Adding Ocean Junk to Custom RUST Maps

Trouble in Topology Town:  “Adding Ocean Junk”

Part of a video series “Trouble in Topology Town”, this video titled “Junk Piles”, was created by Snowballfred. It serves as a guide for adding ocean junk pile spawn areas to custom RUST maps using k1lly0u’s standalone custom map editor.

Each video in the Trouble in Topology Town series focuses on an individual topology and provides an in-game example of the results.

This video highlights the usage of the Offshore topology, when combining it with the Ocean topology. After properly combining the two topologies, you will begin to see ocean junk piles and sunken boats begin to spawn in the areas that have been painted accordingly.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of Trouble in Topology Town.


In this episode we’re going to cover ocean junk piles and how to get them where you want them.


Alright, here we are, not on Topology Island. Alright lets get started with these ocean spawns, eh.


Up in the top right corner, to Terrain Paint we go.


Down to Topology and I’m assuming you’ve all gone and Oceaned off your oceans and separated them from your mainland.


It should look something like this when you’re finished.


And the next thing we’re going to do to get these little buggers to spawn is put some Offshore in there.


And we’re going to make a nice big brush. Not 100% sure, they may have an height constraint to them, so lets make this nice little canyon around the edge here, to test that out as well.


You will also get boat spawns, by applying those topologies together, Ocean and Offshore.


And that’s about all we need to do to get these barrels underway.


Alright, lets go check this out in game.


And here we are in game. Here’s our wonderful junkpile, one of the few that have spawned so far, there’s another one over there.


If we come over this way, we’ve got a little bottle and boat situation happening here, here it is here.


This is what happens when you combine Ocean along with Offshore topologies. You get the ole’ barrel action happening and the ole’ boat action happening.


Thanks for watching guys.


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