Blueprint-Free 2×1 Solo Starter RUST Base Design

The Blueprint-Free 2×1 Solo Starter RUST Base Design

The Blueprint-Free 2×1 Solo Starter RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

In this video, Willjum introduces us to his take on a solo starter-to-main base that begins as a 2×1 footprint that can expand out throughout a wipe. This build, of course as its name states, requires no blueprints. If the base design is followed as it, it will leave you with a solid and defensible raid base.

The overall purpose of this base design is to show RUST players how simple it is to implement the roof seal bunker and how effective it can be inside of classic starter base designs, all the way through to main bases. This base’s blueprint is simple enough to place in most areas of a map and relatively easy to remember.

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 0
  • Metal Fragments: 4,190
  • Stone: 10,110
  • Wood: 5,858

Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: N/A
  • Metal Fragments: N/A
  • Stone: N/A
  • Wood: N/A

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 12 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and requiring more to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base. Important to note, each main loot room will require 12 rockets to access, regardless of approach.

With that, you’re here to watch the video!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Willjum here. 


And today I’m presenting to you an entire blueprint free 2×1 base, with excellent expandability, high protection, and lots of storage – all at a low cost. In this video, I’m going to be showing you the progressional build stages all the way from a wooden 1×1 to my take at a final design that can be comfortably used as a main base for a solo or a duo for a chilled wipe. 


The idea is for the starter for this base to be as easy and accessible to build as a standard 2×1, but with far more potential to expand into a highly efficient main base. The core assists around a double bunker design, similar to my Witcher solo base, except with absolutely zero blueprints required. 


Due to the simple footprint of the 2×1 with the triangle, this triangle is open to be expanded in so many possible ways, and I invite you to take the idea and run with it, coming up with your own unique designs on how to turn this 2×1 into a fierce main base. 


You guys have been absolutely killing it recently, and I’m well on my way to three thousand subscribers. I can’t thank you enough for that. But now stick around for my take on the 2×1. 


I’m going to be taking you through all the steps quite slowly as I want this to be easy for all players to follow. There is no exact rocket count for this base, as the limit is down to how much you want to upgrade. 


But if you decide to leave the base as I show you in this video, then you will have a base that is 12 rockets minimum to reach the tool cupboard, which is very respectable for a cheap and simple honeycomb 2×1. 


The best part about this is that even though it’s completely blueprinted free, the raid cost of 12 is not only the minimum to reach the tool cupboard, but also the minimum to get to any of your main loot, which is the full open 2×1 core. 


Meaning, you have a very strong chance of your base surviving against any casual raiders, while losing none of your important items. If throughout the wipe you can get a hold of the garage door blueprint that will give you the potential to improve the raid cost even further. 


If you combine that with extra HQM and sheet metal upgrades you can quite easily turn this 12 rocket base into a 23 rocket raid. I try and upload as often as I can, so if you aren’t already, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on more builds. Without further ado, onto the base build. 


As I previously mentioned, I wanted this build to be as accessible as possible for all players. So with that in mind, we’re gonna start off with a wooden 1×1. Go ahead and place your sleeping bag, boxes, furnace, and you can even fit a tier-one next to the tool cupboard.


 If you’re worried about door campers, a nice little trick is to place a campfire next to your front door, turn it on, and if your comfort exceeds 50% then there is another player standing outside your door. If it stays at 50, you’re good to leave your base. 


When you’re ready to expand, place another square foundation. Use door frames rather than single doors to create more space in your base. You can now place two more furnaces and sleeping bags. 


I wouldn’t recommend using this base if you have more than two players. Once you’ve farmed up enough stone, upgrade the whole 2×1. Once you’ve cooked up enough metal you can replace the wooden double doors with sheet metal double doors. 


When you’re ready to expand further, place a triangle foundation, two full-height walls, and two half walls. The furnace can then be placed to access the roof. Place two more half walls, a door frame with a double door inside it, and then a wooden triangle ceiling. 


What I like to do is place foundation steps to access your main entrance. You’re going to need a bit more of an airlock, so place two full-height walls and a single door frame. The great thing about this type of airlock is that the double door opens outwards and covers the single door, preventing anyone from going deep on your base. 


Once you feel like you need a bit more storage, clear out the whole 2×1, however leaving tool cupboard and the tier-one workbench. Pick up the sheet metal double door and upgrade the frame to sheet metal. 


Replace the double door and then place large boxes in the following formation. To place more boxes in this 1×1, you’re going to need to head outside and copy the following structure. This can all be built out of twig as it’s only used to place the triangle on the inside of your loot room. 


