7 Days to Die: Vehicle Mods Guide

A rundown of all 5 Vehicle Mods available in 7 Days to Die

The world of 7 Days to Die is absolutely massive. Crumbling cities, sprawling deserts, dark forests, and twisted Wastelands are all waiting to be explored by bold survivors. Getting around can be a real pain, though, and players will have to rely on a vehicle of some kind to travel across the map.

With how much you’ll be using your vehicle, it’s clear why players would want to seek out Vehicle Mods to improve their ride’s function and efficiency. There are 5 vehicle mods available in the game, each offering unique potential benefits.

This guide will outline each of the 5 Vehicle Mods in 7 Days to Die to help you trick out your ride to best suit your needs. Keep in mind that crafting any of these mods will first require the player to have read the individual mod’s schematic.

1. Vehicle Super Charger Mod

Crafting Recipe:

A major speed overhaul. When installed, this mod increases your vehicle’s overall engine function, improving its top speed and acceleration time. This mod is especially useful for the Gyrocopter, as it decreases the amount of runway needed to take off.

2. Vehicle Reserve Fuel Tank Mod

Crafting Recipe:

This mod installs a spare fuel tank that increases the fuel capacity of your vehicle by 50%. This mod is extremely useful for long-distance travel and becomes more effective the larger your vehicle’s standard fuel tank is. This means that it can be used to improve the tiny capacity of low-tier vehicles but also provides a massive bonus to the huge fuel tank of the 4×4 Truck.

3. Vehicle Off Road Headlights Mod

Crafting Recipe:

The Vehicle Off Road Headlights Mod increases your headlights’ range, width, and brightness. While this may seem less useful for the game’s early stages, when players scarcely venture out at night, it becomes much more useful when players are better equipped and have a vehicle that can outrun zombies, such as the Motorcycle. This mod is almost necessary at night when traveling through heavy storms and foggy biomes, such as the Burnt Forest.

4. Vehicle Fuel Saver Mod

Crafting Recipe:

This wonderful little mod greatly reduces the strain your vehicle puts on your fuel supply. Specifically, it reduces the amount of gas it takes to run your vehicle normally and lessens the fuel cost of boosting your vehicle. This is particularly useful for low-tier gas-guzzlers like the Minibike.

5. Vehicle Expanded Seating Mod

Crafting Recipe:

Basically an extra car seat. This mod increases the seating capacity of your vehicle by 1. Though only useful in multiplayer, this mod allows players to carpool, reducing strain on resources and helping to preserve the environment. Or at least what’s left of it after the bombs fell.

Make your ride even more awesome

The Fun Pimps created a vast and interesting map for players to explore. Vehicles aren’t just a necessity for getting around, though. They are also a ton of fun to drive and a great companion for helping you carry your stuff. Spending the time and resources to come up with mods for your vehicle is well worth the effort, and with some adjustments, you’ll be zipping across Navezgane in a ride even the Duke will be jealous of.

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