Adding Junk Piles to Custom RUST Maps

Trouble in Topology Town:  “Adding Junk Piles”

Part of a video series “Trouble in Topology Town”, this video titled “Junk Piles”, was created by Snowballfred. It serves as a guide for adding junk piles spawn areas to custom RUST maps using k1lly0u’s standalone custom map editor.

Each video in the Trouble in Topology Town series focuses on an individual topology and provides an in-game example of the results.

There are two different topologies that can be used when applying junk pile spawns to your custom RUST map. The Roadside topology is clearly intended for use around roads across your map, while the Powerline topology is intended for the base area of the powerlines found across the map.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another episode of Trouble in Topology Town.


This episode we’re going to cover Junk Piles and how to get them to spawn where you want them.


Here we are once again on Topology Island. As you can see we’ve got a little road and a little power pole.


We’ve got to get some junk piles to spawn around them.


To do this we’re going to go up to Terrain Paint, drop down to select Topology and the first one we’re going to cover is Roadside.


And what you’re going to do, we’re going to put Road Side around our road here.


And the very easy way to do that is to make your brush around 20 large. Mouse over the center of the road and trace along the area where you’d like them to spawn.


Then come back make your brush size a little smaller, maybe around 6 and erase the topology from where you’ve done to spawn on the road.


Pretty straight forward, nice and simple.


And the last one we’re going to cover is Powerline. Pretty straight forward.


We’re going to make the brush size a little bigger and we’re just gonna pop the topology right there.


And that’s about as simple as it gets. We’re going to load up this up in the game and go take a look and see how it turned out.


And as you can see there’s a wonderful selection of barrels in which we can farm from.


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