7 Days to Die: How to Get and Use Machete Parts

Learn how to Machete Parts and what they can be used for

The Blades weapon class in 7 Days to Die is composed mostly of short-range, low-damage weapons that excel at inflicting debuffs and attacking from stealth rather than open combat. The one exception to this rule is the Machete, a large steel blade capable of easily lopping off zombie heads. However, you’ll need specialized Machete Parts to craft this deadly blade first.

This guide will teach you the best ways to scavenge Machete Parts in 7D2D and how to put them to use.

How to get Machete Parts in 7 Days to Die

Machete Parts are rare, specialized components specifically designed for constructing durable, high-end blades. They cannot be crafted, so there are only a few ways to get your hands on these valuable materials:

1. Scavenging

Searching a Weapon Bag for Parts in 7 Days to Die
Searching a Weapon Bag for Parts

As with all advanced weapon parts, you can search for Machete Parts anywhere you’d expect to find a functional firearm. Gun safes, weapon bags, hardened chests, gun racks, and weapon crates are all great locations to find these components.

2. Scrapping

Breaking Down Spare Machetes for Parts in 7 Days to Die
Breaking Down Spare Machetes for Parts

Waste-not, want-not. If you need Machete Parts and already have a spare, you can scrap old or unwanted Machetes to reclaim a portion of their parts. These weapons can rarely be found in the same locations as their parts.

3. Trading

Buying Machete Parts From Trader Hugh in 7 Days to Die
Buying Machete Parts From Trader Hugh

Some traders will carry weapon parts in their inventory for sale. This is typically the most costly method of collecting these components, but it can be much faster than trying to search for them if you have dukes to spend. Trader Hugh in the Snow Biome of Navezgane is typically your best bet to find what you need, as he specializes in weapons and ammo.

Tips for Farming Machete Parts in 7 Days to Die

These parts are not easy to find by any means. Fortunately, you’ll probably only need a few unless you plan to outfit a small army. But we’ve got you covered if you need tips to make your search more effective.

1. Blade Perks

The Deep Cuts Perk in 7 Days to Die
The Deep Cuts Perk

With the addition of the crafting skill system in the A21 Update, players can now increase their chances of finding specialized parts for a certain weapon or tool by investing in its relevant perk. For players seeking Machete Parts, putting points into the Deep Cuts perk can help you find what you’re looking for when scavenging.

2. Gun Shops and Factories

Locating a Gun Store in 7 Days to Die
Locating a Gun Store

Navezgane is dotted with numerous gun shops of various sizes, shooting ranges, and the coveted Shotgun Messiah Factory in the Wasteland Biome of Navezgane. These locations are great places to search for weapon parts of any kind, in addition to ammo, armor, and explosives.

Remember: The all-in-one brand for ranged weapons in 7D2D is “Shotgun Messiah,” so any buildings or crates with that name on them are likely to be carrying guns, weapon parts, and ammo.

3. Government Buildings and Military Bases

Scouting a Military Fort in 7 Days to Die
Scouting a Military Fort

Governmental buildings (such as police stations, fire stations, etc.) can be found inside and near the outskirts of cities and often conceal at least one gun safe or an entire armory in some cases. Additionally, the abandoned military bases dotting the countryside are bound to carry at least a few high-value weapon containers. Be careful, however, as these locations are often well-defended and swarming with armored and feral undead.

Using Machete Parts in 7 Days to Die

Machete Parts are specialized components specifically designed for use in long, durable blades. As such, they are only used in the crafting of a single weapon:


Machete Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Machete Crafting Recipe

The Machete is an agility-based melee weapon and arguably one of the best weapons in the game. This weapon maintains most of the speed of other bladed weapons while vastly increasing damage, striking range, and dismemberment chance. This weapon also shares the extremely powerful stealth damage bonus of lower-tier knives.

Final thoughts on Machete Parts

Considering our character’s other talents, making a simple Machete from scratch probably shouldn’t be too much trouble. The Fun Pimps likely added these special parts as a part of the game’s balance, but we consider it a deliberate choice on our character’s part to include pre-apocalypse parts to craft a stronger weapon.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Navezgane, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our 7 Days to Die Beginner’s Guide.

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