Adding Drinkable Water to Custom RUST Maps

Trouble in Topology Town:  “Adding Drinkable Water”

Part of a video series titled “Trouble in Topology Town”, this video “Drinkable Water”, was created by Snowballfred. It serves as a guide for adding drinkable water to custom RUST maps using k1lly0u’s standalone custom map editor. Each video in the Trouble in Topology Town series focuses on an individual topology and provides an in-game example.

This particular video focuses on the lake topology, one of two different topologies used for adding drinkable water to your map. While all water in RUST is technically drinkable, in the map editors it defaults as salt water and must be specifically marked to become fresh water.  Salt water is not potable or fit to drink, as it will make your character sick and dehydrated.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Trouble in Topology Town, a short series of short tutorials focused on topologies.


In this tutorial we will cover drinking water.


And here we are on Topology island. This is our test subject, Mr. Lake. We’re gonna make him drinkable.


You can also use the same technique for rivers, but for the purpose of the video, we’re going to use Mr. Lake.  He’s nice and happy down there.

Up in the right hand corner here, we have terrain paint.


Simply select Topology from teh first drop down box and when prompted for a topology mask, scroll down and find lake.


And simply paint the lake in, underneath the lake or as close as these as you’d like to get. I’d reckon as close to the edge is better, that way you don’t get some random saltwater that somebody might find.


And that’s as simple as it gets guys. This lake will now be drinkable in game.


We’ll hop over and have a look at that. Here we are at Mr. Lake, doesn’t he look wonderful? Let jump in and see if he’s good to drink. He’s good for drinkin’, we have a winner.


Just remember guys, once rivers are in the game or if you have any pre-made little dug out rivers that you wish to make fresh, you can also use the river topology to make those drinkable.


River and lake, two topologies to make fresh water in the game and if you think this video’s done you a enough of a service to warrant you a sub, or possibly a visit to my patreon, that would be awesome too.


Thanks for watching guys, peace out.

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