Deceptive Solo RUST Base Design (2019)

Deceptive Solo RUST Base Design

This video, Deceptive Solo RUST Base Design, was created by our partner Everherd.

This RUST base design was primarily designed for vanilla servers and to accommodate solo players, while also functioning with a duo group. The small footprint of this base is just inconspicuous enough to go unnoticed on many larger servers.

One of the unique properties of this solo base design is the hidden tool cupboard and loot room. Using simple techniques, these hidden rooms can save players from inexperienced raiders. Well-placed shotgun traps and turrets are placed inside of the base design in such a way that draining them is very difficult and time-consuming for raiders.

This base also has the advantage of being easily expanded upon, as it is a “starter to main” build. This means it’s built in stages and each stage is a functional base. Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the base in stages as the resources become available.

Build Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 6,000
  • Stone: 20,000
  • Wood: 6,000

And now, on to the Deceptive Solo RUST base design video. Enjoy!

[ Video has been removed since originally posted ]

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Video Transcript

Yo, what’s up. It’s your boy Everherd.


Anyways, I’m going to bring you this solo base. So as we come inside we have a nice airlock. We can see out this way and we also have shop fronts you can look out.


Then we come into our furnace hop. I decided not to go with a ladder hatch since those are quite hard to find. We’ve got a little drop box and a shotgun trap that will shoot anybody that goes inside. And we’ve got a repair bench in here.


In here is our research table as well as our workbenches. We’ve got some boxes, furnaces and down here is our main living section. So we’ve got our bag and a locker.


You’re not really going to be using that one, you’ll see why. There we go, there’s a hidden loot room behind it. This is where you’re going to keep most of your loot. Make sure not to lock it, because if you lock it, then you can’t just pick it up.


And right here is our TC. Our TC is actually hidden inside this room. So the way you want to put stuff in your TC is you want to drop it in this drop box. There you go, submit it. Then kill yourself and spawn inside.


So now you can take stuff out of your dropbox then put it in your TC. You won’t have to do this often, since this base does not have a very high upkeep. You can also take stuff out of it.

Base Build

Anyways, I’m going to show you how to build this base now. This is how you’d make a starter for this base.


I’m going to upgrade everything to its final level, of course you can make everything to stone and upgrade it later. So you want to place your TC in this corner and place a bag in it. We don’t want to lock it up yet, we want to lock it when you get a drop box.


This is going to be our airlock. I’m going to be using bgrade plugin just so that it’s easier.


So this is how your starter will look. So when you’re ready you just want to build out your foundations like that. Use this little thing, it’s going to help us get out.


This is where a hidden loot room will be. Just go up. Place in these walls. Place in this one, where you’re going to get some extra storage. You can also place a turret if you feel like it.

So now we’re going to get garage doors. You can also use double doors, but the garage doors are obviously much stronger.


This will be your stage 2. It’s quite cheap to build this.

When you’re ready to expand, you just want to add some honeycomb like this. Right here we’re going to leave an entrance. You can also make it on the other side if you feel like it.


I’m going to put on a candle hat so no body complains. This is where you would place your level 2 workbench. This is our main loot room. And down here you can place a turret, shotgun traps, or some boxes like I just added. You want to place them compact though.


Shotgun traps will probably be your best bet, since they’re going to slow the raiders down quite a lot.


Now in here we want to place in our research table. Place in these boxes. And on the topic of the research table, it’s actually quite funny, because when the garage door opens their hitbox expands up a little a little.


This is why I can’t place it now, you have to close the door below you. And you can actually close it through the floor, that’s quite good for trap bases.


There we go, we just placed in our workbench. You can fit some small boxes under it. We can also place in a BBQ.


Now we’re going to add our airlock. It doesn’t have to be sheet. It can just be stone. We’re also going to add our honeycombing. Place in a single door, then a double door, so that we can jump on our furnace without much trouble.


This is where our dropbox is going to be. Make sure to upgrade the floor otherwise people can just pick into your drop boxes.


Now you can upgrade this to sheet metal. You don’t have to, but I decided to do it, just because it looked better. Now we’re going to place a furnace so we can jump in.


Make sure the door opens inside, otherwise it’s going to push you off when you try to jump in. Now you can use single doors or garage doors on your airlock. Garage doors would probably be a better call.


Now place in your shopfront so you can see out. You want to place a little box in there. When you get your drop boxes, you wanna place a little box in there, and place one inside. That way you can spawn inside and pick it up.


So as you can see, we can place one in from the outside. Then we’re going to have to kill ourselves, go in and place the other one that we placed earlier inside. Place one in. Place in the wall. Upgrade it to armored. Place one in from the outside. Spawn inside. Pick that one up, then place it in from the inside. Simple but effective.


Now placing in this one might be difficult, especially from this spot. Sometimes it might be impossible, so I place it down here. That’s another option.


Now I’m going to do something different than what I did on the base tour. I’m going to place in shelves, like this. I’m going to place my boxes in on the shelves. There we go.


It does stick out a little bit, but it’s not much of an issue. Now when you get your lockers you’re going to want to place in this door frame. I guess you could place it earlier than that, but I guess I just forgot about it.


Get your locker and you can just place it outside like that. Another thing you can do is add a door to it. Now place in a locker.


Now you can make this a duo base, but you just want to get in two bags inside the TC room as well as outside.


Now the final stage of our base will be to add in some honeycomb to it, like this. This way nobody can see where your TC room is. It would be very suspicious to see an armored wall on the outside, that means there’s loot behind that wall.


Now what we want to do is place a little thing like that. You don’t actually have to place it on your honeycombing. You can just make it a little triangle. However there is loot here, so you might want to place it in.


So you can actually make a little something like this, but it’s going to make it a little obvious where your honeycombing and loot is. This just makes it stick out, you know where the loot is. Where the good stuff is.


This way you can trick someone to going into your honeycombing.


Anyways if you enjoyed this little video, then make sure to check out my other videos, as well as leave a like, subscribe and join my discord.


See you guys next video. Bye bye!

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