7 Days to Die: How to Craft and Use Chemistry Stations

Learn how to craft and use the Chemistry Station

The world of 7 Days to Die is full of challenges and dangers that can’t always be overcome through grit and brute force. Getting infected, running out of fuel, and lacking certain materials are all issues that can leave players vulnerable or even kill them. The solution to most of these issues and more are found in the Chemistry Station. This workstation uses heat and cleverly designed beakers to refine fuel, craft meds, and even brew alcohol.

This guide will walk you through how to craft and use a Chemistry Station in 7D2D and offer advice on maintaining it.

How to craft a Chemistry Station in 7 Days to Die

Crafting Materials Needed to Craft a Chemistry Station
Crafting Materials Needed to Craft a Chemistry Station

Mid to late-game players will automatically see the natural usefulness of a functional chemistry station, as the items it produces are vital for surviving dangerous enemies and keeping vehicles fueled. However, before you can construct this workstation, you’ll need to have reached level 50 in the Workstations crafting skill. Once you’ve done that, you can assemble the chemistry station from the following components:

  • 1 Beaker
  • 100 Forged Iron
  • 3 Cooking Pots
  • 30 Short Iron Pipes
  • 5 Bottles of Acid

Beakers are somewhat rare components that can be looted from medical containers or purchased from traders. Forged Iron can be salvaged from certain structures or created at a Forge. Cooking Pots are relatively common tools that can be found in houses. Short Iron Pipes can be salvaged from structures like pipe fixtures and rusted vehicles or created in a Forge. Acid is a rare chemical that cannot be crafted and must be either looted from chemical barrels and medical crates or purchased.

The Workstation crafting skill can only be improved by finding and reading issues of the Forge Ahead skill book. The Advanced Engineering perk can increase your chances of looting these books.

How to use a Chemistry Station

Using the Chemistry Station to Craft Gun Powder
Using the Chemistry Station to Craft Gun Powder

The Chemistry Station has a simpler UI than the Forge but still offers a couple of additional windows with separate functions. Here is how to use the Chemistry Station in detail:


Like several other workstations, the Chemistry Station requires fuel to brew new items. There are three available fuel slots, and each can hold up to a full stack of one kind of item, burning items in the leftmost slot first. Load flammable materials such as Wood or Coal to fuel your Chemistry Station. Once fueled, it can be toggled on or off with the button below the fuel window. This window also displays the remaining time the fuel will burn based on the amount inserted.


To brew an item at the Chemistry Station, first, select a recipe from the list on the left. Make sure you have whatever materials are necessary to produce your desired output. Press the labeled button when you are ready to craft, and the Chemistry Station will begin the work independently, turning it on if it isn’t already.

Uses for the Chemistry Station

While not extensive in its capabilities, the Chemistry Station can produce several of the game’s most useful and versatile materials. Here are six uses for the Chemistry Station’s manufacturing abilities:

1. Gunpowder

Crafting Gunpowder in the Chemistry Station
Crafting Gunpowder in the Chemistry Station

The Chemistry Station is capable of producing Gunpowder from Coal and Nitrate Powder. Gunpowder production is essential to both explosive and ammunition production. You’ll need lots of this if you want to survive the late game.

2. Meds

Crafting Meds in the Chemistry Station
Crafting Meds in the Chemistry Station

Producing your own meds isn’t easy, but with the Chemistry Station, it’s possible. Not only can simple painkillers and medkits be made, but also powerful and valuable antibiotics to fight off infection.

3. Gas Cans

Crafting Gas Cans in the Chemistry Station
Crafting Gas Cans in the Chemistry Station

The Chemistry Station is required to turn mined Oil Shale into usable gas cans. This is a much more efficient and reliable process than attempting to scavenge for fuel, especially once you start relying on your vehicle to get around.

4. Paint

Crafting Paint in the Chemistry Station
Crafting Paint in the Chemistry Station

With the proper tools, players can turn the pigments in local flowers into vibrant paint that they can use both for cosmetic decoration and camouflage.

5. Beer

Crafting Beer in the Chemistry Station
Crafting Beer in the Chemistry Station

Whether you are using a Fortitude-based character, need some extra valuables to sell, or just want to relax after a hard day of killing zombies, the Chemistry Station allows players to brew their own beer.

6. Other Materials

Additional material components such as Glue, Paper, and even rare Military Fiber can all be produced using a Chemistry Station.

Tips and tricks for using the Chemistry Station

  • Though lots of materials may be burned to fuel a Chemistry Station, coal is the most efficient by far.
  • Chemistry Stations will continue to burn until their fuel runs out or they are turned off, so be sure to extinguish it when not in use.
  • Chemistry Station flames can draw zombies like Campfires and open flames do, so try to keep them away from windows.
  • Chemistry Stations do not require the player to be present to function and can mix new items while you do something else.

Final thoughts on the Chemistry Station

While it won’t craft you new weapons or vehicles or even help you secure your base, the Chemistry Station allows players to produce many of the vital resources they’ll be using to do so. The Fun Pimps clearly saw the value in being able to craft your own gunpowder and fuel, so we also encourage players to invest in their self-reliance with a Chemistry Station.

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