7 Days to Die: How to Craft and Use Workbenches

Learn how to craft and use the Workbench

The Workbench is easily one of the most important facilities for any survivor base in 7 Days to Die. Though not required for basic crafting, as in some survival games, the Workbench is required for crafting practically all advanced items. You need a Workbench if you want decent guns, weapons, armor, ammo, traps, and vehicles.

This guide will teach you how to craft and use a Workbench in 7 Days to Die and how to use it.

How to craft a Workbench in 7 Days to Die

Crafting a Workbench in 7 Days to Die
Crafting a Workbench in 7 Days to Die

As soon as you can craft a Workbench, you should. Doing so will first require that the player reaches level 10 in the Workstations crafting skill. Once that is done, the player may craft a Workbench in their inventory with the following materials:

Forged Iron can be salvaged from certain structures or created at a Forge. Mechanical Parts are common components that can be looted from material crates or salvaged from machinery and appliances. Duct Tape is a valuable resource that may be looted from household or material containers or crafted from Glue and cloth fragments. Nails are simple resources that can be salvaged from furniture, found at construction sites, or forged. Wood is a basic resource obtainable from looting trash, breaking any object made of wood, or chopping trees.

The Workstation crafting skill can only be improved by finding and reading issues of the Forge Ahead skill book. The Advanced Engineering perk can increase your chances of looting these books.

How to use a Workbench in 7 Days to Die

The Workbench is a very straightforward crafting station. Simply select the recipe you want to craft from the list on the left side of the screen, and if you have the necessary materials in your inventory, you can craft it. There are far too many recipes available at the Workbench for us to talk about each one, but here are ten general categories of items the Workbench can produce:

1. Tools

Crafting Tools (Chainsaw) at the Workbench
Crafting Tools (Chainsaw)

Whether you are planning to craft stronger iron or steel tools or are after the more advanced line of Motor Tools, you’ll need a Workbench to fit all the pieces together once you’ve gathered them.

2. Guns and Weapons

Crafting Guns and Weapons (AK-47) at the Workbench
Crafting Guns and Weapons (AK-47 Machine Gun)

If you don’t want to rely on Wooden Clubs and pipe guns to defend yourself and upgrade to the best weapons, you’ll need a Workbench. All mid to high-tier melee weapons and any decent firearms and bows must be constructed at a Workbench.

3. Vehicles

Crafting Vehicles (Gyrocopter) at the Workbench
Crafting Vehicles (Gyrocopter)

Everything from Motorcycles to 4×4 Trucks to even Gyrocopters will all need the Workbench’s tools to fit your new ride together. Trust us; you’ll want a proper vehicle as soon as possible.

4. Armor

Crafting Armor (Steel Chest Armor) at the Workbench
Crafting Armor (Steel Chest Armor)

Any protective gear not cobbled together from cloth or scrap metal will require a Workbench and the proper skills to craft. Players can use this facility with the proper skills to craft advanced versions of light and heavy armor.

5. Furniture

Crafting Furniture (End Table Lamp) at the Workbench
Crafting Furniture (End Table Lamp)

If you plan on decking out your base with tables, beds, and storage containers, you’ll want a Workbench where you can assemble the pieces so you don’t feel like living in a cave. Unless you are living in a cave, then we can’t really help you.

6. Explosives

Crafting Explosives (Timed Charge) at the Workbench
Crafting Explosives (Timed Charge)

Nothing’s more satisfying than watching hordes of zombies go up in flames or fly ten feet in the air after your homemade bomb goes off underneath them. Everything from Landmines to Pipe Bombs to Grenades and more specialized explosives can all be crafted at the Workbench.

7. Mods

Crafting Mods (Scope 2x) at the Workbench
Crafting Mods (Scope 2x)

Clothes, armor, guns, weapons, tools, and even vehicles can all be fitted with mods to increase their usefulness, add new effects, or even alter how they function. These valuable and highly customizable mods can all be crafted with a Workbench.

8. Ammunition

Crafting Ammunition (AP 9mm) at the Workbench
Crafting Ammunition (AP 9mm)

If you want to produce your own ammo (and you probably do), then you’ll need a Workbench. This will not only speed up the crafting process but can also mass-produce bullets while you go do more important things.

9. Traps

Crafting Traps (Dart Trap) at the Workbench
Crafting Traps (Dart Trap)

Advanced traps are a staple of base defense and are some of the best aspects of the game’s tower defense elements. Everything from rapid-fire Dart Traps to spinning Blade Traps and even Electric Fences can be crafted using a Workbench.

10. Electronics

Crafting Electronics (Generator Bank) at the Workbench
Crafting Electronics (Generator Bank)

Just about anything that requires power, from drawbridges to light fixtures and Turrets, must be constructed at a Workbench by a character with sufficient Electrician crafting skills.

Tips and tricks for using the Workbench

  • Workbenches require neither fuel nor electricity to function.
  • Workbenches are essentially silent, even while crafting, so they won’t attract wandering enemies.
  • Workbenches do not require the player to be present to function and can craft items while you do something else.
  • Utilizing multiple Workbenches to craft items simultaneously can vastly speed up production times.
  • Workbenches are also capable of crafting any basic items the player can craft from their inventory.

Final thoughts on the Workbench

Never underestimate the usefulness of a proper set of tools and a flat place to work. We and The Fun Pimps agree that a Workbench is one item every survivor base should have at least one of, if not more. Whether mass-producing simple items or constructing advanced equipment, you’ll need a Workbench sooner or later.

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