7 Days to Die: How to Get and Use Small Stones

Learn how to get Small Stones and what they can be used for

Second only to Wood, stone is one of the most important starting resources in 7 Days to Die. This plentiful resource will be the basis for the player’s first set of tools and weapons. Furthermore, stones are a key ingredient in creating several advanced construction materials.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about finding, salvaging, and harvesting Small Stones in 7 Days to Die and how they can be used.

How to get Small Stones in 7 Days to Die

Small Stones are likely the easiest resource to obtain in the entire game. In addition to picking up the stones lying all over the ground, there are several other methods for obtaining them.

1. Scavenging

Scavenging Through Old Trash in 7 Days to Die
Scavenging Through Old Trash

Trash piles and similar common loot containers regularly contain some amount of Small Stones. It won’t net you a lot of them, but it’s worthwhile to scoop them out of containers early on so you don’t have to spend precious time harvesting them instead.

2. Reclaiming

Reclaiming Small Stones from Cinder Blocks
Reclaiming from Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks, concrete, rubble, and asphalt all yield Small Stones when struck with a pickaxe. It isn’t as efficient as mining, but reclaiming environmental features this way can clear paths while earning you some resources at the same time.

3. Mining

Mining Ores to Obtain Small Stones in 7 Days to Die
Mining is the Fastest Way to Obtain Small Stones in 7 Days to Die

Mining is the fastest way to collect Small Stones. The best part is it doesn’t matter what you are mining. Iron, Coal, Lead, Nitrate, and Oil Shale all yield Small Stones in addition to their normal resource when mined. Moreover, Small Stones can be collected by digging in sand or soil. This is all in addition to the ability to mine regular boulders and rock for this material.

Using Small Stones in 7 Days to Die

You might imagine that stone becomes obsolete once metal tools become available. However, there are some interesting uses for this resource that might surprise you with their usefulness in late-game levels.

1. Tools

Using a Stone Axe to Cut Down a Tree
Using a Stone Ax to Cut Down a Tree

Stone tools are the first tier of equipment the player has access to and can be crafted as soon as the game begins. The Stone Ax, Stone Shovel, and Stone Sledgehammer aren’t durable or effective implements, but they’re significantly better than harvesting by hand and allow the player to upgrade blocks.

2. Construction Materials

Wielding a Hammer in 7 Days to Die
Wielding a Hammer

After wood, standard blocks are upgraded to Cobblestone and Concrete, both of which will require Small Stones as an intermediate resource. Cobblestones can be crafted by hand by adding Clay Soil, while concrete mix can be crafted at a Cement Mixer by adding crushed sand and cement. Interestingly enough, crushed sand can also be created at a cement mixer by grinding up Small Stones.

3. Diversions

Throwing Small Stones as a Diversion in 7 Days to Die
Throwing Small Stones as a Diversion

When equipped, Small Stones can be thrown to distract enemies. Not only is this useful for turning zombies away from somewhere you are trying to scavenge, but it can also be used to gather enemies together to make explosives more effective or lure them into traps. Throwing rocks this way won’t deal any damage, though, so don’t try and defend yourself that way.

4. Arrows

Stone Crossbow Bolt Crafting Recipe
Stone Crossbow Bolt Crafting Recipe

Simple stone arrows and crossbow bolts can be crafted using wood, feathers, and small rocks. While they aren’t very powerful, they don’t require many resources to craft, making them highly accessible and renewable.

5. Forging

Melting Down Stone at a Forge in 7 Days to Die
Melting Down Stone at a Forge

Both the Forge and Campfire use Small Stones in their construction, and stone can be melted down at a Forge. Only one recipe requires you to do this, but being able to forge your own cement is key for mid-game base construction.

Frequently asked questions

Can you kill enemies by throwing rocks?

No. Small Stones do not deal damage when thrown.

What is the point of smelting stone?

Smelted stone can be used to produce cement, a key ingredient in a concrete mix.

How many Small Stones can be stacked together?

Small Stones can be collected into stacks of up to 6000.

Final thoughts on Small Stones

With the way The Fun Pimps designed the game, 7 Days to Die is all about advancing from a primitive caveman to a thrifty survivalist. In order to reach the latter, you’ll have to survive the former, and Small Stones can help you do that. They’ll also help you stay alive later by reinforcing your base, but one step at a time.

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