7 Days to Die: How to Get and Use Bones

Learn how to obtain Bones and what they can be used for

Bone is a common crafting material across many different survival games. Though it isn’t used for many recipes in 7 Days to Die, its usefulness in crafting Glue makes it important for players to understand how to source this material.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the best ways to harvest and scavenge Bones in 7 Days to Die and how they can be used.

How to get Bones in 7 Days to Die

Bone is a surprisingly common resource. Given the high quantity of dead things walking around, you might assume you could just cut up some zombies for what you need. While some enemies can be carved up for Bones, other ways exist to acquire this material without combat.

1. Butchering Animal Corpses

Harvesting a Deer Carcass in 7 Days to Die
Harvesting a Deer Carcass with a Bone Knife

The fastest and most straightforward way to collect Bones is to cut up the corpses of dead animals with a Blade. All animals have the potential to produce Bones when harvested with a knife or machete, and this includes zombified animals such as zombie vultures, zombie dogs, and zombie bears.

2. Rotting Remains

Harvesting Bones from Rotting Remains in 7 Days to Die
Harvesting Bones from Rotting Remains

While exploring Navezgane’s many points of interest, chances are you will come across some dead bodies that won’t get up and try to eat you. These bodies and the various piles of rotting flesh and Bones found around them can be harvested in the same manner as animal carcasses and will produce Bones, Nitrate Powder, and rotten flesh.

3. Looting

Scavenging Bones from a Kitchen Cabinet in 7 Days to Die
Scavenging Bones from a Kitchen Cabinet

Collecting Bones from scavenging containers is the slowest method but is still viable for small-scale needs. Bones can be found abundantly in coffins but may also be looted from kitchen cabinets, trash piles, and food containers like fridges and coolers.

Tips for farming Bones in 7 Days to Die

Bones are pretty easy to come by for the most part, but when you suddenly need a whole bunch of them at once, they can be frustrating to source if you don’t know where to look.

1. Hunting Perks

The Huntsman Perk in 7 Days to Die
The Huntsman Perk

If you’re having trouble locating animals to hunt and getting enough Bones, there are a few perks that can help. The first is the Animal Tracker perk. This allows players to crouch down and highlight animals on the map.

The size of tracked animals depends on the level of the perk. The second perk that can help with gathering Bones is The Huntsman. This perk flatly increases the number of resources harvested from animal carcasses.

2. Churches and Graveyards

Digging Up Graves for Bones in 7 Days to Die
Digging Up Graves for Bones

Digging up coffins and stealing the Bones of dead people is probably a moral offense. But it’s the apocalypse, so do what you have to. Churches and graveyards often have an abundance of coffins, which often contain numerous Bones and occasionally other treasures.

3. Farms and Kennels

Fighting Zombie Dogs at a Kennel in 7 Days to Die
Fighting Zombie Dogs at a Kennel

As dark as it is, if you’re having trouble finding wild animals, look for domestic ones. Dog kennels, Veterinary Clinics, and Livestock Farms are all full to bursting with angry boars, unruly chickens, and zombie dogs. Butchering these animals as you clear the area can net you a hefty sum of Bones.

Using Bones in 7 Days to Die

There are only 3 recipes in 7D2D that require Bones, but one of these recipes is important enough to make this resource well worth the trouble of scavenging.

1. Crafting Glue

Glue Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Glue Crafting Recipe

No matter what kind of weapons or armor you prefer, you will need Glue at some point in the manufacturing process. If you aren’t using glue for the recipe itself, chances are you’re using duct tape, which is also made from glue and Cloth Fragments.

Glue can be crafted by cooking Bones in clean water at a Campfire or Chemistry Station. You’ll need a cooking pot and/or beaker, and keep in mind that making glue at a chemistry station is faster and cheaper than using a campfire.

2. Knives

Bone Knife Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Bone Knife Crafting Recipe

If you need a tool with which to harvest Bones or just want a simple knife to use in combat, you can sharpen a piece of bone to make one. Bone Knives are low-tier blades that can be used for lethal stealth attacks and can inflict deadly bleeding effects on enemies.

3. Sham

Can of Sham Crafting Recipe (Yuck!)
Can of Sham Crafting Recipe (Yuck!)

Try not to think about this one too much. If you’ve read the Shamway Secret Recipe, then you can make your own cans of Sham using Bones and a couple of other nasty ingredients.

Final thoughts on Bones

Aside from making glue, there isn’t currently a whole lot to be done with the hundreds of Bones you are likely to pick up in your adventures. The Fun Pimps are always adding new recipes and items to the game, though, so it’s completely possible that will change.

If you’re looking for some more tips to help you get started in Navezgane, check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started or our Beginner’s Guide.

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