Dirty Russian Trap Base Design (2019)

The Dirty Russian Trap Base Design

The Dirty Russian Trap Base Design video was created by our partner Rust Daddy.

This base is designed for vanilla gameplay servers and is intended to be a simple, affordable and effective trap base design. It utilizes a trick which conceals and blocks a shotgun trap behind a deployable rug. The base’s name is derived from traditional practices from within the Soviet era of hanging rugs on the wall, as a show of economic status, insulation, soundproofing, and sometimes for hiding building defects.

The trap portion of this base, however, does not require electricity, like many new trap base designs are focused on. Instead, it can be triggered manually. In order to build the base out, it will require a few components that do require blueprints to craft, such as:

  • Shotgun Trap
  • Carpet
  • Garage Door
  • Reinforced Window
  • Locker

With these few components, you will be able to build 100% of the base to completion.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 5,000
  • Stone: 11,300
  • Wood: 3,300

Upkeep Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 1,000
  • Stone: 1,700
  • Wood: 28

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Video Transcription

What’s up guys? Rust Daddy here. More often than not, Rust can be a ruthless and unforgiving place. And all of that, it is quite normal to grow tired of group competitive play style and feel like you need a little break. Perhaps it is about time to build yourself a trap base. If you’re looking for something really simple and elegant , yet effective, the Dirty Russian might be a trap base for you.


In general, trap bases may come in different shapes and formats. A few concepts that I’ve found work the best, is making the base look very poorly designed and appear non threatening, or, making it appear like one of the more well-known base designs and therefore appear to be capable of being a trap.


In effect, this makes the unsuspecting player feel more secure and welcome to investigate. Once inside, one may use different ways of trapping players without even resorting to electricity.


For example, using PrinceVid’s stairs and half wall trick that allows players to squeeze inside the base but not back out. Or, Evilwurst‘s stability mechanic that traps and immediately kills players before they even get a chance to react.


In this context, DirtyRussian resembles a typical 2×2 bunker. It utilizes well-known but sometimes rarely used game mechanics of concealing and blocking shotgun traps with a rug. This way the element of surprise may be retained until the unsuspecting player is deep enough to be trapped and killed and his or her inventory securely looted.


In addition to that, the base has several fall back mechanisms like opening and exposing additional shotgun traps at the entrance corridor. Or trapping and killing players further inside the base if they insist on getting even deeper.


So without further ado, let’s begin building the base.


You can build the base in several stages. First, making the base shell, then setting up the interior and finally finishing up by adding an entrance and honeycomb.


To start off, you will need 1.4k wood and 4.8k stones, a TC, a reinforced glass window, a wood double door and some code locks. Once sorted, make sure that you can place the following foot print.


Build a regular two by two and add triangle foundations on all sides. Then, place two additional raised triangle foundations at the front right of the bunker and more triangle and square foundation at the front left for the main entrance. I will keep the footprint without the building steps for demonstration purposes.


Now claim the area. Upgrade the far left triangle to stone, place two stone walls and a floor triangle on top. Place a TC inside and close it with a stone window frame and a reinforced glass window. Then, upgrade the two square foundations and neighboring triangle foundations including one raised triangle foundation as shown.


Cover the left side and back triangle with stone walls. However, on the front triangle to the left, place a half wall and floor triangle and another half wall on top instead. Lastly, close yourself in by placing a wooden wall to the right and a stone wall frame to the left. Eventually, this should be fitted with the garage doors so that the bulky part of the garage doors are facing outwards. Lastly, seal the roof.


Do not stop here as the base shell is still not complete and is vulnerable to fire and pickaxe raiding. So once ready, grab the required resources, two sheet metal doors and some code locks, and begin by upgrading the remaining two square and triangle foundations.


Going from the back, close yourself in with seven stone walls and two door ways to form an airlock at the front. To form the bunker access, place a twig half wall with a stone wall on top and then break the twig. Lastly, seal the roof to make sure to match the height of the front wall of the bunker entrance with half walls as shown.


Now the trap base shell is complete, so next we’ll be setting up the interior and furnishing it with various utilities and traps. At this stage, you’ll need a little bit of wood, and 2.4k stones, 4 rugs and some shotgun traps. In addition to that, you’ll also need other base utilities.


