All Survival Crafting Elements Confirmed in Starfield

All the survival crafting elements confirmed in Starfield at Bethesda’s Starfield Direct 2023

Bethesda has a history of flirting with survival mechanics to spice up their RPG games but never fully committing to building an RPG from the ground up as a survival game or including a survival mode—it has always been left in the communities hand’s to create survival mods—could Starfield be any different?

Announced in 2018, Starfield is a new IP from Bethesda aimed to join the list of ‘The Greats in RPG Gaming’ where Bethesda RPGs reside, such as the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. The rumors surrounding the highly-anticipated Sci-Fi RPG Starfield were a treat to hardcore survival gamers’ ears, excited about Bethesda’s “grounded in reality” approach to development and partnering with NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to make Starfield as realistic as possible.

But were the rumors true? Could you, in fact, fly from planet to planet without loading screens? In June 2023, Bethesda staged a much-awaited press conference dedicated entirely to Starfield, telling us all that we need to know and finally putting a rest on the rumors.

What we learned from Starfield Direct 2023

Spaceship Traveling at Lightspeed
Starfield Screenshot Courtesy of Bethesda

So seamlessly traveling from planet to planet without any loading screens sadly won’t be the case, but you still have over 100-star systems and 1,000 planets to explore. What makes this feature appealing? Like No Man’s Sky, every planet has its own challenges and unique compounds that impact the gameplay experience.

You use space technology to determine planet conditions, including gravity, temperature, and atmosphere, to assess what spacesuits and tech are required to survive on the planet. Todd Howard confirmed planetary movement would determine day and night cycles, influencing weather conditions, lighting, and temperature.

So much of Starfield’s foundation is realistic, themed around the sci-fi subgenre of ‘NASA-Punk’ with its world closely simulating our own reality regarding history, science, and culture. Some other realistic features reinforcing survival crafting gameplay include the following:

Spacesuit Conditioning

You have access to a library of spacesuits offering different levels of protection to the environment. Stats revolve around radiation, corrosion, airborne infiltration, thermals, mass, etc.

Food Importance

The attention to detail with food in Starfield is proving to be in a league of its own compared to other Bethesda RPG games. All foods have unique buffs tailored to space exploration and survival. Unlike other Bethesda RPGs, where food can be easily accessible, Barren planets will exist in Starfield with nowhere to harvest food—giving greater importance to stacking up an inventory of food for dire journeys.

Resource Collection & Crafting

Further incentivizing travel to faraway planets is to collect natural resources to build and customize homes, spaceships, weapons, and spacesuits. While Fallout 4 introduced Bethesda RPGs to base-building mechanics that survival gamers know all too well—Starfield is taking base-building to the next level—with every aspect of your base and spaceship being customizable with all types of camera angles to pinpoint exactly what you want to create or change.

Unclaimed Systems – The ‘Wild West’ of Starfield

The ‘Unclaimed Systems’ has been at the forefront of survival players’ minds as rumors persisted that these locations in the vast Starfield universe are wild territory ready to be claimed by daring players able to survive the challenges faced there. At Starfield Direct 2023, the ‘Unclaimed Systems’ were confirmed, announcing that the most hostile factions in the galaxy battle it out there to claim territory for themselves. In retrospect, the ‘Unclaimed Systems’ is where the heart of survival crafting gameplay will be located.

Careers & Bureaucracy: Simulated Society on a Galactic Level

The skills and work experience you tailor to your character will shape your gameplay experience. For instance, developing a career and skillset around business, science, and piracy can mold the gameplay experience more around survivalism. Also, bureaucracy is well and truly alive in this RPG. For instance, as you travel to certain planets, you will be stopped by a planetary border patrol to scan your ship and check your credentials before they give you permission to enter.

Farming, Crew Management, and Terraforming?

You can build outposts (bases) on any part of a planet where you live, farm, and trade. To upkeep outposts and spaceships, you can assign a crew to collect resources and protect the outposts from hostiles.

While many shots in the trailers at Starfield Direct 2023 showcased terraforming in effect, what this really could mean is creating oxygenation to sustain a long-term stay on a planet before oxygen runs out.

How does Starfield set itself apart from No Man’s Sky?

Human Walking into a Portal
Starfield Screenshot Courtesy of Bethesda

While Starfield is heavily reminiscent of No Man’s Sky in gameplay, Bethesda will sprinkle its RPG storytelling charm into the game unseen in any other space game. To achieve this, Bethesda has confirmed that not all of the game is purely procedurally generated—Bethesda has handcrafted parts of the vast world to give players the environmental storytelling they know and love with Bethesda RPGs.

The most exciting prospect for Starfield is that, like all Bethesda RPGs, the space game will likely become a canvas for survival modders. Starfield is already shaped to be one of the most realistic and survival-oriented Bethesda RPGs out there, and with the help of modders, Starfield could become the best space survival game.

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