Once you place that square tile, you can head back inside and place the triangle from the left wall. Upgrade the triangle to wood. Then you can squeeze in two more large boxes on the top half. Now you can fill up the second 1×1. To do this I like to place large boxes in a bit of a spiral, and then three more small boxes. I’d recommend upgrading the door frame to sheet metal. Make sure you replace the double door before you place the boxes. 


Now you can squeeze your bag in next to the furnace. Make sure it’s not too close to the 1×1 or you won’t be able to place your bunker. We’re gonna place one triangle honeycomb. Inside it we’re going to integrate a triangle at half height. 


This will allow you to place the twig to place your bunker from within the inside of the base. While standing on your furnace, place a twig floor tile and then a roof on top of it. Upgrade the roof to stone or sheet metal, and that’s the bunker complete.


This will force raiders to either blow directly through the wall or blow through the bunker. And that’s the core 2×1 done. 


If you wanted, you could leave this as your base and it works as a perfect starter. However, I’m gonna take it a little bit further. At the moment the base currently sits at four rockets since it’s all stone, so I suggest that the first thing you do is make all of the core plus the chute sheet metal. 


By making it sheet metal, the base is now going to be a minimum of eight rockets to raid. Although now that the base is sheet metal when sealing off your bunker make sure that the roof you place is also made out of sheet metal. 


In order to reach the 12 rockets, we also need to add some stone honeycombing around the sheet metal 2×1. To do this, remove the wooden foundation steps and place triangles all around the 2×1. Once those are sealed off, we now need to deal with the top of our base. 


First, we’re gonna need a way up, so we’re going to place more foundation steps followed by a small jumper created from a wooden half wall and a wooden triangle. Of the triangle that leads to our chute, place two stone half walls with a triangle on top and then a double door frame. Place two more frames to put shopfronts in. 


Place two more half walls to seal it up and then a triangle on top. Similar to the first floor, we’re gonna place a single door frame and a sheet metal door inside. Place your shopfronts facing outwards to leave more space within the base. 


Now that we have our top floor complete, you can remove the double door from your chute and then hatchet out the wooden triangle that you placed earlier. That opens the chute and allows you access to your top floor. The top floor will now be your main entrance to the base. 


Now that we have a new main entrance, we can seal off the second floor. The furnaces that were placed earlier should now be removed and moved to the top floor. On the middle floor, the single door frame and the wall on either side of the chute should be upgraded to sheet metal. 


In the 1×1 next to the chute, place a repair bench with two small boxes underneath it. In the 1×1 above the tool cupboard, a tier two workbench can be placed along with some more boxes. Place your triangle at half height, and you can now fit two more large boxes. This can sometimes be a tight squeeze, but keep going until you get the right position. 


What I’m going to do now is properly demonstrate how to seal your double bunker design. Walk onto the furnace and look upwards and place the twig floor. From exactly the same position you can now place a twig roof. 


Walkthrough the sheet metal door and then pick it up. Now you can walk through into your loot room, look up and upgrade the top roof to stone. Make sure you leave the floor as twig. 


You can now replace the sheet metal door. Drop back down onto your furnace, open the double door. You can now place another twig floor and another roof tile. Now upgrade that roof to sheet metal. And that is your bunker complete. 


When you wake up the next morning simply remove the twig and the bunkers will clear. You will also want to upgrade the entire middle core to sheet metal. This will give a much higher cost to the secondary loot room. 


What we’re going to do is alter the way of accessing your front door. Place a wooden door frame and a wooden wall, followed by two wooden window frames. Then seal it off for the triangle. Place a furnace facing backward as far in the triangle as possible. Place another door frame and another wooden door. 


Before we seal off our roof, we’re gonna need to honeycomb the chute. To do this place two stone triangles on either side of the chute, and place walls two levels high. Upgrade this all to stone to keep the minimum cost of 12 rockets to the core. 


Finally, seal up your roof however you’d like. I’m gonna place two window frames and then the wall frame. I like to place wooden window bars in the window frames. They give a little bit of protection and you can comfortably shoot out from your roof.


 Next place your wooden double door and then a research table. I would be careful about keeping items in this large box as people can loot it from outside. Next place two wall frames on the triangle, and then build your helipad. Very finally, you can remove your tier one and replace it with a large box. 


Congratulations. You have built my 2×1 base. 


If you enjoyed the base make sure you subscribe if you’re not already, and like the video. And let me know your thoughts. 


Willjum out. 

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