Double Bunker RUST Base Design (2018)

The Double Bunker RUST Base Design

Back at it with a new RUST base design, our partner Lloydz has crafted the first ever Double Bunker RUST Base Design. This base features a dual stacked bunker base technique, using the current door push trick.  The dual stacked bunker allows for a lower overall base design cost while remaining comparatively secure.

On the third floor, there is a dual level floor design, allowing for visibility from two different heights through all of the windows.  This technique increases the defensibility of the base, as it allows for a view closer to the base’s foundation.

Build Cost:  Building Blocks (186)

  • Stones: 31890
  • Wood: 6398
  • Metal Fragments: 4250

Build Cost: Deployables (58)

  • Metal Fragments: 6750
  • Wood: 4960
  • Gears: 12
  • Empty Tuna Can: 3
  • Low Grade Fuel: 30
  • High Quality Metal: 20
  • Scrap: 500

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What is going on everyone, welcome back to another video, in today’s video I’m going to be showing you the first

ever double bunker base in rust, now if you enjoy this video leave a like and comment down below what bases

you want to see, all my links are down below and let’s get into the tour.

Just before we jump into the base here is /cost as I know some of you like it, this base is going to cost you,

31,000 stone, 6000 wood and 4000 metal fragments.

Coming into the base we have a normal double door airlock with some space for either a box or a shotgun trap.


Through here we have two garage doors, and here is our way up to the second floor.


Through this double door is our way to the bunker part of the base, as you can see you need this door to push you through so you need access to the door

in here you have 6 large boxes tier 2 workbench your tool cupboard and 2 small boxes.


Now to get out you use the same technique now to get to the second floor you can use the jump chest, through this door is the same bunker,

just on the floor above, use the same method to get in!


Here is 8 boxes and a campfire. You can place your sleeping bags where ever you want.


Here is the way to your third floor just take this door off and jump onto the stairs. Jump up to the garage door and here is your window floor, you have a 360-degree view and I’ve changed it a bit so have two different heights of your window floor, anyway…


If you enjoyed this base leave a like and don’t forget to comment, thank you for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one.

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