7 Days to Die: Dart Traps

Learn how to build and use Dart Traps

If you are looking for more devious and crafty traps to add to your base’s defense system, look no further than the Dart Trap. These perforated metal cubes can be loaded with iron flechettes and triggered with an electrical current. Concealable as part of walls and structures, these devices are the first step into automated defense.

This guide will walk you through how to craft and set up Dart Traps and offer advice on how they can be used to defend your base.

How to craft Dart Traps in 7 Days to Die

In order to construct these clever machines, you’ll need a few mid-tier materials and at least level 25 in the Traps crafting skill.

Specifically, each Dart Trap requires the following:

Dart Traps also utilize a unique ammo type: Iron Darts. These darts can only be recovered alongside traps from Dart Trap bundles or crafted at a Forge.

Crafting each dart requires:

How to use Dart Traps

Zombies Walking Through Dart Traps
Zombies Being Shredded by Dart Traps

Once you have your traps and a few bundles of darts, it’s time to set them up. Dart Traps only fire in one direction and only when they receive an electrical current. If you want your Dart Traps to deal with enemies independently, you must be clever in setting them up.

Here are some tips to help make sure your traps are as effective as they can be:

1. Tripwires and Trigger Plates

Dart Traps function well in conjunction with electronic triggers such as tripwires and trigger plates. Setting up one of these snares in the firing line of your darts ensures that your traps only fire when there is something in their range to fire at. Motion sensors can also be used for this purpose, but their wide vision range may trigger your darts to fire prematurely.

2. Conceal your Traps

Dart Traps work best as ambush traps, meaning they are most effective when the enemy isn’t aware of them. These block-shaped devices make concealing them easy in walls, floors, pillars, and other structures. Remember that while zombies won’t bother to avoid your trigger plates, other players won’t be so easy to deceive.

3. Kill Chutes

A particularly effective method of base defense centers around constructing kill chutes. These reinforced bottlenecks condense enemies into a small space to make projectiles and explosives more effective. Since iron darts have an extremely high penetration rating, lining invaders up means every dart can deal damage to several enemies at once.

Pros and cons of Dart Traps

Dart Trap in a Wall
Dart Traps Conceal Well in Walls


  • Unlike Auto Turrets, Dart Traps cannot distinguish between friend and foe.
  • These devices consume copious amounts of ammo and must be reloaded regularly.
  • This trap requires a constant flow of electricity to remain functional.
  • Dart Traps can only fire in a straight line.
  • Darts fired by them can damage or destroy structures.


  • Iron darts have an extremely high penetration rate, making them effective against groups and armor.
  • Darts can inflict a critical bleed debuff that rapidly drains enemy health and stamina.
  • These machines can fire from behind permeable covers.
  • These traps can be toggled on and off using devices like switches and pressure plates.

Tips and tricks for using Dart Traps

Dart Traps Placed on a Roof
Dart Trap Ammo Containers Must be Locked
  • Individual darts don’t deal significant damage. Try stacking several Dart Traps together to increase their output.
  • Only one dart is fired from a trap at a time and only from the center hole, so you only need to calculate one firing path.
  • Dart Traps can be placed upside down or on the sides of walls. Just make sure the structure can support their weight.
  • Surrounding blocks can be painted to conceal these devices better.
  • Always remember to lock your trap’s ammo container after loading. Unlocked traps will not fire.

Final thoughts on Dart Traps

Devious, dangerous, and debilitating. The Fun Pimps have effectively modernized the old cliche blow dart trick into a defensive masterpiece. If the darts don’t turn your intruders into Swiss cheese, the bleeding that comes after will probably do them in.

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