5 RUST Building Tips and Tricks (2019)

5 RUST Building Tips and Tricks (2019)

This video, 5 RUST building tips and tricks, was created by our content partner xRaw.

These tips and tricks are a follow up to xRaw’s previous video, 10 RUST building tips and tricks video, which can help aid new and experienced RUST players with their next RUST base design. Xraw provides his insight on how to properly use these techniques in your own base designs.

In the video, the techniques covered include:

  • Ladder Hatch Doors
  • Hidden Tool Cupboards
  • Half Height Floors
  • Lowered Foundations
  • Anti-Ladder Measures

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video we’re looking at another 5 rust building tips and tricks for 2019.

Tip # 1 – Ladder Hatch Door

Tip 1 is the ‘ladder hatch door’. This method simply utilizes the space of the floor above by swapping it out for a ladder hatch. This creates an extra layer of defense and makes it more expensive for raiders to progress, it is also great for trap bases as you can open the ladder hatch trapping people!
For this method all you need to do is build a square airlock with the doors on opposite sides, but instead of placing a floor/roof on top, simply place the floor frame and add a ladder hatch to it. All you need to do is leave the ladder hatch open, blocking the path and increasing the raid cost!

Tip # 2 – Hidden Tool Cupboard

Tip 2 is the hidden tool cupboard. This method may be obvious to some, but in my experience it can trick a majority of people. Not only does it hide the tool cupboard fairly well, but by placing the tier 3 in front you are also increasing the cost to actually get to the tool cupboard and makes this an “un-lootable” method.
The cheapest way to destroy the tier 3 workbench is with 2 C4 at a cost of 4.4k sulfur, and the quickest way to destroy it with melee is by using 88 jackhammers with an estimated time of 18 minutes. Another cool trick is that by placing a box under the tier 3 and then rotating it you can actually fit another box there too.
For this method you simply need to build your TC into a room with a door frame, add on your door and then place the tier 3 as close as possible to the door frame, this almost fully hides it but to conceal it more, add walls to each side, put some boxes underneath and its pretty much un-seeable!

Tip # 3 – Half Height Floors

Tip 3 is placing half height floors. I use this method frequently but many people are unaware. You do not actually need a half wall in order to place a floor at half height, as you can see here these are 2 full walls supporting the floor. This method does not work with door frames however and must be full walls.
For this method you simply need to build as normal but where u want the half height floor, build a twig half wall first and then destroy after! This can decrease the cost of your base and upkeep when used multiple times!

Tip # 4 – Lowered Foundations

Tip 4 is lowered foundations creating extra base space. This method utilizes what is usually dead space by lowering one foundation and fulling it with furnaces. For this method you can build your base as normal, but just slightly higher to allow a lower foundation, fill the lowered foundation with 3 furnaces and you’ve gained space for 3 furnaces at no extra cost to your base. This works great in the middle of a base design like this, as shown in my base design “the bull”.

Tip # 5 – Anti-Ladder Measures

Tip 5 is anti-ladder measures. This method blocks ladder placements at the top of your base, meaning you don’t need to worry about being raided from above (via ladders). You can use a number of items for this such as stone barricades, however the metal barricade the strongest, with the quickest melee raid being 53 jackhammers for 10 minutes, or 4 satchel charges at just under 2k sulfur.
For this method you need to place a twig square or triangle out from the side of your base allowing you to place the barricade slightly further out, u can remove the twig afterwards and if placed currently the barricade will stay overhanging meaning ladders cannot be placed here.
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