7 Days to Die: How to Craft and Use Molotov Cocktails

What are Molotov Cocktails, and what are they used for?

A classic improvised weapon in survival and zombie games alike, the Molotov Cocktail was bound to make an appearance in 7 Days to Die. These low-quality incendiary throwables will set enemies alight and can turn that wandering horde into a pile of crispy zombie corpses in no time at all.

This guide will teach you how to craft and use Molotov Cocktails in 7 Days to Die.

How to craft a Molotov Cocktail in 7 Days to Die

Recipe for Crafting a Molotov Cocktail in 7 Days to Die
Crafting a Molotov Cocktail

Molotovs are remarkably simple to create and require no preliminary skills or tools to produce. Players will, however, need to source a few materials before they can start crafting.

Each Molotov Cocktail is made from the following components:

  • 1 Cloth Fragment
  • 300 Gas Cans
  • 1 Oil

Cloth Fragments can be collected by scrapping clothing, crafted from Cotton, or salvaged from furniture. Gas Cans and Oil may be looted from fuel pumps and barrels, salvaged from vehicles, or crafted from Oil Shale at a Chemistry Station.

How to use a Molotov Cocktail in 7 Days to Die

Molotovs are throwable weapons used directly from the toolbar and are technically considered explosives.

As with several explosive weapons, Molotovs will need to be primed (or lit, in this case) before being thrown for them to be effective. To light a Molotov, first equip it from the toolbar and press the alt-use button (default RMB). The Molotov in your hand should change visually to appear burning and will produce a flicking sound like that of a lighter.

To throw a Molotov, simply press the use button (default LMB). Note that throwing an unlit Molotov will have no effect but does allow the Molotov to be retrieved. Holding down the button will charge up your throw and increase the speed and distance the Molotov is tossed.

When a lit Molotov strikes a solid target, it will detonate and ignite any surfaces and entities within a three-block radius, dealing minor damage from the explosion and severe fire damage over time.

Tips and tricks for using Molotov Cocktails

Areas Hit by Molotovs Will Continue to Burn for Several Seconds
Areas Hit by Molotovs Will Continue to Burn for Several Seconds

Molotovs are especially easy to craft, making them useful for players with minimal explosives skill.

Since they are considered explosives, the damage dealt by Molotovs scales with perks that improve explosive damage.

Remember that it is possible to catch fire from your own Molotovs, so be careful where you use them, and be sure your target is far enough away so you don’t get caught in the flames.

Areas set alight by Molotovs will continue to burn for several seconds after detonation, dealing additional fire damage or setting fire to enemies that enter them.

A lit Molotov does not have to be thrown and will be automatically extinguished if the player unequips the item or switches weapons.

Final thoughts on Molotov Cocktails

It’s hard to think of a zombie game that doesn’t have Molotovs in it somewhere, so The Fun Pimps’ inclusion in 7D2D isn’t surprising. Whether you’re an explosive-based character just starting out or need some cheap and easy crowd-control weapons, the Molotov Cocktail is the way to go.

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