7 Days to Die: How to Survive the Wasteland Biome

Learn how to survive in the Wasteland Biome

When the outbreak first began, the military made a concentrated effort to contain the outbreak by bombing the southern regions of Navezgane. Whether they succeeded or failed in this attempt is up for debate, but the resulting devastation gave rise to the most hostile biome in 7 Days to Die, the Wasteland.

Only the hardiest and best-equipped survivors should even consider braving this deadly zone, as the most dangerous enemies in the game can all be found here protecting the most valuable loot.

This guide will walk you through surviving in the Wasteland Biome and present important information about the biome in general.

Wasteland Biome Overview for 7 Days to Die

Navigating Through the Wasteland Biome in 7 Days to Die
Navigating Through the Wasteland Biome

Basic Stats

  • Danger Level: 4
  • Survival Difficulty: Very Hard
  • Temperature: Variable

Key Resources

  • Stone, Iron, Wood, Coal
  • Ore: Minimal
  • Plants: Charred Trees
  • Soil: Rubble
  • Wildlife: Zombie Animals

Major Threats

  • Crumbling Wreckage
  • Deadly Radiation
  • Zombie Bears, Zombie Vultures, Zombie Dogs
  • Feral Zombies, Spider Zombies, Irradiated Zombies, Zombie Soldiers, Zombie Cops, Mutated Zombies, Feral Wights

Notable Locations (Navezgane)

  • Gravestowne (445 W, 480 S)
  • Unnamed Town (1690 W, 1745 S)
  • Shamway Factory (115 E, 435 S)
  • Higashi Pharmaceutical (500 W, 425 S)
  • Shotgun Messiah Factory (475 W, 540 S)
  • Vanity Tower (1707 W, 1805 S)
  • Fort Razor (1300 W, 895 S)


  • Trader Rekt (1777 W, 1335 S)

Finding food and water

Finding food and water in the Wasteland Biome will rely entirely on your ability to scavenge. No edible plants will grow in the irradiated ground, and the rubble covering the landscape makes finding Clay Soil difficult. Uninfected animals do not spawn naturally in this biome, and those that wander in are quickly devoured by wandering ferals.

Digging Through a Destroy House for Food in the Wasteland Biome
Digging Through a Destroy House for Food

The abundance of scavenging locations is the one saving grace for players determined to make a home here. Unfortunately, the best chances for finding food and water are localized to bombed-out restaurants and crumbling office towers, both locations swarming with high-risk enemies.

A few regular houses can be found in the wastes, but those that are present are often so destroyed that they have little left to offer.

A Zombie Bear Walking in the Wasteland Biome
You Will Only Find Zombie Animals in the Wastelands

In terms of simply staying alive, we recommend looking for eggs found in birds’ nests and taking forays into other, more livable biomes to stock up on food.

For water, Dew Collectors are a necessity, and we suggest building a base or small outpost near a trader to provide shelter in-between purchasing Water Filters. There is little standing water to be found, but the water filter helmet mod can still keep you alive if you can find a fountain, pool, or puddle.


The Wasteland is, by far, the best biome for scavenging. Anything a player is looking for can probably be found here, as long as they’re willing to fight for it. Massive office towers hide plentiful valuables and skill magazines, factories carry piles of untouched ammo and guns, and seedy pharmaceutical buildings conceal untold horrors alongside potent medicines.

Scavenging for Items in a Factory in the Wastelands
Scavenging for Items in a Factory

Acquiring what you are looking for in this region is a matter of knowing where to look and being able to take it. We strongly recommend that players are extremely well-equipped before attempting to scavenge points of interest in this biome, as wandering ferals can quickly overrun even the less dangerous locations.

The Shamway Factory is the best location to scavenge for food and water, but it is also one of the map’s most dangerous points of interest. The coveted Shotgun Messiah Factory contains a wealth of weapons and ammo for the power-hungry survivor to risk their neck for. Numerous office and residential towers boast a wide variation of valuables and necessities, while the suspicious Higashi Pharmaceutical tower hides numerous medical, chemical, and other loot containers.

