DOORSTACKED Solo Rust Base Design with Vending Machine Exploit

Hey everyone, we’re excited to be promoting a new RUST content creator and partner, Vice! This latest video covers a new vending machine exploit, that Vice utilizes inside of a tricky doorstacked solo RUST base design.

This unique technique will certainly help fortify the smallest of base designs and be a useful trick to add to your ever growing arsenals. Be sure to browse Vice’s past videos and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for notifications and alerts on his latest videos.

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DOORSTACKED Solo Rust Base Design


Video Transcript

So this is a complete build so I’ll show the cost here on screen, it’s insanely cheap for the strength of this base.


Through the first door we have our airlock, with a ladder going up to the roof for easy access, always a good thing.


Through our second door things get a little weird, this is a new trick with vending machines that lets them basically function as armored doors.


If you rotate the vending machine, it sticks out more, which means you can’t get in. I actually got a little stuck here, but if you place it correctly, it’ll let people in one way and won’t let them in the other way.


We have two of these in these two triangles right here, as well as a garage door in between them. If everything is open, running through is a breeze, but closed off it’s a pain in the ass for raiders.


You can actually shut this garage door from inside, which is a nice feature to have.


We have another garage door, and then our TC, which is behind a bunker window. This makes it so the raiders won’t get what’s in the TC when they destroy it. Alternatively, you could use a window frame here, and reinforced window glass.


To raid this costs 4 satchels for the front door, 15 for the first vending machine, 9 for the garage door, another 15, another 4, another 9, and finally another 56 if they want your loot. Making this 56 satchels to TC or 112 if they want your sulfur in the cupboard.


So let’s get into the build, the starter for this is really simple, just two squares and a triangle for the TC. Place walls all around and a doorway on the side of the triangle.


We’re gonna place our TC in the back here, and bunker it in with two half walls, destroying the bottom on to replace with a low wall. Alternatively, you could use a window here.

Place our door on, make sure it opens outwards, then place a double door and make sure it opens inwards. This functions as our airlock, making sure nobody can come in if you die with the door open.


This base is already a really good starter by itself but we’re going to expand a little with two more triangles. Place a doorway on the end, and a twig doorframe on the other side. This will help us line up the vending machines, which you’re going to need two of.


Place is down just so that the front of the vending machine is just  behind the door frame like this. Remove the frame and replace it with a wall.


The second one is slightly trickier, and you’re probably going to want to practice this on a build server before doing it, because you can’t pick up vending machines later.


Basically, rotate it around so the front is facing the wall, you want it directly in the center, maybe a little towards the door, and you want to pull back a little until you’re able to see the rectangle here.


DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any loss of loot, life, or limb either directly or indirectly related to misuse and misplacement of the tricks shown here. These tricks were done by professionals in a secure environment, take appropriate precautions and attempt at your own risk.


You’re also going to want to disable broadcasting on the vending machines so it doesn’t show up on the map.


Place a ceiling down and a door frame which we will be placing a garage door into.


Now that we have the vending machines, we should upgrade the walls, you can keep it sheet metal if you’d like but ideally you want to armor up the back of this base. The foundations you can leave metal.


We’re going to replace our double door here with a garage door for extra protection, also explain this face punch, I have my max gibs set to zero in the options and I still get broken blocks? What is this? Fix your stupid game.


If you want to be a dick to raiders you can upgrade this bunker window to armored as well.


So here I’ve fit five large boxes and four small boxes, should be more than enough for a solo player. The way you place this floor is by placing a twig half wall and floor outside, then connecting it on the inside, and destroying the build up. Pretty neat trick for efficient shelving.


Here, you can actually place a third vending machine, you’re going to want it about 4 dots on the metal floor away from the frame. Again, this one is tricky, practice it first.


Another thing to note, is that while you can use the vending machines for storage, you can’t rotate them with items inside. You can use them as drop chests, but you have to take everything out before rotating.


Yeah, that about covers it for this video, I’m going to be doing a larger clan based build with this trick in the next few days, so stay tuned for that, in the meantime though I welcome everyone to join my discord, we have a lot of great builders in there who can really help you improve your builds.

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