Who and what is Corrosion Hour?

Corrosion Hour is a gaming website and community comprised of a group of gaming enthusiasts and content creators with diverse technology, server administration, development, and marketing backgrounds. We’ve spent decades playing and enjoying video games of all types—from RPGs to MMOs, first-person shooters to tower defense, city builders and RTS, and everything in between. However, we hold a special love for the survival genre. 

Led by co-founders Digital Ghost and Squishface, we created corrosionhour.com and our accompanying gaming community to provide the kinds of gaming experience, information, and community we’d been looking for in other communities.

Our core goals for the website and the community are to provide resources and information for all of the survival gaming community to be able to play their best game. Our community consists of competitive players, budding and experienced content creators, server admins or owners, plugin or map designers, artists, collectors, and more. 

We aim to provide our community with the most accurate and up-to-date information on the gaming content that impacts them the most.

Our community’s history

We started Corrosion Hour in early 2016 as a small RUST community and game server looking to create a vanilla game experience that everyone could enjoy—without the rampant admin abuse and toxic server chat that plagued many of the servers we’d tried. As a result, we stumbled blindly through the landscape of RUST server administration with little to no official documentation to aid us. 

We created Corrosion Hour to help document the RUST admin commands we’d learned to use and to help other admins and server owners with their servers. We learned what worked and what didn’t in RUST administration and documented our findings for others. Over time, the community came to refer to our administration guides for their daily server needs.

CorrosionHour.com, a labor of love

Since then, our team has grown and strived to bring high-quality guides, news on current game development, and insights into upcoming content to the entire community regardless of their skill level or technical ability. We’ve expanded into other survival games to create the same high-quality guides our users have enjoyed for RUST. We know that many members of the RUST community also enjoy many other survival games, just like we do, and want to make the most of their play sessions just as much as we do.

Our editorial team

Our editorial and creator teams are made up of hardcore players, so you can trust that the information in our guides will be helpful, factual, and unique. We believe that the best content is made by those who love the game and have played to the point of obsession, and we hope that’s evident in the depth and breadth of our content. Unless otherwise stated, our guides and articles are written from authentic gaming experiences and game administration experiences. Our team loves to game, and we want to share that passion with our audience.


Connect with Us

Connect with us on our Discord Server or follow us on Twitter to join in the conversation with other players, server owners, and creators; ask questions, share feedback, find updates on our server’s status, or get in touch with the admins to ask questions. We love talking about games and hearing about your experiences, too.

If you’d prefer an email inquiry, use our handy contact form to contact us! 

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