5 eSports Careers You Can Pursue

So you’re considering a career in eSports…

Are you interested in eSports careers? eSports has evolved over the decades, from being confined to little LAN parties to colossal venues packed with fans and competitors.

eSports is a billion-dollar industry as of this year and is rapidly close to breaking 1.5 billion by 2023. Working in the eSports business is no longer just a pipe dream for many people but a full-fledged career path. Gone are the days when competitive gaming, in general, was considered for entertainment purposes alone.

But, eSports is not only confined to becoming a professional in a particular game. Instead, it has diversified to have multiple career paths within the industry. Recently, Fnatic has launched a college program to hunt for eSports talent and nurture it. So, it seems the college organizations themselves are providing their students with critical skills and open pathways.

This guide is aimed at anyone interested in pursuing a career in eSports but unsure about the job opportunities offered. You may enter the industry without having to be a professional player. Look at our top job selections to get a sense of the options available if you want to work in eSports.

Streaming careers

eSports Streamer
Pursue a career in eSports streaming.

Regarding content creation, streaming is a vital option for those who don’t want to join an organization or play tournaments. Streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have grown an audience where they donate and subscribe to their favorite content creators.

Recently, Facebook introduced its streaming platform, Facebook Gaming, which has been quickly growing since its release. With the boom of eSports and competitive gaming, many people stream their favorite games where they have developed their skill set.

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Once you’ve built an audience, it could get much more profitable than competing in tournaments and getting signed under a professional organization; that’s why the biggest Twitch stars such as Shroud, TimTheTatMan, DrDisrespect, and a bunch of others, switched to streaming as their source of living.

Streaming requires consistency, and you shouldn’t feel demoralized seeing 1-2 viewers when you start. Stay consistent and put out unique content so you can attract viewers and, from then on, build your career. Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Competitive gaming careers

eSports Competitive Gamer
Pursue a career in professional gaming.

Suppose you have a godly aim with the best of the best game sense in a competitive eSports game such as CS:GO, VALORANT, DOTA, and others. In that case, you can pursue your journey in eSports as a competitive player. Just remember that at the professional level, it requires tons and tons of practicing and playing about 12 hours a day, scrimming to be the one out of 99% of the player base.

If you have other quality players looking to compete at a professional level, form an eSports team and register in an official tournament of a specific game. If you perform well and place at the top, chances are an organization will approach you, and from there on, you can put your name under that organization and build your career.

Apart from that, you can record and upload your amazing gameplay videos on YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook as an alternative source of income. People are always searching for high-quality, entertaining content, so you might as well grab that opportunity and consistently upload your gameplay videos, Replay analysis, and whatnot.

You can also try to coach and sell your services on Freelancing platforms; many professional players do that as a side-hustle or a passion for teaching other players the fundamentals of the game.

Casting careers

eSports Caster
Pursue a career in eSports casting.

Numerous individuals use their love and expertise for a specific sport to provide informed analysis and entertaining coverage of live professional contests. The amusing commentating more than makes up for any player talent deficiencies.

Most casters begin their careers by live-streaming their game coverage to viewers on Twitch or another streaming service, eventually building up a passionate fan base. Casting involves an in-depth understanding of the game and the capacity to communicate this knowledge fun and humorously.

Your casting should ideally have a distinctive standpoint and marketable quality that sets you apart from the competition and draws viewers. The more fans you have, the more money you may make via sponsorships, advertising, subscriptions, and special appearances.

Team coach careers

eSports coach
Pursue a career as an eSports coach

Many competitive eSports teams require a team coach. This person assumes various roles within the team, including coming up with methods to defeat rivals, evaluating the weaknesses of certain players, and putting improvement plans into action.

At an eSports event, you can see a team coach pump them up and point out if something is wrong within a team. They must ensure their team is performing at its full potential. Pep talks are also crucial in between the breaks.

eSports coaches are frequently responsible for the players’ welfare, ensuring that team members have the emotional and physical support needed to play professionally. They can also help facilitate communications with eSports agents and sponsors. Being a good coach takes a lot of patience, people-reading skills, and a motivated attitude. It’s not simple to coach an eSports team, and the coach has the power to make or destroy the group.

Referee careers

eSports Referee
Pursue a career as an eSports referee.

In sports, there is a referee to watch closely how the game is played, and in case of rule-breaking, they’re responsible for penalizing the player. Their work frequently calls for quick thinking, effective communication, and in-depth knowledge of many sports and athletic competitions. This same principle applies to eSports as well. Referees in eSports ensure that the game is played fairly between both teams.

There have been several cases of players cheating and using hacks in tournaments. For instance, in 2018, during an ESL India Premiership, a former high ranking CSGO player Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat, was caught cheating and using hacks.

When confronted by the referee, he tried to delete the aimbot he had used all along. Upon searching, there was a folder named word, which had a Word.exe file. After that, the team got disqualified, and he received a 5-year ban from the CSGO tournament.

There’s so much opportunity out there in the world of eSports

We hope this overview of 5 eSports careers to pursue will ultimately help you in getting started on the right foot with your pursuit. While there are many more career opportunities than we’ve listed in this round-up, this should help you in generating ideas and get you pointed in the right direction that best fits your specific interest. Remember, eSports is blowing up at this very moment. New opportunities appear every day, and they are there for the taking, you just have to put yourself out there.

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