7 Days to Die: How to Craft and Use a Rocket Launcher

Learn how to craft and use the Rocket Launcher

Nothing is more terrifying in 7 Days to Die than seeing a survivor carrying around a literal Rocket Launcher on their shoulder. This ridiculously designed weapon utilizes a makeshift vacuum system to fire rocket-propelled explosives capable of blowing apart structures and knocking down hordes like bowling pins.

This guide will walk you through crafting and using a Rocket Launcher in 7 Days to Die and offer advice on utilizing it best.

How to craft a Rocket Launcher in 7 Days to Die

Rocket Launcher Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Rocket Launcher Crafting Recipe

The Rocket Launcher is an absurd piece of tech and one of the most powerful weapons in the game for various reasons. Crafting won’t be cheap, and you’ll need to have reached the final tier in the Explosives crafting skill and a Workbench before even considering making this freak of nature.

The amount of crafting materials used will depend on the quality of the launcher being constructed:

MaterialsQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5
Rocket Launcher Parts12345
Forged Steel20406080100
Duct Tape3691215
Electrical Parts510152025
Explosives Crafting Skill55657585100
  • Rocket Launcher Parts can be found by scrapping rocket launchers, searching weapon chests and gun safes, or may be purchased from traders.
  • Forged Steel can be crafted at a Forge or salvaged from advanced devices like vending machines and street lamps.
  • Duct Tape can be crafted by combining Glue and Cloth Fragments or found in parts containers.
  • Electrical Parts may be obtained by salvaging appliances and electronics.
  • Springs can be found in vehicle parts crates or salvaged from machinery and vehicles.
  • The Explosives crafting skill can only be improved by finding and reading issues of the Explosive Magazine skill magazine.

Rocket Launcher Overview

Base Stats

Rocket Launcher (Quality 5) Statistics in 7 Days to Die
Rocket Launcher (Quality 5) Statistics

Rocket Launcher Stats by Quality

PropertyQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5Quality 6
Magazine Size111111
Effective Range656775765658
Projectile Velocity515146464848
Max Durability7388115131160121
Mod Slots112234


The Rocket Launcher can only fire specially crafted rockets, of which there are two types: High Explosive (HE) and Fragmentation (Frag). The damage of each quality of weapon is determined by what ammo the player has loaded into it.

Explosion Damage By Ammo Type

AmmoQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5Quality 6
Rocket HE428.4496.4513.2578.3658.4726.4
Rocket Frag714.1827.4855.3963.91097.41210.6

Block Damage By Ammo Type

AmmoQuality 1Quality 2Quality 3Quality 4Quality 5Quality 6
Rocket HE2568.429733072.93460.53937.54341.7
Rocket Frag20.523.724.527.631.534.7
Rocket HE Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Rocket HE Crafting Recipe

Crafting Rockets HE will require a workbench, level 45 in the Explosives crafting skill, and the following materials:

  • 1 Rocket Tip
  • 15 Gunpowder
  • 2 Duct Tape
  • 500 Gas Cans
  • 1 Rocket Casing
Rocket Frag Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Rocket Frag Crafting Recipe

Crafting Rockets Frag will require a workbench, level 45 in the Explosives crafting skill, and the following materials:

  • 25 Buckshot
  • 15 Gunpowder
  • 2 Duct Tape
  • 500 Gas Cans
  • 1 Rocket Casing


The Rocket Launcher accepts the following mods. Note that only one mod of any category may be attached at a time except accessory mods.

  • Barrel: Muzzle Brake, Barrel Extender
  • Sights: Reflex, 2x Scope
  • Accessory: Cripple ‘Em
  • Tech: The Hunter, Rad Remover
  • Rail: Laser Sight, Weapon Flashlight

Tips and tricks for using the Rocket Launcher

As a member of the Explosive weapon class, the Rocket Launcher scales in power with the player’s Perception attribute and the Demolitions Expert perk.

The Rocket Launcher is not recommended for dealing with single targets, even if they are particularly dangerous. Rockets are expensive to create and rare to find, so use them sparingly.

Though this weapon may be equipped with a reflex sight, it will not be utilized when aiming and seems to actually make the weapon more difficult to handle. The 2x Scope will function normally, however.

High Explosive rockets are best used for demolishing structures, destroying defenses, and disabling enemy vehicles. Frag Rockets are much more useful for dealing with groups of enemies and boast a wider explosion radius as well.

Reloading the Rocket Launcher in 7 Days to Die
Reloading the Rocket Launcher

We don’t recommend firing off High Explosive rockets anywhere near your base, even and especially during blood moons. Doing so could inadvertently weaken or destroy your defenses, leaving you vulnerable. On the other hand, Frag Rockets deal very little damage to blocks and exceptional damage to enemies, making them ideal for sticky situations like sieges.

Be sure to lead your target when firing this weapon, as the projectile travels more slowly than bullets and may take a moment to travel to its intended destination.

We strongly advise against using this weapon indoors under any circumstances. The blast of your rockets can kill you, cause cave-ins, bring zombies falling on your head, and destroy valuable loot and salvage items.

Final thoughts on the Rocket Launcher

We really ought to thank the mad geniuses over at The Fun Pimps for this marvelously wacky weapon. As silly as this oblong rocket tube is, the sheer destruction it can bring to enemy bases and hordes of enemies is second to none, and taking it lightly could be your last mistake. If you’re planning to wield this powerful explosive weapon, be sure you know what you’re doing.

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