7 Days to Die: How to Craft and Use the Pistol

Learn how to craft and use the Pistol

The standard, all-purpose Pistol. Though a weapon like this would usually be the starting gun for many survival-horror games, in 7 Days to Die, this mid-tier weapon is a huge step up from the low-tier Pipe Pistol. Based on the widely issued and very popular Beretta M9, this classic handgun is extremely versatile and will be the longtime companion of most Agility characters.

This guide will walk you through crafting a Pistol in 7 Days to Die and offer advice on how to utilize it best.

How to craft a Pistol in 7 Days to Die

Pistol Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Pistol Crafting Recipe

As a mid-tier gun, crafting a Pistol will require a bit more resources and skills than simple pipe weapons. You’ll need to reach the second tier in the Handguns crafting skill and have a Workbench before you can successfully assemble this weapon. The amount of crafting materials required will depend on the quality of the handgun being constructed:

MaterialQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Handgun Parts12345
Forged Iron1020304050
Duct Tape246810
Scrap Polymers510152025
Handguns Crafting Skill1113161922
  • Handgun Parts can be found by scrapping non-pipe handguns and SMGs, searching weapon chests and gun safes, or may be purchased from traders.
  • Forged Iron can be crafted at a Forge or salvaged from machines like destroyed workbenches and vehicles.
  • Duct Tape can be crafted by combining Glue and Cloth Fragments or found in parts containers.
  • Scrap Polymers may be obtained by salvaging appliances and plastic objects or scavenged.
  • Springs can be found in vehicle parts crates or salvaged from machinery and vehicles.
  • The Handguns crafting skill can only be improved by finding and reading issues of the Handgun Magazine skill magazine.

Pistol Overview

Inspecting the Pistol (Quality 6)
Inspecting the Pistol (Quality 6)

Base Stats

Pistol Stats by Quality

PropertyQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5Quality 6
Magazine Size151515151515
Rounds / Minute180180180180180180
Effective Range171819201415
Max Durability234289352418485391
Mod Slots222334


The Pistol is chambered in simple 9mm Ammo, of which there are 3 kinds: Standard, HiPower (HP), and Armor Piercing (AP). The damage of each quality of weapon is determined by what ammo the player has loaded into it.

Ammo TypeQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5Quality 6
HiPower 9mm40.342.543.245.447.650
AP 9mm43.345.746.448.851.253.7
.9mm Ammo Crafting Recipe
.9mm Ammo Crafting Recipe

Crafting 9mm Ammo will require a workbench and the following materials:

HiPower 9mm Ammo Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
HiPower 9mm Ammo Crafting Recipe

Crafting HiPower 9mm Ammo will require a workbench, and the player has read the Pistol Pete Vol. 5 perk book, as well as the following materials:

  • 2 Bullet Tips
  • 1 Gunpowder
  • 1 Bullet Casing
AP 9mm Ammo Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
AP 9mm Ammo Crafting Recipe

Crafting AP 9mm Ammo will require a workbench, and the player has read the Pistol Pete Vol. 6 perk book, as well as the following materials:

  • 2 Bullet Tips
  • 2 Gun Powder
  • 1 Bullet Casing


Wielding a Modded Pistol in 7 Days to Die
Wielding a Modded Pistol

The Pistol accepts the following mods. Note that only one mod of any category may be attached at a time except accessory mods.

  • Barrel: Barrel Extender, Muzzle Brake, Silencer
  • Sights: Reflex, Scope x2
  • Accessory: Cripple ‘Em
  • Tech: The Hunter, Rad Remover
  • Trigger Group: Semi, Burst, Full-Auto
  • Rail: Laser Sight, Weapon Flashlight
  • Magazine: Magazine Extender

Tips and tricks for using the Pistol

Lining Up a Headshot on a Zombie
Lining Up a Headshot on a Zombie

As a member of the Handgun weapon class, the Pistol scales in power with the player’s Agility attribute and the Gunslinger perk.

The Pistol is an extremely versatile weapon, and its performance can be greatly enhanced or adjusted by attaching various mods. Swapping in a full-auto trigger and a magazine extender can create an automatic Pistol capable of handling crowds.

Players who want more accuracy and range might consider attaching a barrel extender and scope. More mobility-focused survivors will likely prefer a muzzle brake and laser sight. The Pistol can even be utilized as a stealth weapon when equipped with a silencer mod.

Reloading the Pistol in 7 Days to Die
Reloading the Pistol

Due to its excellent mobility and decent rate of fire, this weapon is perfect for players who prefer to stay on the move during combat. Those who make use of this playstyle will greatly benefit from investing in the Run and Gun perk, which reduces the movement speed penalty for reloading and increases hip-fire accuracy.

The low damage of this weapon means players may need multiple shots to take down targets. On the bright side, the Pistol sports a sizable magazine and a rather quick rate of fire, making follow-up shots a breeze.

One of the best features of this weapon is its extremely short reload time. Players utilizing this weapon shouldn’t be afraid to quickly top up their ammo in the middle of a confrontation, assuming they aren’t immediately cornered.

Final thoughts on the Pistol

Simple? Yep. Effective? You bet. The Pistol is easily one of the most versatile mid-tier weapons The Fun Pimps created and an excellent early choice for agility-based characters. If you are looking for a strong, all-around weapon you can adapt to your specific needs, you can’t go wrong with a Pistol.

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