7 Days to Die: How to Craft and Use the Generator Bank

Learn how to craft and use the Generator Bank

So, you’ve set up your base, built some defenses, had your workstations, and now you’re ready to amp things up. Nothing says “capable survivor” in 7 Days to Die like sporting a functioning electrical system. For that, however, you’ll probably need a Generator Bank. This sophisticated piece of tech burns gasoline to produce electricity, just like in real life!

This guide will walk you through how to craft and use a Generator Bank and offer advice on maintaining it.

How to craft a Generator Bank in 7 Days to Die

Generator Bank Crafting Recipe in 7 Days to Die
Generator Bank Crafting Recipe

The Generator Bank is just the framework to hold the engines that will create power. For that reason, crafting won’t take many resources, but it will still require a Workbench and at least level 25 in the Electrician crafting skill.

Each Generator Bank costs the following materials to craft:

Forged Iron can be crafted at a Forge, salvaged from structures, or purchased. Mechanical and Electrical Parts can be found in parts containers, salvaged from machinery, appliances, or vehicles, or purchased from a trader.

Completed Generator Banks can be purchased from traders or obtained by breaking open Generator Bank Bundles found inside loot crates and airdrops.

How to use a Generator Bank in 7 Days to Die

As with all electrical devices, this machine will require the player to utilize a Wire Tool for it to be of any use.

The Generator Bank is a rather simple device to use, providing only 3 main functions when being interacted with. Holding down the interact key when aiming at a Generator Bank will normally open a radial menu with two options, allowing the player to turn the generator on and off or open the interact screen. While inside the player’s land claim, the Generator Bank may be picked up and returned to the player’s inventory, provided it has no engines in it.

From the interact screen, the player can view the Generator Bank’s fuel level, max output, current power, and engine compartment. All available actions for the generator may also be performed from the interact screen.


The Generator Bank will require gas to function, and can be filled with up to 1000 gas cans, adding up to 250 each time the player presses the refuel button.

The amount of fuel being consumed is consistent with the amount of power being drawn, meaning more electrical power will require more fuel.


The Generator Bank utilizes a number of Engines to convert fuel into power. The Max Output limit informs the player of how much power an individual Generator Bank can produce at any given time. Electrical systems requiring energy in excess of this limit will not be powered.

The Power meter informs the player of how much energy is currently being drawn from an individual Generator Bank.


The engines panel allows the player to insert or remove Engines from the Generator Bank, but only when it isn’t active. Engines are rare, complex components that cannot be crafted and must be looted, salvaged from vehicles, or bought from traders.

A Generator Bank requires at least 1 engine to function and may hold up to 6 total. Each engine can produce 50w of power at a time, adding up to a total of 300w for a full bank.


Generator Banks will need to be connected to an electrical grid or directly to other devices with a Wire Tool. Since the Generator Bank is producing power, it will always be the origin point for any wires and should be the starting point for any electrical grids it is connected to.

Tips and tricks for using the Generator Bank

Connecting Generator Banks to Light Sources
Connecting Generator Banks to a Light Source
  • The Generator Bank consumes fuel based on the amount of power being drawn, not the number of engines it holds.
  • When disconnected but active, Generator Banks will still consume fuel, though at a much-reduced rate.
  • Generator Banks produce noise when active and may attract nearby enemies or alert other players.
  • Generator Banks are quite vulnerable to physical attack and explosives, so keep them safe from enemies.
  • Multiple Generator Banks may be wired together to stack their maximum output.

Final thoughts on the Generator Bank

Getting a generator running is a big first step to creating a functional electrical system. The Fun Pimps have spent several updates perfecting the functionality of the wiring mechanics, so why not take advantage of some apocalyptic engineering to power your lights, doors, and traps?

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