7 Days to Die: How to Survive the Pine Forest Biome

Learn how to survive in the Pine Forest Biome

Though by far the most forgiving biome to subsist in, 7 Days to Die’s Pine Forest isn’t without its dangers. Due to the abundant resources and low difficulty threshold, this environment is frequented by players at all stages of the game. Though the competition for this biome may be fierce in multiplayer games, it is still the most resource-abundant biome in the game and the best region to farm up food and seeds.

This guide will walk you through surviving in the Pine Forest Biome and present important information about the biome in general.

Pine Forest Biome Overview for 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Pine Forest Biome Overview
An Overview of the Pine Forest Biome

Basic Stats

  • Danger Level: 0
  • Survival Difficulty: Easy
  • Temperature: Balanced

Key Resources

Major Threats

  • Other Players (heavily trafficked)
  • Wolves and Bears
  • Standard Zombies

Notable Locations (Navezgane)

  • Navezgane General Hospital (1158 E, 629 N)
  • Diersville (1073 E, 693 N)
  • Carl’s Corn/Bob’s Boars (314 W, 697 N)
  • Ranger Station Golf (1213 W, 441 N)
  • Mushroom Mining Co. (935 W, 495 N)


  • Trader Joel (560 W, 488 N)

Finding food and water

The Pine Forest is easily the best biome for finding food. Not only is there a plethora of wild plants for cooking, but the area is teeming with wildlife that can be hunted for meat. Rabbits, bears, deer, and even chickens can be found wandering the wilderness.

Additionally, this biome offers plentiful Clay Soil for the production of Farm Plots and numerous opportunities for acquiring seeds. The many farms and homesteads dotting the countryside present ample fields of corn and a good chance of looting additional food and farming supplies.

Looking Over a Field of Corn in 7 Days to Die
Looking Over a Field of Corn

That means players who choose to base down in the Pine Forest should easily be able to start a garden and grow their own food. While the Pine Forest offers plentiful avenues for finding food, water will likely be a concern, at least in the early game.

It’s highly recommended that players build a base or outpost near a Trader settlement to allow for easy purchase of water purifiers for constructing Dew Collectors. Without one of these valuable workstations, players in this biome will need to rely on their ability to scavenge and purify water.


Much of the scavenging needs players will have when living in the Pine Forest will be for items that cannot be farmed or found in the wilds. This includes machine parts, specialized vehicle components, modifications, and skill books. Fortunately, there are tons of points of interest around the pine forest that can fulfill those needs.

Scavenging Materials on a Rooftop in 7 Days to Die
Scavenging Materials on a Rooftop

For players needing basic components, food, and skill books, numerous farms and residences around the forest can be scavenged. These locations are typically low-danger and yield a fair variety of components. Most of the needed meds can be found in bathroom medicine cabinets and medical piles in treasure rooms.

Of course, one of the most dangerous locations on the map, Navezgane General Hospital, will provide the most thorough supply of meds, chemicals, and similar components. Just ensure you are of sufficient level and have relatively powerful gear before attempting to search this tower of death.

Approaching an RV While Holding a Spear in 7 Days to Die
Approaching an RV While Holding a Spear

For weapons, players will be best off crafting their own or searching gun safes and weapon bags around stores and larger homes. Wall safes may occasionally contain a weapon or two but are much more likely to carry valuables.

When searching for vehicle parts, we recommend players Salvage the numerous abandoned cars littering the highways or search one of the area’s gas stations or mechanic’s shops. A couple of residential garages may also have a crate hidden away in them.

Building and defending your base


Wood is the main building resource available to players in this biome, as trees and wooden structures are abundant and available. However, the Clay Soil of the ground and high ore availability make upgrading wooden structures to cobblestone quite easy.

Chopping Down a Tree in 7 Days to Die
Chopping Down a Tree for Wood

The transition to Concrete is likely to be the most troublesome, as players will either need a Cement Mixer to grind stones into sand or will need to dig deep underground to find it.


The Pine Forest is home to some of the most promising base locations on the map, and many of the multi-story houses and farms dotting the countryside can be shaped into a defensible base with the proper care.

The Pine Forest Biome Provides Promising Base Locations
The Pine Forest Provides Promising Base Locations

We specifically recommend taking a look at the ranger stations in this biome, as most offer a pre-built fence, elevated shooting position, and defensible surroundings that make them great base locations. Additionally, utilizing a vertical base helps keep the sprawl of your defenses and facilities inside your land claim.

For players surviving in a group, consider taking over a larger location, such as the drive-in or an abandoned camp sitting off the main roads. Several farms and a particular truck stop are also great locations to start constructing a community base.


Which defenses are best will depend greatly on what kind of base the player is utilizing, but the materials available in the Pine Forest make wooden defenses the easiest to maintain.

Of course, rows upon rows of Spike Traps and Barbed Wire Fences are great deterrents for both players and zombies alike. The availability of wood and ore makes these defenses replaceable and viable.

Multiple Rows of Spike Traps Surrounding the Perimeter
Multiple Rows of Spike Traps Surrounding the Perimeter

Additionally, the dense grass covering the landscape serves as excellent cover for hiding Landmines, especially smaller variants. The terrain around the pine forest is more resistant to explosions and gunfire than other biomes, so don’t be afraid to utilize Molotovs, Grenades, and other high-impact weapons when defending your walls.

Tips and tricks for surviving the Pine Forest

A View Inside a Cabin
A View Inside a Cabin
  • Since the temperature of the Pine Forest is usually quite balanced, it’s good practice to prioritize cold protection for when it rains, but not at the cost of armor
  • Cloth can be rapidly farmed by gathering up and spinning the cotton plants dotting the landscape
  • There is often a layer of sand deep beneath the surface of the biome, so players searching for ore will often come across deposits of this material
  • Tree stumps found in this biome may yield honey when harvested with an axe.

Final thoughts on surviving the Pine Forest

Though all of the game’s biomes share some characteristics, The Fun Pimps clearly made an effort to give each biome a unique identity. The Pine Forest’s identity is that of the lower-risk starting area where most players will probably be basing down. Because of this, the region offers few additional challenges while making it relatively easy to find food and water. Now all you have to worry about is the constant threat of the undead hordes.

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