Beastly Trio RUST Base Design (2018)

The Beastly Trio RUST Base Design 

Our partner Lloydz has brought us another great RUST base design video! This time around he introduces us to The Beastly Trio.

This base does not carry a low profile and is intended for 3+ players. It’s heavily fortified with honeycombed walls. There is ample storage throughout the base while maintaining easy access.

Much of the base’s design utilizes the half-wall jumps to move up and down while being able to continue to use the space below. The roof can also be accessed, with the outer edges providing angle cover using half walls.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 7,700
  • Wood:11,800
  • Stone: 55,000

Upkeep Cost:

  • Metal Fragments: 4,618
  • Wood: 0
  • Stone: 13,700

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Yo, what’s going on everybody, welcome back to another video.


In today’s video I’m going to be showing you how to build the beastly trio base design.


Now if you enjoy this video drop a like and comment down below what base you want to see next, as I’m running out of ideas.


Thank you for clicking on this video, and let’s get into the tour.

Jumping right into the base, this base is going to cost: 55,000 stone, 11,000 wood, 7,000 metal with an upkeep of 13,00 stone and 4,000 metal.


Entering the base, on our right we have a  garage door leading up to the window floor. On our left is the way to the main part of this base.


Opening the garage door, there’s a lot of stuff going on, to my left we have 5 large boxes and on my right, we have the same design with another 5 boxes.


Up here we have the window loot rooms, take off the windows so you can open the boxes, down here we have our tool cupboard, along with 5 sleeping bags and more boxes.


On the second floor, we have 3 furnaces, a tier 3 workbench, a research table, repair bench and four beds.


Coming back through the base we’re going to enter the window floor, a quick jump and we’re on the window floor, you can make this floor all windows it is completely up to you.


Entering the next floor is our roof, design this however you like.


Thank you for watching this video.

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