The Best Bus Stop Base Design (2019)

The Best Bus Stop Base Design (2019)

This RUST base design video, the Best Bus Stop Base Design, is brought to you today by our partner Cruxal. Designed for vanilla servers, this RUST base design supports up to a trio group of players.

The Best Bus Stop Base Design utilizes an exploit that enables players to place drop boxes onto the bus stop itself. This makes it possible for players to craft items from inside the bus stop vault by placing a workbench through the walls. This allows you to secure your most valuable loot inside of the bus stop vault.

Base Features

  • Secure bus stop vault
  • Easy access loot drop boxes
  • Compact item placements
  • 360-degree roof access
  • Defensive peek downs
  • Intelligent loot spreading

Secure Bus Stop Vault

The bus stop vault is underutilized in just about every sense. If you come across an open bus stop in a buildable zone, be sure to take it over. These landmarks are extremely valuable as you can build a low-cost, but extremely high defensibility base, requiring 40+ rockets to access the vault.

Easy Access Loot Drop Boxes

Loot drop boxes are one of the most underrated features found in RUST base designs. Make sure your base design plans around easy access loot dropboxes, as they can save a RUST team a great deal of time maneuvering through heavily fortified bases.

When properly set up, easy access loot drop boxes allow players to quickly get back to their required resource farming. When teammates are working in the base, they can focus on taking in the bounty and properly processing it, allowing gathers to focus on their individual tasks.

Compact Item Placement

RUST base designs that feature compact item placement will always “do more with less.” This concept allows players to fit more storage and functional items into a confined space, allowing for maximum usage of the space, while potentially keeping a lower profile base footprint.

This concept also allows players to spend more resources on honeycombing and increasing their bases overall defensibility.

360-Degree Roof Access

Many RUST base designs don’t plan for roof access on the initial build, as many players rush into setting up a starter base that they will use until they gather enough resources to expand or relocate with a new build in mind.

However, this is the ideal concept, what often happens is that the starter base turns into a more permanent base and evolves in an unplanned manner. Having set up roof access from the onset allows players to properly build and expand their initial base design to allow for a more complex and effective base.

Setting up roof access on a RUST base design also allows players to build landing pads and automated hangars for air vehicles, like the Minicopter or Hot Air Balloon. It also allows for players to set up SAM sites and provide access to easily maintain their ammo.

Defensive Peek Downs

When designing a RUST base, it’s important to consider the two different types of base defensive measures that can be utilized to defend against raiders.

  • Active Defense Measures
  • Passive Defense Measures

Defensive peek-downs fall into the active defense measure category. Defensive peek-downs generally refer to small slits in building floors, roofs, and walls that can be used to monitor and engage enemy raiders. 

These “peek downs” are strategically placed above doorways and areas that are designed to channel raiders, so that base defenders can use the special “slits” in the floors to maximize their defensive positions. This also prevents or reduces the chances of the enemy raiders from being able to access corpses, allowing defenders to more easily re-coup their corpse’s gear. 

When fighting enemy players, having a smaller surface area for receiving damage increases your defensibility. Making the decision to incorporate defensive peek downs into your base design is one of the more valuable amenities to craft into a RUST base.

Intelligent Loot Spreading

Many RUST base designs focus on a centralized loot room, while this can seem advantageous, it’s important to spread loot out across your base design. Raiders can enter your base design from any angle. Consider things like rocket splash, which can destroy 4 different walls, reducing the raider’s overall raiding cost to access segmented areas of a base.

With intelligent loot spreading, you increase the odds of having the loot to come back to in the event of an off or online raid. This can also enable you to put up a proper defense in the event your base is being raided but you cannot access a segment due to it having been compromised.

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost more than 40 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard alone and well over that to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

Building Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 178
  • Metal Fragments: 10,530
  • Stone: 4,740
  • Wood: 3,800

Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 31
  • Metal Fragments: 2,192
  • Stone: 804
  • Wood: 12

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcript

What up it’s Cruxal. Last video I showed you guys how to make a bus stop base. Sadly, not long after it’s release, tool cupboards and chests were no longer able to be looted through the bus stop glass. That also meant that splash damage through the glass was no more. Not only that, but many of you didn’t like the design.


