7 Days to Die: How to Get and Use Gun Powder

Learn how to get Gun Powder and what it can be used for

It’s difficult to think of a more valuable resource than Gun Powder in 7 Days to Die. Ammunition and explosives are necessities if you want to make it through a blood moon or even survive dangerous encounters. You’ll need Gun Powder and a lot of it to make these scarce but necessary resources on your own.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to find and craft Gun Powder in 7 Days to Die and explain how it can be used to your advantage.

How to get Gun Powder in 7 Days to Die

Gun Powder is a relatively rare resource, though not impossible to find. However, learning to make your own is the best choice for keeping the ammunition flowing.

Here are the two primary ways to get Gun Powder in 7 Days to Die:

1. Scavenging

Gun Powder has a small chance of appearing alongside base resources in trash piles and other containers found around points of interest. However, your best bet for finding it is inside ammo piles, gun safes, and hardened military chests. These loot containers are usually situated in the treasure room of points of interest and are well-guarded.

2. Science! (Crafting)

The easier and more efficient method of acquiring Gun Powder is crafting it yourself. You’ll need a Chemistry Station, a Beaker, and lots of Coal and Nitrate Powder to do this. Both Coal and Nitrate can be mined from deposits found in the world or scavenged alongside other materials.

Tips and tricks for using Gun Powder

Gun Powder is the single most important resource for staying combat-ready. With enough powder, bullets, rockets, land mines, and grenades are all within your grasp.

1. Bullets

All bullets require Gun Powder to craft. Of course, you’ll need a few other components too, like Brass and Lead. Standard bullets and shotgun shells can be crafted at a Workbench by combining brass casings, lead bullet tips, and Gun Powder. With the right recipes, creating advanced ammunition like armor-piercing rounds, breaching shells, and high-powered bullets is possible.

2. Bombs

Gun Powder is a key component in the creation of all handheld explosives. Pipe Bombs, Dynamite, Grenades, Rockets, and Timed Charges can all be crafted at a workbench with the correct materials and skills. These weapons are great for wiping out crowds of undead or blowing open that pesky safe you’ve been beating on for hours.

3. Burning and Explosive Arrows

If you prefer quiet weapons like bows and crossbows, you might feel left out of the fun. Don’t worry, though; you can spice up your ammo with a little black powder too. Flaming and explosive arrows and crossbow bolts can be crafted at a workbench to give your shots a little more spice. Just don’t expect to retrieve your arrow after it blows up.

4. Landmines

Five types of land mines can be created to help keep your base protected or to set ambushes for pesky pursuers. Tin, Air Filter, Hubcap, Cooking Pot, and Pressure Plate Land Mines are all crafted from Gun Powder and other materials. Each of these mines deals different levels of damage and takes up different amounts of space, but all of them will send anyone dumb enough to step on them flying. Fortunately, zombies aren’t too smart.

5. Coffee?

Apparently, Navezgane miners were particular about their coffee. The recipe for Blackstrap Coffee calls for a sprinkle of Gun Powder in each cup. A bit strange, but it’s hard to deny how effective it is at staving off the cold. Plus, it offers an additional bonus to resource mining if you’ve read the correct issue of The Art of Mining.


Can bullets be scrapped to make Gun Powder?

No. Bullets typically only give a bit of brass when scrapped or melted down.

Can Gun Powder be detonated on its own?

No. Shooting a bag of Gun Powder will not cause an explosion or otherwise ignite it.

How much Gun Powder can be stacked together?

Gun Powder can be collected into stacks of up to 1000 units.

Final thoughts on getting and using Gun Powder

Without the ability to make more ammo, late-game players would be left scrambling to find even a couple more rounds before they inevitably ran out again. Take our advice, learn how to make Gun Powder, and keep lots of it on hand.

If you’re looking for some more tips to help you get settled into your new apocalyptic home, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our 7 Days to Die Beginner’s Guide.

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