Corrosion Hour Advertising Program

Advertising with Corrosion Hour

Advertising with us allows you to reach into the survival gaming niche, a particularly fast and growing market segment of the online gaming community. We offer the absolute best ad placement across the entire site, for the entirety of the campaign. Your success and growth are paramount to our partnership.

  • Grow your target audience size
  • Increase your inbound traffic rates
  • Build brand recognition where it counts
  • Gain access to a hard-to-reach market is read by over 100,000 unique visitors each month. We’ve been featured multiple times in the official RUST Community Blog and are a primary information resource for RUST players. Since 2015 we’ve had over 14 million views on our site. Every week we have regular visitors from over 80+ countries, with the primary audiences residing in the North American region.

Our visitors are unique in such a way, that we boast an average on-page time of nearly 4 minutes. They come to engage with the content, not skip over it. With over 95% of our traffic coming in from SEO efforts alone, you can be assured we’re providing a unique and valuable experience to our audience. Not only this, but we have a visitor return rate of over 65%. Our team is made up of content creators, ensuring our content is authentic and found nowhere else on the web.

Corrosion Hour Monthly Statistics

  • 100,000+ unique visitors per month
  • 250,000+ page views per month
  • 95% SEO based traffic
  • 65% returning visitors

You will have access to:

  • Overview dashboard of your advertisements statistics
  • View and export online reports from your dashboard
  • View advertisement impressions and click-through stats in real-time
  • Easily renew, schedule, and submit advertisement campaigns
  • Setup geo-targeting and mobile advertisements groups
  • Preview your advertisements before submission

Supported Advertisements

Advertisement TypePriceDimensionsExample
Text/Image/AnimatedInquire below728 x 90 pixelsView Example
Text/Image/AnimatedInquire below345 x 280 pixelsView Example
Text/Image/AnimatedInquire below300 x 600 pixelsView Example

Prohibited Content

All advertisements are reviewed for policy guidelines and suitability on our site before being accepted into the rotation. The content areas listed below, though not limited to, are strictly prohibited for use on our sites and in our advertising programs. We reserve the right to take action (in our sole discretion) against any advertiser who violates these rules. This may include canceling the advertisement campaign, account, and voiding agreed-upon terms, without refund.

  • Advertisements must not be false, misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive
  • Controversial and sensitive issues such as death, extremism, political conflicts, sexual abuse, tragedies, and war
  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia, dangerous products, and illegal substances
  • Harmful acts, depicted violence or physical, emotional, and psychological harm
  • Promotion of discrimination of individuals or groups based on ethnicity, ethnic origins, nationality, race, religion, disabilities, age, sexual orientations or gender identity
  • Vulgar and profane content not suited for a general audience
  • Sexually suggestive content containing nudity, body parts, sexual acts, sex devices, or explicit imagery and sounds

Advertising Inquiries