What if I told you that this was at the least 16 rockets to raid? What if I told you that this was at least 32 rockets?  And what if I told you that this base is a minimum of 44 rockets?


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I can build the smallest version of the base on my own. But this build is good for all the way up to a much larger group without the build even really changing.


The bus stop itself is completely sealed off. No splash damage can get through. You either raid the vault or go home. To make matters worse for raiders, the entrance is on the opposite side of the vault. They start raiding through doors, they’re already wasting explosives.


Here is a tour and some statistics for the fully upgraded trio base. Keep in mind that what I do with the chest and furnace placement is purely my personal preference. I am sure that there are different and better ways, but this is what suited me.


You can have a massive 6 day upkeep and the base is still 40 rockets to your TC. Something to note is that 40 rockets is needed solely to get the vault TC no matter what. Any wall or door is extra. It’s safe to say that 40 rockets is the absolute bare minimum needed.

You might be asking yourself what is so special about this bus stop base? Let me explain.


Like I said previously, you can’t splash through windows anymore. That means that raiders have no choice. They have to raid through the vault to get to your TC and loot. Second, I found a way to place drop boxes directly on to the bus stop itself.


Being able to place drop boxes without having walls lets us place workbenches through the window making it possible to craft whatever your heart desires directly from the vault itself, which is what makes the space incredibly versatile. You’ll have access to your TC and you don’t even need to transfer loot out to craft stuff. With this vault, there is absolutely no reason your loot shouldn’t be in it.


Now, let’s get right in to the initial build. First off, we have to setup the drop boxes for the vault. We have to do this before hand. You can get drop boxes for 40 scrap from bandit camp. The way this works is placing a wall directly behind the glass of the bus stop.


This will trick the game into thinking that you are placing drop boxes onto the wall instead of the bus stop glass. Once the drop box is place,d remove the wall. Make sure the wall is placed as close as you can to the glass. Otherwise, your drop box will break with the wall.


For the foundations, it can be a little tricky, so arm yourself with a bit of patience. You have a little bit of leeway when it comes to placement, but you want to keep those foundations close to the ground, otherwise you won’t be able to place them all. Also be sure that you’ll be able to expand. Last thing that you want is placing walls and realizing that you can’t place more foundations later on.


Sometimes you’ll get a large gap in between your walls and the bus stop. This is the base’s only weakness. You’ll want to avoid this by placing your foundations inside the bus stop as much as you can. If you’ve done irreversible building and you can’t get rid of the gap, here’s how you can mitigate.


Here, I use half walls. This allows us to add more boxes inside the vault. You may have to remove some boxes inside the vault to make room for the walls as they protrude into the bus stop.


Once you have enough metal and high quality metal, you can maximize the honeycomb. You’ll about 1000 metal and 178 high quality metal. You can upgrade the exterior shell of the base to metal at any time later on. If you don’t have enough materials, build the second floor and come back to this step a little later.


Place your tier 3 through the window like this. I found a huge bug here and you have to be careful. If you put down a second small box under the tier 3 and pick it up while the workbench is facing away, the workbench will destroy itself, so I highly recommend not even placing a box here.


On to the second floor. Here we start by upgrading and placing a few half walls to make sure that the second floor loot in the vault is properly secured.


Let’s do side loot rooms now. These can be a bit pesky to line up but it’s not too bad. Just note that it’s only one wall of these. Remember to move all of the important loot to the vault as soon as you can. If moving stuff to the vault is a no go, at least keep it in the middle second floor loot room. It’s much safer than the side loot rooms.


That’s it for the base, really. Like I said, the main feature here is the vault, the rest is up to you. But wait, what if you are more than a trio? What if you need something bigger? Before we end the video, let me show you something nice.


You now get some of the best peak-downs a base can offer, which makes the base much more viable against online raids. Only thing left is to seal off the top. Let me quickly guide you.


Here you can make whatever you like. Sealed off for maybe a shooting floor, you get the idea. The rest is in your hands. Goodluck, wanderer.

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