Back 4 Blood: Elijah Walker Guide & Build

Back 4 Blood: Elijah Walker Guide

A player’s guide for Elijah Walker

Back 4 Blood, the gory first-person shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, is a game full of guns, zombies, and guts. It’s a chaotic experience from start to finish through post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania. Its depth, story, and lore are driven entirely by the characters players take control of.

From punk rock misanthropes to traumatized veterans, the survivors of this new wasteland are called Cleaners. They’re immune to the predations of the devil worm—the purveyor of this zombie infection—and they’re proficient with weapons, even if those weapons are nothing more than baseball bats and machetes.

Today we’re going to talk about the solid foundation of the Cleaners. The motivating force behind their professionalism, that’s right, today we’re talking about Army Ranger Elijah Walker.

Back 4 Blood: Elijah Walker

Elijah Walker’s background

Elijah Walker comes from a middle-class, blue-collar family settled in Evansburg, Pennsylvania. He has four siblings and no parents. He lost his mother when he was 13 and his father at 17. Walker decided to enlist and join the military with little direction aside from wanting to help others.

It wasn’t easy, he says. “I threw myself into the life and was rewarded by becoming an army ranger.” Walker is technically still on active duty, even though it’s the end of the world. When the outbreak hit, he was only home on leave, exploring his old stomping ground for a bit. His training allowed him to not only defend and protect himself but to ensure the protection of others.

Much like Jim’s protective instincts, Walker sees the Cleaners of Fort Hope as his responsibility. But his natural leadership tendencies put him at the front of any engagement.

As you play through the campaign, the dialogue you unlock for Walker paints him as an unintentional loner. He says he never let himself get close to people, made friends, or had significant relationships. “And now, it’s too late.” But sometimes, when Hoffman gets started on aliens and cell tower frequencies, Walker will blurt out, “See? See?! This is why I don’t get close to people.”

“Sometimes family can be where you find it, and I found mine again at HOPE…”

Strategy & cards

Back 4 Blood: Deck/Card Selection

Walker is a fantastic starting character for those just entering the death-filled world of Back 4 Blood. His traits are as follows:

  • Mutations that Walker pings are highlighted and deal 10% reduced damage.
  • He adds +10 to team health. He gets a +10 boost to damage. And he starts with a holy hand grenade.

With these options, Walker is a well-rounded character for just about any need. He’s an excellent way for players to get a feel for the game and not get wrecked too quickly. As always adding cards to Walker’s deck, the goal is to lean into his strengths while mitigating his weaknesses.

Walker gets a boost to health and damage, but his ping trait isn’t one we used much. So, by leaning into health and damage output, we can turn Walker into a walking brick house.

Patient Hunter is a fantastic card for Jim and Walker, as it boosts their damage up to 30% just for aiming down the sights when they shoot. Highly recommend it unless you’re going for the Left 4 Dead Walker build, which we’ll touch on in a moment. Combat Training is a good choice, which adds bullet damage and stumble. As are Reload Drills, Shredder, and Ammo Pouch. By adding those three, you’ll boost your reload speed and your ammo capacity and add damage for every bullet that hits your target.

Back 4 Blood — Weapon Selection and Modification

Aside from those, many of Walker’s cards are the same as Jim Hossler’s. Front Sight Focus, Large Calibur Rounds, Silver Bullets, etc. Cards that boost damage output with no penalties.

When creating specific builds for Walker, the sky is the limit. He’s so open-ended and well-rounded that you could make about any build with him. Melee? Sure. Sniper? Of course. Grenadier? Why not? Heck, you want to make a full medic build? Walker is your guy. Doc should really be your guy/girl, but you get the point.

We usually geared his deck and strategy towards these areas whenever we picked the battle-hardened veteran for our runs.

Back 4 Blood: Walking through a Ridden Hive

Soldier Boy

Tactical Vest, Ammo Pouch, Weapon Scavenger, Inspiring Sacrifice. You are the front line of your team. You grab that assault rifle, take the point, and keep your eyes peeled. You are the leader, and you direct the group. Vitamins, Body Armor, and Scar Tissue will help keep you alive longer so you can keep your team alive longer. Let the healer heal; let the tank tank; you focus on reading the situation and adapting to best handle it.

Left 4 Dead Walker

Some of the best cards in Back 4 Blood disable your aim-down sights. Which sucks. But it also totally doesn’t. Because if you’ve played Left 4 Dead 2, the precursor to Back 4 Blood, then you know there is no aiming in Left 4 Dead. It’s just shooting. 

Everyone is much more accurate by default in Left 4 Dead compared to Back 4 Blood. So, if you are brave enough or have the experience from Left 4 Dead, play a deck for Walker that gives him all the best cards, including Motorcycle Helmet, Quick Kill, Killer’s Instinct, and just spray and pray. Who needs to aim when your accuracy is already through the roof?

As we mentioned earlier, Walker is flexible. Walker can make it happen if you want to be a sniper, shotgunner, or machinegunner.

Bot behavior

Walker is a solid bot. He will not charge into the hordes that accost you needlessly. He will seek to handle problems as they arise and put himself in the best place for them, which is not right in front of you. Two thumbs up for Walker bot.

Final thoughts on Elijah Walker

Back 4 Blood — Elijah Walker In Hazmat Suit

The foundation of our post-apocalyptic team, and the best starting character around, Walker is an excellent choice for any player. Elijah Walker is a solid choice if you’re considering tackling more severe difficulties in Back 4 Blood. Whether you want to snipe, shotgun, or bash the hell out of the Ridden, Walker will do it in style.

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