is going to cost you 7.3k metal, 5.4k wood, and 24k stone with an upkeep cost of 1.5k metal, 12 wood and 4.6k stone. A more detailed costing can be found in the description to include deployables.

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