To the right of the TC you can place 3 furnaces inside the honeycomb to save space and then close it with the window frame and reinforced glass window. To the left you can place a work bench and then close it with a low wall and a half wall instead, soft side facing towards you.


Now turn around and grab tools such as a hatchet or a sword and pick out the wooden wall and place a low wall and a half wall here with the soft side facing towards you as well. You can place a locker inside the honeycomb by the entrance and close it with the window frame and reinforced glass window that later can be left out for baiting.


Use garage doors in the remaining two slots making sure that the middle and left garage doors are facing each other as shown. This will allow you to control the left door even when the middle garage door is closed.


For the bait loot room, go outside and place a twig half wall and a floor triangle on top as shown. This will allow you to place a floor triangle shelf inside. Now fill this room with various boxes and make sure to put code locks on some of them facing the other way so that you can hear when someone is trying to open them.


Here, I placed a large box with a code lock so that it’s not clearly visible from the other side. You can additional bait boxes above the bunker entrance as well. Again, placing code locks where appropriate.


For the main loot room where you will be able to stash the main loot, place a floor tile at half height right in front of the workbench and fill it with boxes of your choosing. Make sure, however that you are still able to jump up on the shelf.


Lastly, we will setup the shotgun traps. Before the bunker entrance, place a garage door so that the bulky part faces outwards. Then, place shotgun traps each facing slightly off so that the entire corridor is protected. you can open the garage doors manually from within the base.


Alternatively, if you have a small generator and a door controller at your disposal, you can setup the following circuits. Close yourself inside the shotgun room, along the garage door deploy the door controller and pair it. Then, re-lock the door and place a small generator next to the workbench. Now, pay close attention to the wiring.


If done correctly, you can easily cover the wiring with a small box and two sleeping bags like so. The main shotgun traps may be placed in front of the workbench. Place them on either rugs or spinning wheels to make them slightly elevated.


When placing the shotgun traps, make sure to angle them so that both the bunker entrance and entire bait room is covered. Now place one rug in front of the shotgun traps making sure that it is slightly sticking into the stone wall frame to conceal the gap.


Finally, the last two shotgun traps will go in front of the TC. First, deploy your bed and then place a shotgun trap in the corner, and one right at the adjacent base loot room. The interior furnishing of the trap base are now complete so all that is left is to form a believable entrance, add some honeycomb and optionally upgrade some parts to metal for slightly more protection.


For this stage, you will need 1.2k wood, and 6.3k stones. To complete the entrance you will also need two shop fronts, two sheet metal double doors, a sheet metal door and some code locks. Begin by upgrading the two twig foundations at the front of the base and then place a doorway and four wall frames as shown.


Place half walls around the raised wall frame to match the height and then proceed fitting two shop fronts into the outer wall frames.


With the sheet metal door and the sheet metal double door at the entrance to form an airlock, and another sheet metal double door on the raised foundation making sure that it opens inwards. Lastly, seal the roof.


At this stage you will be able to close in and trap players that have entered into the corridor from within the safety of your base as lastly placed sheet metal double doors stick into the base when open. When trapping players, you can remove all but this double door to make it seem like the base has been recently raided and left.


With most of the base now up and running, you may choose to start trapping players or invest a little bit more to make the base a bit more secure. For example, you may finish the two remaining honeycombs in the back of the base and honeycomb the roof with half walls. You can even go one step further and upgrade the parts of the base to metal.


I would like to stress, however, that being a trap base  it is no where near being as secure as a regular base of comparable size. For this reason, I strongly advise you not concentrate or invest too much in upgrading the base and move the loot to a more secure location as soon as you have the chance.


Moreover, always remember to replace the missing doors and bunker up the base before you go offline.


There you have it. An affordable and easy to build and use trap base that will hopefully bring you lots of good game moments and stories to tell.


If you like what you saw, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe. And whether you did or didn’t enjoy the video, please do leave a comment in the comments section below as I would really like to know what you think. I would also like to know what base designs you’d want to see me do next.


This was Rust Daddy and may the next wipe be ever in your favor.

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