7 Days to Die: How to Survive the Snow Biome

Learn how to survive the Snow Biome

Though the pure white snow might be a relaxing, cozy sight for some, in 7 Days to Die, it means frigid temperatures, blinding storms, and horrifying zombie bears. While it isn’t the most difficult biome to survive in, the harsh northern region of the map is largely inhospitable for those without the proper gear. Regardless, there are some truly worthwhile scavenging opportunities and an abundance of ore hidden in the snowy wastes.

This guide will walk you through surviving in the Snow Biome and present important information about the biome in general.

Snow Biome Overview for 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Snow Biome Overview
An Overview of the Snow Biome

Basic Stats

  • Danger Level: 3
  • Survival Difficulty: Hard
  • Temperature: Cold

Key Resources

  • Wood, Stone
  • Ore: Iron, Lead, Coal
  • Plants: Blueberry
  • Soil: Snow, Clay
  • Wildlife: Bear, Deer, Rabbits, Wolves, Mountain Lions

Major Threats

  • Frigid Temperatures
  • Blizzards
  • Wolves, Bears, Mountain Lions
  • Standard Zombies, Lumberjack Zombies, Zombie Bears, Spider Zombies

Notable Locations (Navezgane)

  • Perishton (1570 W, 1795 N)
  • The Mortician’s House (1420 E, 1110 N)
  • Navezgane High School (315 W, 1737 N)
  • Moe’s Cathedral (1390 W, 1690 N)
  • Navezgane Corrections (735 E, 1890 N)
  • Jack’s Lumber Mill (1670 E, 1650 N)


  • Trader Hugh (930 W, 1750 N)

Finding food and water

Both food and water will be difficult to come by in the Snow Biome. Edible plants will be few and far between, and you won’t find farms full of seeds like you would in the Pine Forest Biome.

A gun scope dialed in on a bear
Scoping in on a Bear From Afar

Though the dense layer of snow covering the ground can be used to brew Yucca Juice Smoothies, it can no longer be melted to produce drinking water. Not only that, but there is little soil around that can be used to construct farm plots, and snow will support the growth of nothing but trees.

The saving grace for players in terms of food is the abundance of wildlife in this biome, even if most of it is hostile. Bears, mountain lions, wolves, and (if you’re lucky) rabbits can all be easily found wandering the mountains and roadsides of this region.

Though most of these animals can easily kill an unprepared survivor, predators produce much larger quantities of Leather, Bone, animal fat, and meat when compared to prey animals.

Foraging Blueberry Plants in the Snow in 7 Days to Die
Foraging Blueberry Plants in the Snow

Survivors in this biome will have to rely heavily on hunting and scavenging to stay alive. Also, remember that being too cold will rapidly drain your nutrition, so layer up or stay near a fire.

It’s highly recommended that players build a base or outpost near a Trader settlement to allow for easy purchase of water purifiers for constructing Dew Collectors. Without one of these valuable workstations, players in this biome will need to rely on their ability to scavenge and purify water.


Most kinds of ore are quite common in the Snow Biome and can be found on the surface as boulders or beneath the ground. Though less frequent than forest biomes, trees are still available. For these reasons, most players’ scavenging needs will center around acquiring specialized parts, clothing, ammo, seeds, and food.

Scavenging Across the Snow Biome in 7 Days to Die
Scavenging Across the Snow Biome

Cabins dotting the countryside aren’t likely to have great loot overall, but the frequency with which players can extract coal, canned food, skill books, and clothing from them makes it necessary to search these locations frequently.

Players will likely freeze before the Blood Moon becomes a problem without proper clothing and fuel to burn. Food can also be reliably sourced from one of several taverns and bars found near population centers.

Chemicals, books, and synthetic materials are relatively abundant, especially in and around Perishton. The Town Hall, High School, and Mortician’s House are all great sources for books and rare materials like Acid.

Those looking for weapons and armor should check out the Prison, Shooting Range, and Super Savage Country. Larger cabins and hunting lodges will also frequently have gun safes or hidden weapons caches to be discovered.

Scavenging Various Stores and Buildings in the Snow Biome in 7 Days to Die
Scavenging Various Buildings and Stores

When searching for vehicle parts, we recommend players Salvage the numerous abandoned cars littering the highways or search one of the area’s gas stations or mechanic’s shops. Simple valuables will be less common in this biome, but you can still search larger points of interest for secret safes and hidden stashes.

Building and defending  your base


All construction materials except wood, stone, and iron will be extremely difficult to manufacture without a Cement Mixer.

Sand is the least common in this biome, and though it may sometimes appear underground, the region’s high altitude makes stone much more likely. Outer walls and defenses should be reinforced with layers of wood walls and spikes to create a renewable and effective barrier.

Gathering Materials in the Snow Biome
Gathering Materials in the Snow Biome

Snow is extremely weak, and we strongly recommend replacing the terrain in and around your base with stone or something stronger as soon as possible.

On the other hand, this makes it easy to dig a defensive trench in very little time. Just make sure there are spikes or another deadly hazard at the bottom of this trench, or you may come to learn just how well zombies can tunnel when trapped.


Depending on your preferences, ingenuity, and the size of your group, you may find some of the most defensible locations on the entire map in the Snow Biome. Steep hills and sturdy stone mountainsides are ideal for constructing hard-to-reach towers and tunnel bases.

An Example of a Great Sightline in 7 Days to Die
An Example of a Great Sightline

We suggest seeking out buildings on hilltops or otherwise out in the countryside, as these locations can create great sightlines that allow you to shoot at enemies long before they reach your walls.

Multi-story cabins and lodges make great starting bases, while ranger stations, military bases, and other walled installations can be improved and upgraded to better defend against attack.

Group players may consider taking shelter in one of the larger structures in the area, such as the prison, shooting range, or cathedral.


Wood defenses, such as Spike Traps and Barbed Wire Fences, will be the bread and butter for players wishing to create a sustainable base, and we highly recommend planting trees in a nearby clearing to cover the bulk of these material needs.

Traps Laid Out in 7 Days to Die
The Traps are Set!

As soon as possible, however, we recommend implementing debilitating and dismembering traps such as the Blade Trap and Electric Fence Posts to slow down attacking animals such as mountain lions and zombie bears.

High-damage traps are also recommended, as zombie lumberjacks and zombie bears have large health pools and may be hard to take down otherwise. Small, deployable traps like Landmines will be much more visible in the snow, making them more noticeable to you and other players.

Tips and tricks for surviving the Snow Biome

  • The temperature of the Snow Biome will drop rapidly when storms roll in. Be sure you are well prepared, or stay inside next to a fire.
  • Being wet can kill you in the Snow Biome, avoid swimming or staying out in snowfall as much as possible
  • Be extremely careful when using explosives to defend your base, as snow terrain is weak and will cave in from very little damage
  • Be sure to dig down into the stone layer and build supports for any mines you construct. Otherwise, the snow may cause a collapse
  • Drinking certain beverages, such as coffee and yucca smoothies, may help keep you warm in the snow

Final thoughts on surviving the Snow Biome

Most players likely see the Snow Biome as much more survivable than something like the Burnt Forest, but The Fun Pimps saw this region more as a hostile frozen wilderness than a calm snowy forest. Though rich in ore and scavenge materials, players must be smart, tough, and persistent if they want to survive here.

Looking for some other tips to help you get started in 7 Days to Die? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started and the 7 Days to Die Beginner’s Guide.

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