7 Days to Die: How to Get and Use Scrap Polymers

Learn how to get Scrap Polymers and what they can be used for

Plastic chunks, bits of rubber, and sheets of cardboard. This mostly makes up the rather broad category of Scrap Polymers in 7 Days to Die. While not an everyday material, Scrap Polymers are necessary to create many of the game’s most useful recipes.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to find and salvage Scrap Polymers in 7 Days to Die and explain how they can be used in crafting.

How to get Scrap Polymers in 7 Days to Die

Scrap Polymers are a bit uncommon to find lying around, but they certainly aren’t a rare resource. While not technically renewable, there are plenty of ways to gather up lots of Scrap Polymers with relatively little effort.

1. Scavenging

Scrap Polymers can be found among other materials in trash piles, utility carts, shelves, and supply crates. The best locations to scavenge for polymers are abandoned storefronts and janitorial closets. Stores often have lots of shelves containing at least a few chunks of polymer, and janitorial closets usually contain one or more utility carts.

2. Salvaging

When trying to farm Scrap Polymers, it’s usually quicker to salvage containers and items for them. Scrap Polymers can be obtained by chopping up cardboard boxes, smashing open coolers, and disassembling tilt and janitorial carts. Anything made from plastic or cardboard will likely yield polymers if broken or salvaged. You can even sometimes get this resource by destroying trash on the ground.

Tips and tricks for using Scrap Polymers

Polymers cannot be used for upgrading structures; however, they are regularly used in many recipes for ammunition, equipment, guns, and even robotics. We can’t cover each recipe individually here, but here are some general categories where you will find Scrap Polymers used in crafting.

1. Guns

Compound Bow Components
Most Ranged Weapons Require Scrap Polymers

Aside from Pipe Guns, almost every tier of ranged weapon requires Scrap Polymers to form grips, sights, and other small features. Regardless of what kind of guns you are using, chances are you’ll need this resource if you want to craft better ones.

2. Mods

Helmet Light Mod Components
Many Mods Require Scrap Polymers

Several weapon and equipment mods require Scrap Polymers to be used in their construction. These mods allow you to customize and boost the effectiveness of your weapons, armor, and tools. The effects imparted by these mods can be anything from improving armor to adding a wearable flashlight to even changing a gun from semi to fully automatic.

3. Ammunition

Steel Arrows and Crossbow Bolts Fashioned from Scrap Polymer
Steel Arrows & Bolts Fashioned with Scrap Polymers

Steel arrows and crossbow bolts no longer require the player to source feathers. Instead, these advanced bolts are fletched with pieces of plastic sourced from Scrap Polymers. Certain shotgun slugs also require sturdier polymers to be used for their hulls.

4. Vehicle Parts

Crafting Car Batteries and Wheels Require Scrap Polymers
Car Batteries and Wheels Require Polymers

Certain vehicle components, such as car batteries and wheels, will need a handful of Scrap Polymers to craft. If you don’t want to spend forever trying to track down each piece of the vehicle you’re trying to assemble, you’ll need some polymers to fill in the gaps.

5. Electronics and Robotics

Electronics and Robotics Recipes Require Scrap Polymers
Electronics & Robotics Recipes Use Polymers

Recipes for turrets, lights, switches, and other electrical machinery will regularly use polymers as casings and insulators. Additionally, robotic drones and sentries use lots of polymers for connectors and other minute pieces not craftable by the player.

6. Selling

Trader Offering High Buying Price
Scrap Polymers Have a High Sell-Value

For whatever reason, Scrap Polymers sell for an unusually high rate at merchants. Each individual unit of polymer sells for 3 dukes without any bonuses. This can quickly add up to several thousand dukes per stack with perks and consumables, making this a surprisingly lucrative item for trading.


Is it possible to craft Scrap Polymers?

No, Scrap Polymers can only be scavenged or salvaged.

Can Scrap Polymers be used in forging?

No. Polymers cannot be melted down or produced in a Forge.

How many Scrap Polymers can be stacked together?

Scrap Polymers can be collected into stacks of up to 1000 units.

Final thoughts on getting and using Scrap Polymers

In a survival game, you wouldn’t normally think about needing rubber stoppers, foam grips, plastic pins, resistors, and other miscellaneous parts. The Fun Pimps didn’t overlook those components, though, instead grouped them all together under Scrap Polymers. Make sure you always have some on hand if you’re planning on crafting advanced equipment.

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