Back 4 Blood: Sharice Guide & Build

A player’s guide for Sharice

Back 4 Blood, the gory first-person shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, is a game full of guns, zombies, and guts. It’s a chaotic experience from start to finish through post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania. Its depth, story, and lore are driven entirely by the characters players take control of.

From punk rock misanthropes to traumatized veterans, the survivors of this new wasteland are called Cleaners. They’re immune to the predations of the devil worm—the purveyor of this zombie infection—and they’re proficient with weapons, even if those weapons are nothing more than baseball bats and machetes.

She may be a little late to the party and slightly intimidating, carrying that fire axe around all the time. But you won’t find a more calm, collected, certified ass-kicker than Sharice.

Back 4 Blood: Sharice

Sharice’s backstory

With no surname to be found, we’ll call her Sharice the Firefighter.

Sharice moved to Evansburg, Pennsylvania, when she was very young after a fire nearly destroyed her family. The fire took all her possessions and her father. To honor his memory, Sharice graduated from the Evansburg fire academy as soon as she could. She joined Engine 12 as a reliable and capable member of their prestigious team.

And then the outbreak hit.

Sharice managed to survive with Engine 12 for a considerable length of time. Throughout the Back 4 Blood campaign, players will hear mention of “smaller settlements,” showing that Fort Hope and the KSC aren’t the only survivors around. Engine 12 was one of those smaller settlements.

Since Sharice was added with the Tunnels of Terror update, it makes sense that her backstory is mixed up with them. She mentions tracking a new mutation of Ridden, warped Ridden, back to a Ridden Hive and following it inside. She lost her teammates in that Ridden Hive. They weren’t immune like her, so she had to put them all down herself.

Commander Phillips and the Cleaners of Fort Hope picked her up shortly after that. She’s been fighting with them ever since.

Sharice is friends with Heng, Karlee, and Hoffman. If you find yourself on a team with any of them, you’ll get much more dialogue and background.

“I was fighting for Evansburg long before the Collapse…”

– Sharice

Strategy & cards

BAck 4 Blood — Sharice Card Selection

Sharice’s traits are as follows:

  • Armor knocked off Ridden has a chance to become usable Makeshift Armor.
  • She comes with +25% trauma resistance, gives the team +25% bolstered health, and starts with a frag grenade.

Also, you may have noticed that wicked fire axe on her shoulder.

Sharice is the melee character to end all melee characters. Holly Forrester was the obvious melee choice at one point, but she’s been nerfed, and her traits changed. Do you want to bash shit with melee weapons? Pick Sharice.

She starts with an SMG, which works well with her, but we usually switched to an assault rifle or LMG to suit our playstyle better. Some of Sharice’s playstyle is up for your preference, like us with our LMGs. If you do better with a shotgun or a sniper, switch to one of those. But when building a solid Sharice deck, there should be apparent strengths to enhance. Of those strengths, we found two main builds for Sharice that always work.

Back 4 Blood — Sharice Deck

Leecher: Here are the non-negotiable cards for our Leecher Sharice deck.

  1. Meth Head
  2. Adrenaline Fueled
  3. Dash
  4. Cross Trainers
  5. Vanguard
  6. Mean Drunk
  7. Spikey Bits
  8. Heavy Hitter
  9. Berserker
  10. Battle Lust
  11. Numb
  12. Confident Killer
  13. Energy Bar
  14. Down In Front
  15. Hunker Down

This deck doesn’t just buff you up; it has synergy. The cards feed off each other and work together to make you that much stronger. With these cards, your stamina is significantly increased, your stamina regeneration is higher, and all your attacks stagger Ridden. You also gain temporary health, regular health, and stamina for every kill.

Back 4 Blood — Sharice Holding Axe

With melee, the hazard of hitting teammates is always present, so bringing Down In Front to disable friendly fire is necessary. And adding Hunker Down increases your damage resistance while crouching, so we’re just stacking buffs here.

With these cards, you should never run out of stamina, I’m serious, and as long as there are at least a few ridden around, you’ll constantly be healing yourself. You should always have at least a few temporary health points, and you gain even more increased damage resistance when you have temporary health. Not to mention Sharice will be picking up armor pieces from mutations to bolster her health that much more.

Unfortunately, you won’t have that much damage output. So you’ll have to rely on a teammate to bring some team buffs or pick extra damage buffs every time you start in a safe room.

Sharice is the perfect character for clearing Ridden Hives with. Since you have to carry those stupid Skull Totems, and they act as a melee weapon, you might as well bring a character who’s proficient with melee.

BAck 4 Blood — Holding Skull Totems

Tank: Sharice can flip the table around and focus more on defense if that’s your jam. Drop the cards that provide regeneration—like Battle Lust and Vanguard, and opt for more team-building cards. Amped Up, Soften Up, Sunder, Mugger, Bodyguard, Fit As A Fiddle, and Well Rested should be your priorities. These cards allow you to debuff ridden so your team can finish them off quicker, it provides more bolstered health and overheal for your team, and it enables Sharice to absorb the majority of incoming damage to your team.

Sharice is a tough character and can look after herself. If you are a good player and want to play a support role but don’t want to be as weak as Doc, Sharice is an excellent option. She can kite Ridden away from the rest of the team, bring tons of buffs and debuffs, and provide plenty of extra armor.

Bot behavior

She uses her fire axe to great effect and brings up the rear more often than not. If we ever got flanked by a mutation, it was always Sharice that shouted it out. And just by having her on your team, you get the ability to pick up and fashion makeshift armor. But don’t expect too much from her bot.

Final thoughts on Sharice

Sharice quickly became one of our favorite Cleaners after just one level with her. She’s tough on offense and defense, brings good perks for the team, and is more confident than Commander Philips. If we’re ever farming Skull Totems, it’s with Sharice. If we ever want to beat the shit out of Ridden, we pick Sharice. If we feel like being utterly self-sufficient out in the field, we choose the best Cleaner for the job: Sharice.

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