Back 4 Blood: All Golden Skull Locations

Back 4 Blood: All Golden Skull Locations

Here’s how to find all golden skull secret locations 

Turtle Rock Studios’ newest baby, Back 4 Blood, features a group of survivors fighting their way through a fictional Pennsylvania during the zombie apocalypse. Through 4 acts, players will delve into sewers, explore campgrounds, and journey through abandoned warehouses. All in pursuit of resources, safety, and allies in need of rescuing.

Though there are over 30 missions to complete as one of the game’s Cleaners, unique zombie-killing survivors who are immune to the plague, many of those missions reuse locations. For example, you’ll see the same gas station a few times during the story, though under different circumstances.

Throughout the primary campaign of Back 4 Blood, there are ten hidden golden skull locations. Each golden skull statue comes with a notable achievement upon discovery.

Here are all of the golden skull locations in the order they appear in the primary campaign.

ACT 1, Chapter 1-4: The Crossing

After you’ve entered the ferry, head down to the second-lowest deck, and you’ll find a red barge that’s crashed into the ferry. Jump into the barge, and you’ll find a small suitcase just on the other side. Inside is the first of the golden skulls.

ACT 1, Chapter 2-2: Book Worms

This secret skull is hidden inside Haven Apartments, so you’ll need to pass the diner and any mutations waiting for you there. You’ll enter Haven Apartments from the basement. Immediately upon exiting the stairwell, you’ll see a small office lit by a bright lamp on the first floor. The skull is under the desk.

ACT 1, Chapter 3-1: Special Delivery

At the end of the level, directly in front of the saferoom. The golden skull is located on top of the closest wooden palette to the saferoom. You’ll have to find a palette you can jump on first, then platform over to the skull.

ACT 1, Chapter 4-2: Hell’s Bells

As you traverse the woods, you’ll find a large rocky island that splits your path in two. Climb to the top, and hidden amongst the bushes will be the next golden skull.

ACT 2, Chapter 1-1: A Call To Arms

After exiting the parking garage:

  1. Turn right and follow the alley that goes behind the houses.
  2. Go all the way to the final house at the end of the block.
  3. Go as far as you can go. You’ll hit a large wooden fence at the end.

Sitting against that wooden fence, just to the left, is a chicken coup. The golden skull is inside the chicken coup.

ACT 2, Chapter 1-1: A Call To Arms Golden Skull Location 1

ACT 2, Chapter 2-2: Hinterland

Shortly after exiting the saferoom, you’ll find a tall waterfall. The path will head to the right of the waterfall and eventually lead down the waterbed. Make your way to the bottom of the waterfall, and you’ll find the skull hidden amongst the falling water.

ACT 2, Chapter 2-2: Hinterland Golden Skull Location 1

ACT 2, Chapter 3-3: Grave Danger

To the church’s right, there will be a collection of crypts and mausoleums. You want to head to the far right corner when facing this collection of crypts. Once you enter the mausoleum, immediately turn to your left. Nestled in the shadowing corner is our next golden skull.

ACT 3, Chapter 1-4: Garden Party

You’ll have to brave the weird hedge maze to grab this golden skull. Make your way through the level and complete the garden maze. But before you exit the maze by climbing the stairs and entering the saferoom, walk past the stairs. Follow the maze just a little further, and you’ll find a golden skull hidden in a vase.

ACT 3, Chapter 2-2: Making The Grade

This is another golden skull that’s located near the end of the level. It’s time to make your way through the high school. Yes, you also have to fight the ogre and make your way out of the gymnasium. 

As you’re running around the top of the high school, you’ll pass a building with two doors on your left and see a stairwell in front of you. If you turn to your right, you’ll find a tent hidden behind some air conditioner units. Inside this tent is our golden skull.

ACT 4: The Abomination

The last golden skull was nigh impossible for us to find. It’s only accessible if you run as fast as possible. Once you’ve destroyed the weird ulcers inside the abomination’s mouth and it begins its journey towards Fort Hope, you’ll have to ignore its weak spots and just run. 

You’ll pass a cave on your left and eventually come to a chasm as you run. The only way across this chasm is by traversing some ridden growths that act as bridges. There is only one branch of ridden growth that heads to the right. Follow that branch up, and at the top, nestled in a lot of gore, is the final golden skull.

Have you finished collecting all of the golden skulls?

If you’ve already beaten the main story of Back 4 Blood, we recommend switching to recruit and starting a new run at each of these locations. Once you’ve located the skull, you don’t even need to finish the level. Just leave the match and start a new one at the next location.

And there you have it—all golden skull locations in Back 4 Blood’s campaign. Now it’s time to get to grinding out those B4B skins!

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