What is Corrosion Hour?

Corrosion Hour is a RUST gaming community. Our core mission is to provide useful resources for all of the RUST Experimental community. We provide articles, guides, base designs, community resources, and general hints and tips that help RUST players and server admins navigate the world of RUST.

In addition, we also run multiple high-performance Vanilla RUST game servers. Monitored by administrators and bots 24/7, we welcome new and experienced players alike. Each month we host special events, raffles, contests, and giveaways.

We also offer an advertising program, especially useful to server admins, content creators, and streamers interested in growing their communities.

Our History

Corrosion Hour was established in May of 2016. We were formed by a group of RUST players that grew tired of rampant admin abuse and high levels of toxicity. So we did something about it and formed our own community of RUST players that respect one another and provide the best gaming experience possible.

We aim to provide a unique experience tailored for players seeking a toxic-free and permanent server solution. To this end, we’ve focused on attracting more like-minded RUST players into our community.

Connect with Us

Connect with us on Discord Server or follow us on Twitter to connect with other RUST players, ask questions, share feedback, find updates on our server’s status, or get in touch with the admins to ask questions.