Outside a Church in the Wastelands in 7 Days to Die
Outside a Church in the Wastelands

In addition to being the most rewarding region for scavenging, the Wasteland also boasts the greatest salvage opportunities. Not only do numerous factories and businesses contain delicious machinery to rip apart, but rusted cars are everywhere. Players looking for Mechanical Parts or Vehicle parts will be able to find cars sitting on the side of the road, half-buried in rubble, or even just sitting out in the middle of the trees.

Building and defending your base


Aside from clay and certain ores, the Wasteland Biome carries a surprising wealth of scrap material to be used for construction. Wood may be scarce due to the lack of unburnt trees, but it is still obtainable alongside coal. Additionally, crushed sand, small stone, and occasionally cobblestone can be obtained by mining the surface-level ground.

Gathering Cobblestone in the Wastelands
Gathering Cobblestone in the Wastelands

Scrap metal, cinder blocks, and brick piles also litter the countryside and can be mined to gather construction materials for more advanced building. We strongly recommend having a functional Forge and Cement Mixer nearby, as a survivable base in this biome will require very durable materials such as Concrete Mix and Forged Steel.


Though we highly discourage players from making their main base in this area (unless they are looking for a serious challenge), several viable base locations are available to be claimed. Finding a building without substantial damage to its structure will be difficult, but with enough effort and materials, there are some great bases and outposts to be had in the Wasteland Biome.

Looking Down at a Fenced House in the Wastelands Biome
Basing in the Wasteland is a Serious Challenge

Solo players can find some great bases out in the countryside in the form of small gas stations and storefronts. The salvage yard and various utility buildings at the edge of towns also make for very defensible bases with easy access to looting opportunities.

It’s possible, but perhaps unwise, to make one of the smaller outbuildings in one of the towns into a base as well. The motel at the edge of the region also makes for a great and easily defended base.

Groups are encouraged to seek out parking garages and other concrete, multilevel structures on the outskirts of cities with sturdy standing structures and room to expand upwards.

As tempting as it may be, it may not be a great idea even for well-equipped groups of players to claim a massive structure such as a factory or tower here. Not only is it unlikely they will be able to defend it properly, but such structures naturally attract other well-equipped players. Then again, if you’re seeking to ambush unwitting survivors, that might be exactly what you’re looking for, so do with that information what you will.


Wasteland survivors will need everything at their disposal if they want to survive, especially when the blood moon comes around. Spike Traps and Blade Traps are best used for ground-level defenses and should be utilized en masse for clearing out bulk enemies and protecting against wandering threats.

Dodging a Spit Attack in 7 Days to Die
Dodging a Spit Attack

Though SMG Auto Turrets and Shotgun Auto Turrets will be almost necessary for surviving a horde, it’s best to keep them inside to conserve ammo so their constant gunfire doesn’t draw in a never-ending horde. We recommend building multiple kill chutes indoors lined with Electric Fence Posts and Barbed Wire Fences to slow down enemies.

Due to the high probability of armored and regenerating enemies, the Dart Trap’s high penetration and bleeding effects will be especially useful. This biome is also crawling with leaping, flying, and spitting enemies, so it’s vital that players completely seal their base to protect themselves from projectiles and the constant threat of zombie vultures and spider zombies.

Tips and tricks for surviving the Wasteland Biome

Facing Down a Mutated Zombie in the Wastelands Biome
Facing Down a Mutated Zombie
  • Tall structures might save you in other biomes, but in the Wasteland, you’ll need to be on your guard for flying, leaping, and spitting enemies.
  • It is highly recommended that early to mid-game players avoid this region entirely and that late-game players approach with extreme caution.
  • Though building your main base in this biome is asking for trouble, it’s still a good idea to construct an outpost or safehouse here to retreat to at night or when pursued.
  • Certain areas of this region will be irradiated, so it’s wise to have a full hazmat suit nearby during exploration.

Final thoughts on surviving the Wasteland Biome

The hostile environment and prolific presence of powerful enemies make this region extremely lethal. Not only that, the eerie fog and creepy ambiance included by The Fun Pimps make it just that much more unwelcoming.

This is by design, though, as this region is intended as the final challenge for the strongest, best equipped, and most tenacious of survivors. The horrific, crumbling structures still standing in the Wastelands offer incredible treasures to those who can survive long enough to claim them.

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