CS:GO Maps Ranked From Best to Worst (2022)

Our top 6 picks for CS:GO maps, from best to worst.

CS:GO is still considered the king of competitive FPS shooters in this day and age. It is the best tactical shooter for competitive gaming, from prize money to viewership. It is backed by Valve, which has strived to keep things balanced, from gunplay to utilities, to servers and maps. The most crucial factor in CS:GO’s success has been the widely known maps. This article will cover our 6 top picks of CS:GO maps ranked from best to worst.

We cover both counter-terrorist and terrorist sites and how they play out. So, let’s jump right into it.

1. Dust 2

CS:GO — Dust II Map

The most recognizable map in all of Counter-Strike is, without a doubt, Dust II. Millions of gamers love the newly updated version of the long-existing map. The iconic “Rush B No Stop” through the B tunnels is found on the map Dust 2.

Because of its straightforward yet efficient layout, it is a well-liked map. The famous double doors are well known. Yes, the ones amid the three different hallways that go to the bomb locations, though, in the recent updates, they added a wall in front of attackers’ spawn so the defenders won’t have to use smoke utility to get to the B site. It had remained like that for the entirety of its existence till now. It seemed the professional players pushed the Valve developers to make some changes in Dust 2, which the devs finally acted upon. 

Dust 2 is the most balanced map, according to Valve, and HLTV shows that it’s not too far off. It contains many tips and techniques, is essential and straightforward to learn and supports various lines of attack. Navigating and rotating to any location is simple. Every squad that plays on Dust 2 performs at its highest level because of its balance and approachability. For all these reasons, we’ve rated this map the best in the CS:GO map pool.

2. Mirage

CS:GO — Mirage

Mirage is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked maps, even in the competitive Counter-Strike scene, even though it has not undergone any reworks. Mirage is a “three-laned map,” focusing much on dominating the map’s Middle region. Professional matchups often feature several all-out brawls in the middle of the map since it provides access to many other places.

Mirage primarily emphasizes execution rather than several long-range battles. The rotational pathways that CTs (counter-terrorists) are assigned to follow are simple, such as going through CT Spawn, which gives CTs incredibly flexible mobility options. The terrorist side’s strategy and aggression heavily influence the map. It’s crucial to exercise gaining.

Mirage allows for solitary play and meta-approaches because it is played so frequently. According to HLTV, it has grown to be the most popular map and has a well-defined set of strategies. That does not, however, render it lopsided. In this densely organized map, you must use aim and strategy to win, which puts your understanding of map control and rotations to the test.

3. Inferno

CS:GO — Inferno Map

It’s difficult to debate Inferno’s status as one of the game’s most evenly matched maps. According to HLTV data, it has the most evenly distributed victory % of any map in the game. The play style of Inferno is unique, and several players must approach it in various ways.

Inferno used to be a CT-sided map; however, modifications have improved the map’s balance over time. Counterterrorists may hold down Inferno’s many narrow passageways, such as Apartments and Banana, to score quick kills, although doing so might quickly backfire. The location becomes incredibly challenging to reclaim if terrorists successfully gain access, which results in the device being put.

With AWPs, counterterrorists may camp in a few strategic spots and quickly hold down corridors leading to sites. However, it is hard for terrorists to recapture a place after taking it via teamwork and the effective use of grenades. Learning Inferno may be challenging because it demands understanding smoke throws, rotations, and appropriate timing. It also encourages steady play and competitive games between teams who are similarly matched.

4. Nuke

CS:GO — Nuke Map

One of the few Competitive pool maps that have undergone a map change is Nuke. The positioning of the Bomb Sites is what sets Nuke apart from other maps. The bomb sites on Nuke are underneath and above one another, in contrast to previous maps located on the opposing sides of the map.

The only map in the Competitive map pool with various levels you can go up and down makes the map incredibly fascinating to play on. Given the escalation and de-escalation it entails, Nuke may not be a beginner-friendly map, but experienced players may find it a lot of fun.

5. Overpass

CS:GO — Overpass Map

The Overpass is one of the CT-sided maps in the map pool since it’s made to provide counterterrorism players a ton of map dominance as soon as the match starts. May also swiftly rotate from bombsite A to bombsite B in less than 10 seconds, making it highly challenging for the terrorist side.

Overpass is the ideal map for AWP users because it is very open. Long-distance confrontations are highly advantageous to AWPers, and AWPing on the CT side is quite powerful. Accurate aim is crucial for success in long-range combat. Therefore, this also rewards players that have it.

6. Train

CS:GO — Train Map

According to the victory percentages of most maps in CS:GO, counterterrorists frequently triumph. The train is no exception, as the CTs have tremendous control over the map as they watch for terrorists to steadily gather from the nearly claustrophobic passages into large, open expanses.

The counterterrorists will win more often than not (54.7%). It’s impossible to suggest that the third most played map according to HLTV isn’t a fan favorite. Its strong emphasis on teamwork may be the reason for its popularity. Rushing into primarily open spaces presents challenges for terrorists, and any lack of coordination might be their undoing. Terrorists must work together to overcome these challenges. It’s an excellent task, but it’s also challenging.

Final thoughts on CS:GO Maps Ranked

While there are plenty of maps to fall in love with in CS:GO, this is our short list of the top 6. Many CS:GO players sink hundreds, if not thousands of hours on individual maps, learning all of their secrets and special plays to gain the competitive edge. What are your top 5 maps?

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