7 Days to Die: How to Get and Use Electrical Parts

Learn how to obtain Electrical Parts and how they can best be used

Living in the dark can be troublesome, especially when the darkness hides unimaginable horrors and swarms of undead. If you want to create a functioning electrical grid in 7 Days to Die to fight off the darkness, you will need Electrical Parts. These valuable bits and bobs cannot be crafted and are vital for creating some of the most useful items in the game.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about scavenging and salvaging Electrical Parts in 7D2D and how they can be used best.

How to get Electrical Parts in 7 Days to Die

Though not exactly rare, Electrical Parts can be difficult to source if you aren’t sure where to look or don’t have access to salvaging tools. Here are the best ways to go about gathering these components:


Disassembling an Electrical Box in 7 Days to Die
Disassembling an Electrical Box

Once you have access to a Wrench, Ratchet, or Impact Driver, salvaging Electrical Parts is definitely the fastest and most straightforward way to gather them. Using one of these tools, players can break down machinery, appliances, circuit breakers, and anything else requiring electricity to carefully extract the components without smashing them into scrap metal.


A Sealed Electronics Crate in 7 Days to Die
A Sealed Electronics Crate

Electrical Parts can also occasionally be scavenged from electronics crates, parts containers, and devices such as destroyed workstations. Though not nearly as fast or reliable as salvaging, this method can save you money if you need electrical parts before you have a salvaging tool.


Buying Parts From a Trader in 7 Days to Die
Buying Parts From a Trader

Some traders will carry Electrical Parts in their inventory for sale. This is typically the most costly method of collecting these components, but it can be much faster than trying to search for them if you lack salvaging tools.

Tips for farming Electrical Parts in 7 Days to Die

Salvaging electronic components is by far the most efficient way to collect them. If you need a bunch of electrical parts in short order, there are a few tricks you can use to make the task easier.

Salvaging Perks

Salvaging Operations Perk in 7 Days to Die
Salvaging Operations Perk

Planning a major salvage run? It might be worthwhile to invest in the Salvage Operations perk. Depending on how many points you have in this perk, it flatly increases the amount of resources harvested using salvage tools, increases your salvaging speed, and even reduces the stamina cost of using salvage tools.

Household Appliances

Salvaging a Refrigerator in 7 Days to Die
Salvaging a Refrigerator

There are often a ton of electronic appliances such as televisions, computers, lamps, microwaves, and washing machines inside a standard house. With a salvaging tool, players can break down these devices to recover valuable components easily and efficiently. It’s also possible to find lots of these items inside electronics stores and pawn shops.

Factories and Substations

Salvaging a Control Panel in a Substation in 7 Days to Die
Salvaging a Control Panel in a Substation

Depending on what’s nearby, hitting a factory or electrical substation can be a great way to farm up electrical parts. Factories typically contain lots of machinery, lights, wiring, and electrical boxes that can be salvaged for parts. Electrical substations are much less common but often contain even greater concentrations of electrical devices for you to disassemble.

Using Electrical Parts in 7 Days to Die

Electrical Parts can be used in lots of different ways and are required to craft many of the game’s advanced recipes. While we can’t cover each recipe individually, we can give you an idea of what kinds of items can be created using these resources.


Industrial Light Bulb Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Industrial Light Bulb Crafting Recipe

Obviously, pretty much all electronic devices will require some amount of electrical parts to craft and repair. These machines can range from Generator Banks and Battery Banks to Spotlights and Switches. An active electrical grid makes defending your base easier and allows you to install electric lights that don’t attract enemies and are brighter than torchlight.


Stun Baton Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Stun Baton Crafting Recipe

Some advanced weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher and Stun Baton, require electrical parts to craft. These weapons are expensive to make and require skill to use, but are also some of the most powerful in the game.


Lesser Sight Mod Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Lesser Sight Mod Crafting Recipe

Mods can be equipped to most kinds of equipment to enhance or change their performance. Using electrical parts, there are several mods you can craft for weapons, armor, robots, and vehicles.

Vehicle Parts

Gyrocopter Chassis Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Gyrocopter Chassis Crafting Recipe

Any vehicle more advanced than a Bicycle is going to require electrical parts to craft its components. Mid to High-tier vehicles such as the 4×4 Truck and the Gyrocopter use these materials for spark plugs, headlights, and more.


Dart Trap Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Dart Trap Crafting Recipe

Advanced Traps such as the Dart Trap and Electric Fence Post are crafted using this material. Though most of these traps require power to function, they are much more effective for protecting your base than simple walls and basic snares.

Final thoughts on Electrical Parts

It’s one thing to hook a battery up to a lightbulb, but if you want to create some real survivalist machines, you’ll need electrical parts to craft them. The Fun Pimps gathered all the small, delicate, and innately valuable components used in our modern devices into one category for players to seek out. With no specialists to make more of these parts, you’ll need to make do with what you can salvage and reuse.

If you’re looking for more tips to help you get started in Navezgane, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our 7 Days to Die Beginner’s Guide.

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