7 Days to Die: Barbed Wire Fences

Learn how to build, repair, and use Barbed Wire Fences

A modern staple from the “stay off my lawn” collection. Barbed Wire Fences are used by the military, law enforcement, and private businesses to keep out trespassers and entangle attackers. In 7 Days to Die, you can use them to damage opponents and slow them down long enough to line up those perfect headshots.

This guide will walk you through how to craft, repair, and set up Barbed Wire Fences and offer advice on how they can be used to defend your base.

How to craft Barbed Wire Fences

Barbed Wire Fences are quite simple and rather cheap to craft. Like Spike Traps, these fortifications can be crafted without any schematics or perks and require only two basic resources: Wood and Iron.

Specifically, each fence unit costs:

How to repair Barbed Wire Fences

Repairing Barricade with a Hammer
Repairing Your Fences Requires Iron and Wood Resources

Like other traps, these fences will lose durability when damaging enemies. It can be difficult to see, but the wooden posts of the fence will begin to crack when their durability is low.

To remedy this, these traps can be repaired with Iron and Wood by using the secondary action of a stone axe, claw hammer, or nail gun while aiming at it.

How to use Barbed Wire Fences

These barbs will only affect enemies that pass through their space. Wandering zombies will make no effort to avoid walking through a fence, but players and ferals may be more difficult to trap.

Here are some suggestions for using these fences effectively:

1. Defensive Rows

Barbed Wire Fences are most useful for defending your base against incoming zombies. While sturdier than spikes, they deal much less damage. However, they slow down enemies significantly more than any other trap in 7 Days to Die. Setting up several rows of these fences gives you and your turrets plenty of time to line up shots before the zombies reach your gates.

2. Barricades

These fences can be used to block pathways inside scavenging locations. This can be particularly useful when dealing with large numbers of enemies, slowing them down and giving you time to retreat or kill them before they reach you.

3. Kill Chutes

One extremely effective method of base defense involves the use of kill chutes. Forcing enemies into a tunnel or small path where you can focus fire on them increases the effectiveness of firearms and decreases the area you must protect. These chutes can be made even more effective by lining them with Barbed Wire Fences, making enemies marching through the firing line even slower.

Pros and cons of Barbed Wire Fences

Barricade Deployed in Archway
Using a Barricade in an Archway


  • This trap is quite obvious when out in the open and can be easily avoided by other players if not hidden.
  • Barbed wire deals very little damage and rarely kills enemies passing through them.
  • If zombies are nearby, falling from a wall and getting caught in your own barbed wire can be disastrous.
  • Other players can destroy these traps.


  • These traps are sturdy and degrade slowly when not taking damage from outside sources.
  • Barbed wire gives other traps and turrets time to deal damage before an enemy passes by them.
  • They are highly accessible and can be crafted by any player without blueprints or perks.

Tips and tricks for using Barbed Wire Fences

Zombie Caught in Barbed Wire
Taking Advantage of Snared Zombies
  • They are best used in high numbers. Try setting up multiple rows around your outer walls to keep enemies away.
  • These traps work well with other traps, especially turrets and Spike Traps.
  • This fencing is most effective at reducing enemy speed. Keep this in mind when choosing where to set up your barriers.
  • Barbed Wire Fences aren’t restricted to ground placement. These hazards can also prevent enemies from climbing or jumping over defenses by placing them on the tops and sides of walls.

Final thoughts on Barbed Wire Fences

We’re glad The Fun Pimps included these traps in the game, as it’s a real challenge to line up a headshot on a sprinting zombie. These defenses are very useful during the early game but only become more effective as the player gains access to stronger guns, turrets, and other traps. They may not deal much damage but don’t overlook how useful they can be to slow your enemies to a crawl.

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