Compact & Strong Trio RUST Base Design (2019)

Compact & Strong Trio RUST Base Design 2019

Compact & Strong Solo, Duo, Trio RUST base design, brought to you by xRaw.

This RUST base design contains features such as compact item placements, large storage capacity, anti-raid mechanics and undrainable shotgun traps. It costs more than 50 satchels to raid directly to the tool cupboard and well over 150 satchels if the raiders do not know the tool cupboard’s location. The base is designed to be effective for solos, duos, and trio sized groups on vanilla gameplay servers.

This base design is cheap, compact, and is quite strong for its overall size. At its core, the design relies on well-placed shotgun traps that are placed in such a way enemy players cannot see them without putting their bodies in vulnerable positions.   

This base also has the advantage of being easily expanded upon, as it is a “starter to main” build. This means it’s built in stages and each stage is a functional base. Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the base in stages as and when the resources are available to do so.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 6,100
  • Wood: 5,400
  • Stone: 23,000

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 1,900
  • Wood: 0
  • Stone: 4,000

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video, in todays video we’re going to be looking at a Cheap & compact RUST base design for solo duo or trio players.

The Tour

So heading over to the base here we have 2 shopfronts so that you can see outside, jumping into the airlock here, we have your standard door-block airlock to prevent people going deep followed by a second door block airlock utilizing double doors – you can leave these open to increase the raid cost.


We then have a shotgun trap which is placed so that its difficult to destroy or drain. The ladder hatch here is optional, but it adds an extra layer of defense.


Coming through this door here we have another doorblock airlock, utilizing this at various stages of the build. This is the entrance is also protected by an un-drainable shotgun trap and leads to the core of your base with access to both floors.


This first area holds 6 large boxes, your research bench, 1 furnace and a sleeping bag.


Through this door here is the starter section of your base with 7 large boxes, 3 furnaces, 2 small boxes, your workbench, your tool cupboard and another sleeping bag.


Jumping up here takes you to the second floor of your base which holds 10 more large boxes, 2 furnaces, 2 sleeping bags and 2 beds – you can swap this out for whatever works best for you!


I do a number of base building guides on my channel so feel free to check those out!


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This base is going to cost you 56.1k metal, 5.4k wood, and 23k stone, with an upkeep cost of 1.9k metal, 4k stone and 0 wood.


You can find the cost of all of the boxes/furnaces used in this base in the comments!


The starter base will cost 0 metal, 800 wood and 4.7k stone with an upkeep of 160 metal, 560 wood and 2.7k stone – now lets get into the build.

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